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Yagara (Herbal Viagra) - Uses, Dosage, Comparisons, Testimonials

herbal viagra
Product name Yagara

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Category Men's Health, 100% Natural
Active ingredient Herbs
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RATING: Customer rating: 5.00 4.52 based on 137 customer reviews

yagara pill

Yagara Overview

Yagara is a supplement for the prevention and curing most frequent male issues of sexual nature: erectile dysfunction and weakened libido. It is made by an Indian pharma company Ranbaxy, which is known as a manufacturer of herbal-based remedies and food supplements. Basically, Yagara can’t be referred to as a medicine, as it is produced without use of any synthetic ingredients. It is a supplement composed of natural components that resolves men’s disorders without harm to their health.

Yagara Remedy & Advantages/Disadvantages

Advantages of Yagara are apparent: natural composition, effectiveness, no side effects. Contrary to synthetic drugs, Yagara is sold over the counter as it is considered absolutely harmless for health. One advantage is its moderate price. As for disadvantages, the effect of Yagara can be not strong enough severe cases of impotence. One more aspect is that the effect of Yagara is not momentary. It is not supposed for taking “when needed” before sex. It is used for a long term perspective. If you need an instant effect, you should take Generic Viagra. Related Articles here.

Yagara side effects

Yagara pills has no prominent side effects. The only exception can be idiosyncrasy of the components, but such cases have not been registered yet.

Dosage, overdose, pills form

Yagara (Herbal Viagra) is looks like medium-sized brown capsules. A recommended dose is one capsule per day, but for men with large body weight it can be increased to two units per day. The course of treatment can differ depending on a particular case. A standard duration of a course in 1.5 months, after which a pause is done. The cases of overdosing are not known, but if you happen to exceed the recommended amount significantly, apply for medical help, especially if you have diarrhea, vomiting, nausea.


Yagara is harmless for health, but you should be cautious with it as well as with other remedies in some situations. Though it is available without prescription, consult a doctor before taking it in if you have acute or chronic kidney disease or diabetes. If you happen to have an allergic reaction to the components, apply for emergency medical help.

Does it Really Work?

Due to its 100% natural composition, Herbal Viagra really works, as the majority of men admit. As it always happens with herbal-based remedies, you shouldn’t expect an immediate effect from it. It is gradually accumulating in the organism, producing a powerful effect on erection quality. Moreover, it is an enhancer of libido and a real men’s energy booster. The result of Yagara taking is a new level of sexual life quality.

What are the Ingredients?

Three main components of Yagara are such extracts of Kavach Beej, Shilajit and Ashwagandha. Kavach Beej is responsible for testosterone level. It normalizes the balance of the hormone and improves overall well-being of a man. Shilajit regulates erection through widening blood vessels and circulation improving. Finally, Ashwagandha relieves stress symptoms, boosts libido and gives psychological comfort. All the components perfectly complement each other forming a powerful combination for a comprehensive addressing of male problems. herbal viagra pill

Quality of Ingredients

Yagara is produced from natural (herbal) ingredients of high quality. Its manufacturer – Ranbaxy – is a trustworthy Indian company that organizes its activity in a compliance with all existing norms. All the components undergo a strict quality control at the plant. The herbs are collected in ecologically clean regions of India and Malaysia. The high quality and safety of the remedy are confirmed by medical specialists.

100% All Natural Potent Ingredients

In terms of its effectiveness, Yagara is often compared with the famous Viagra, that’s why some people mistakenly think that it is Viagra’s generic or analogue. But in fact, the chemical structure of Yagara is absolutely different. It consists of natural, herbal components only and doesn’t contain any chemically manufactured substances. Thanks to it, the effect of Yagara is much milder, and it is better tolerated by all categories of patients including those with serious diseases. Apart from erection treating, Yagara strengthens men’s health in general. It can be safely taken even by healthy people.

How to Use It?

