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Customer Ratings & Reviews about AWC Canadian Pharmacy

Dear valuable customer,

Testimonials are a critical part of online business presence. And when it comes to health and medications, experience one could share becomes even more valuable. Many people looking for medicine visit AWC pharmacy, and we are looking hard to provide high quality service to every customer.

We’ve made it easy for you to leave a comment about medications and AWC online pharmacy on our testimonial page. Please share your positive experience with the others and help out our future customers to make the right choice.

We hope that you enjoyed shopping with us. However, if you were not satisfied with the service provided, please, email us at Your inquiry will be handled by a specialist, and we will do our best to find a fair solution as quickly as possible.

We really appreciate time you took to help us improve our service. Your suggestions, compliments or complaints are very important to us. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Thank you for your feedback!

Rated 4.76 based on 30 customer reviews
Lacking experience in purchasing drugs online, especially for intimate enhancement I thought it would take me hours to find what I need. Well, I must say it took me quite a long time, but only due to the vast variety of drugs offered. Thank you!

I couldn’t even thought that one day I would have to buy Generic Viagra or Cialis or any other drug to make it work…With AWC pharmacy it doesn’t feel confusing at all. I just get what I need and live a normal life.

Just as good as any other online drug store. Nothing very special about it, having no complaints though.

So many Viagra drugs to choose from. Reasonable prices.

I am not really into online shopping. But the service is so easy and convenient, that now I prefer online pharmacies.

It was my husband, who showed me how to buy drugs online. Since then we have ordered intimacy enhancers for both, men and women, anti-allergic medicine and painkillers. So far I‘ve had great experience with this pharmacy.

Everyone says it has super fast shipping. Maybe it was just me, but I got to say it was delivered one day later…. I expected to have it earlier and counted on that…I believe no delays are accepted when it comes to ED medicine…

Prices at canadian online drugstores are lower than at local ones. That is why I’m choosing e-shopping for drugs now. This one in particular has so many deals, that sometimes I buy what I don’t actually need…But there’s never too much medicine, especially if it’s of good quality.

Every time I place an order I find myself surprised at the total. Really cool pricing!

My friend recommended it to me as a reliable website for sleeping aid a few years ago. I shop here for all kinds of drugs. Thank you for creating such a useful online resource!

I needed some medication for my ED problems, but was too confused to go to the store where I shop daily.
For almost a year(!) I drove to the pharmacy, which is half an hour away from my place. I got fed up with it when the add popped up. With AWC I have no problems with purchasing and no problems with sexual life.

Great Canadian online Pharmacy! Awesome deals! Sometimes I even get free samples!

What I do like about AWC pharmacy is I can find everything that I need here and get it in a few days. Fast delivery and a wide range of medications makes me its loyal customer.

Rating 5 stars

High quality medicine. The drugs listed are always available. No need to surf multiple online drugstores, everything a man needs can be found in one place.

(New York City)
Rating 5 stars

Surprisingly fast shipping. The medicine was delivered faster than I expected. Thank you!

Rating 5 stars

Every time I get on the website they have something on sale. I can buy generic drugs on special offers and be sure they are of good quality. I never thought one could save on ED drug...

Rating 5 stars

Once I met a neighbor in a local pharmacy saw me buying Cialis, I started to look for alternative ways to buy such an intimate product. AWC pharmacy is a perfect way to stay confident and confidential at the same time.

Rating 5 stars

I often shop online and AWC pharmacy is not the first or the only online store I order drugs from. However, it’s definitely one of my favorites. The customer service works great!

Rating 5 stars

Very good canadian online pharmacy. I bought not long ago a drug effect was much faster than a few years ago when I bought the same medicine elsewhere. It seems they are really selling quality products without diluting them and not mix with something else. I really like, so at every opportunity I will buy a product just here.

Rating 5 stars

With AWC pharmacy again I can feel like a man. Previously it was very difficult, because I was afraid to even come into the regular pharmacy to buy the necessary drugs. Now that I got medication for full anonymity, I can feel like a real man. I never thought that I would return to this feeling. Thanks a lot.

Rating 5 stars

Once in this canada pharmacy, I thought it was on sale. But these prices are real, so I have no doubt bought what they wanted, because the difference was very significant! Only then I thought that there might be a trick. Fortunately, it was not, but I checked this pharmacy and I can safely say that she did not fail, because the quality drugs that are traded, will help everyone.

Rating 5 stars

I decided to leave a comment, because words cannot convey how much I appreciate this preparation. Viagra could return me the strength and opportunity. My wife is absolutely desperate, but last night I very surprised her.

Rating 5 stars

More recently ordered the drug sample and was very surprised. As me the doctor said, with a dosage not joking, I did everything according to instructions, but the result was simply stunning! Canadian Viagra is power!

(Los Angeles)
Rating 5 stars

Delivery is running like clockwork. They told me that they put the medicine on the day after purchase - I was surprised when there was no delay. And the prices are also very low, so there is nothing bad about this canadian pharmacy viagra, I can't say.

(New Mexico)
Rating 5 stars

Rated 5 based on 3062 customer reviews

Canadian Viagra Testimonials

I bought Viagra infrequently, five times. Basically on weekends and holidays. My girlfriend is such a surprise provided. Viagra does its job. We both have a lot to remember.

The best remedy for sex. Always just her and take it. The effect of super. Others do not trust, but not tried. Viagra because the first pill for potency.

Buy Viagra was six months ago, when I started dating a new woman. I wanted to feel young, and make happy lady. Viagra has helped.

With age, I began to feel the deterioration of erection and did not know what to do. As soon as I have consulted with a doctor, immediately became Viagra. These pills have changed my life and I feel young again, as before.

I took medication exactly as prescribed, to yield even more than expected. The first few minutes of any feelings did not arise, but after a while I thought I will not be able to calm down! The drug works by 100%.

Viagra was advised by andrologist. And said, that does not have a seat on it, in my case will be only two or three applications. And so it happened. After receiving (three times in ten days), the function was restored.

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