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How to Talk to Your Partner About ED

Erectile dysfunction(ED), being a deeply intimate problem, is rarely discussed even in loving and caring couples. For the majority of men it’s a touchy issue, which they don’t want to share to anybody, including their beloved halves. No man on earth wants to declare his sexual weakness. As a result, the problem is often hidden to the utmost. However, psychologists believe that such approach has a lot of downsides.

From a psychological point of view, stonewalling destroys mutual trust, openness and many other aspects of relationship. Moreover, a woman in most cases feels that her partner hides something from her. When it is unclear what it is, she can suspect the worst. Sometimes it ends even in divorce.

Do you want such an outcome?

- If no, here are some real working tips for you

Speaking about ED: Five Tips for Men

Many women wonder: husband has ed how do i cope? or My boyfriend has erectile dysfunction what should I do? We have prepared a list of the 5 most important tips on how to talk to your Man about ED.

  1. Try to realize that ED is not an end of sexual life and explain it to your partner. Just say that you faced some physiological difficulties, and you have to take meds to maintain regular sexual life.

  2. Don’t blame yourself or make excuses. It’s not your fault, and you should not feel guilty. It can happen to any man, even with a young and healthy one. Over 50% of males face ED one day. So treat it like an uncomfortable problem, but not the end of life.

  3. Don’t blame your partner; it’s not her fault as well. Mind that aggression is not a way out. Instead, tell your partner that you still love her, and your relations will stay unchanged.

  4. Say that you really need support and understanding. Don’t be afraid to seem weak or ridiculous. Women appreciate sincerity, and relationship is usually more important for them than a pure sex. Besides, they like to feel that somebody needs them. Of course, everything depends on the degree of your closeness, but try to be as sincere as you can.

  5. Be positive. Do not be so tragic about the situation. Explain to your partner that you’ll be able of making sex as always, but it will require some extra efforts, such as regular taking of certain medications. But in general, ED doesn’t impact sex quality much, as modern drugs completely eliminate its symptoms.

Responding the News of Your Partner’s ED. Five Tips for Women

  1. Mind that ED itself is not a disease. It’s just a condition when a man for some reason can’t physiologically reach erection in a natural way. But it doesn’t mean that he is disabled or an impotent. He just needs some additional support in the form of special meds. So, don’t make a big deal of it.

  2. Be sympathetic and understanding, but not demonstrate your pity. Sexual weakness is a humiliating a touchy problem for any man, so try not to hurt your partner.

  3. There’s no ground for feeling guilty. ED has nothing to with your partner’s attitude to you. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you or doesn’t care of you. It doesn’t depend on your attractiveness in your partner’s eyes and even on the degree of his sexual arousal.

  4. Keep in mind that ED is not equal to infertility either. If you are planning children, the disorder will not prevent you from getting pregnant. Of course, the two conditions – ED and infertility – can coexist, but there is no direct correlation between them.

  5. Your partner needs support in any case. Instead of making a tragedy, ask him gently what the treatment will include and whether you can help. And don’t forget to confess your love. The words “I love you” have a great force, healing body and soul.

Things You should not Do if You’ve Been Diagnosed ED

Though ED is a sort of problem that can be easily resolved in most situations, some men do bad mistakes when they face it. Some of them are absolutely illogical.

Please, do not these mistakes, if don’t want to destroy your relations completely:

  • Hide the problem from your partner. You don’t want your beloved wife or girlfriend to think that you have an affair, do you? Then tell her the truth.

  • Abandon sexual life. Sexual abstinence is bad both for health and your relations.

  • Practice self-medication using dubious methods. There exist new-gen meds with a proved efficiency for ED treating. Don’t spend time and money on “magic” remedies, pills, aphrodisiacs. In 99% cases they don’t work.

Is There a Way Out?

If you think that ED is an untreatable condition, you are mistaken. Yes, it used to be so a century ago. Then it was referred to as impotence. A man who was considered impotent had to forget of sex forever. Thankfully, we live in the 21st century. Today there are efficient tools that allow for fighting with this annoying problem. The simplest, most popular and effective of these tools are meds for oral administration – PDE-5 inhibitors. To most people they go by the name of Viagra.

Full information about PDE5i:

What does Viagra Do?

Contrary to a widespread belief, Viagra does not cure erectile dysfunction. In other words, it won’t eliminate the initial reason of the disorder. But it will relieve the symptoms and make your life much more enjoyable. Just one blue pill will completely restore your normal physiologic erection for at least four hours. As the medication causes no addiction, you can take it as often as you want to make sex (no more than once in 24 hours). After Viagra is taken, you can live a normal sexual life without limits.

Other advantages of this solution are as follows:

  • It is effective in 90+ percent of cases.

  • It is safe for men of any age.

  • It relieves symptoms irrespective of the initial cause.

  • It is well tolerated.

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Erectile dysfunction is a very annoying issue, which can grow into a real frustration. But this is not the worst thing in the world. Its symptoms are easily treated at any stage, so it is not a reason for sexual abstinence. Talk to your partner about the difficulties associated with the disorder and discuss the strategy of its overcoming together. With tried and tested modern methods, you’ll find the solution.

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