Yagara is supplied in the form of medium-sized capsules. It is taken in orally, in amount of one or two capsules daily. Instruction recommends swallowing a capsule whole and drinking some water together with it. But if you can’t bear or don’t like swallowing pills, you can chew it. Yagara should be taken once in 24 hours, ideally - at one and the same time of day, for example, in the morning. If you missed the dose, just take it next day. The duration of treatment can be different – from a month to two or three months depending on the particular situation: severity of symptoms, co-existing diseases and overall condition.

Produces Stronger & Firmer Erections

When taken inside, Yagara acts in the following way: it widens certain blood vessels, which results in an enhanced blood supply of inner organs and systems including the spongy body of the penis. It is filled up with blood, and erection occurs. This effect is similar to the effect produced by Viagra, which is why Yagara is even called Herbal Viagra sometimes.

Improves Sexual Stamina & Energy

The role of testosterone in men’s physical condition can hardly be overestimated. Reduced testosterone results not just in potency problems. It can cause dozens of negative effects – from early loss of hair to apathy, low energy and week libido. Active components of Yagara, in particular, Kavach Beej, regulates testosterone and increases men’s durability and stamina. Moreover, it helps to cope with stress symptoms and increases energy level.

Enhances Sexual Desire & Arousal

Yagara is a comprehensive remedy. It is not just ED drug, but a powerful aphrodisiac. If lack of sexual desire or inability of getting aroused bothers you, then you can try Yagara. One of its active ingredients – Ashwagandha – is a natural stimulator of sex drive and sexual energy. At the same time, it is absolutely safe, unlike synthetic stimulators, and can be used simultaneously with other medicines without interference into the process of treatment.

Who Should Take Herbal Viagra?

Yagara is intended for men experiencing difficulties in sexual sphere of different nature and etiology. It should be taken by adult men complaining problems with erection, loss of sex drive, overall low energy and apathy. It can be as well taken as a supplementary remedy by men undergoing traditional ED treatments. But it should never be used by children and teenagers as well as people sensitive to the components (these cases are extremely rare). Yagara is available to all adults without prescription.

Can women use it?

Yagara is a male enhancing remedy; its effect on women hasn’t been studied. On the other hand, it doesn’t have any components that could make harm to women. However, it is not recommended to pregnant and breastfeeding women in any case.

women use herbal viagra

Why You Should Choose Yagara

You should choose Yagara for the following reasons:

  • It treats erectile dysfunctions and improves libido.
  • It has a positive effect on state of health in general.
  • It doesn’t have synthetically produced components.
  • It doesn’t cause side effects.
  • It can be bought without prescription.

Yagara Testimonials

I’ve tried various ED drugs to treat my problems, but every time I experienced severe side effects. I was really desperate when I saw the discussion of Yagara on the forum. They said it was all natural and so on. Truly saying, I didn’t believe in this stuff much, but decided to try. To my surprise, it worked! It really worked! Maybe it’s not as strong as Generic Viagra, but I have no these terrible side effects. I am finishing my first course, and I hope, I will soon be able to cope without drugs.

from Philadelphia. Customer rating: 5.00

I’ve been taking Yagara for a year and a half (not permanently of course, but as recommended). I feel much better now than a year ago. Apathy has gone, I feel young and ready to sexual adventures.

from Washington. Customer rating: 5.00

I like the mild effect of this remedy. I can’t say that I have severe erection problems, but with ageing sexual energy is reducing. I started taking Yagara not so long ago, but I have already noticed positive results.

Ohio. Customer rating: 5.00

I can safely recommend Yagara to everyone who faces problems in bed. At my 50 I had serious difficulties with getting aroused and reaching erection. Now I am 51, and I feel wonderful. My wife is happy, because our sexual life has stabilized finally. We are glad with the results (and with the price) of Yagara.

Customer rating: 5.00

I don’t believe in the magic force of all these food supplements. But Yagara is different. It is more than a supplement. It really treats. I don’t know what it is really made of (can’t remember those Indian herbs), but it works. Try it yourself and see the result.

Customer rating: 5.00

Rated 4.11 based on 215 customer reviews
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