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Can Novosil Be Used for Sexual Weakness Treatment?

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What is Sexual Weakness?

A real masculinity has always been associated with a high sexual power. The term “sexual power” implies a man’s ability of making sex and satisfying his sexual partner. Some people use a broader meaning of these words. When they speak of male sexual power, they mean a man’s ability and desire to be engaged in sexual activity, the quality of erection, stamina and sex drive. A sexually powerful man is a perfect lover, who is able of making sex for a long time, and who makes it with pleasure.

In this context, the term “sexual weakness” has an opposite meaning. It is also referred to as a lack of sexual power. It is often confused with impotence, but in fact, it is some broader. Sexual weakness can mean not just a decreasing of erection quality, but also a lowered sex drive, low energy and lack of stamina. Sexual weakness is typical for older men and those having various health problems. It is frequently associated with other sexual disorders.

What are the Most Common Sexual Disorders in Men?

Though there exists a broad variety of men’s sexual disorders – from infertility to premature ejaculation, the most common for modern urban dwellers are problems with erection. Nowadays health specialists usually try to avoid the word “impotence”, replacing it with a less offensive “erectile dysfunction”. There is a subtle difference between the two terms. Impotence means a full physiologic inability of reaching penile erection. A real impotence is non-treatable.

As for dysfunction, it is just a disorder of erectile function. In many cases it can be rather successfully treated. This type of sexual weakness can occur for various reasons, and the outcome will to a large extent depend on the particular cause of the disorder.

What is Loss of Sexual Power Caused by?

Reducing of sexual power can be natural or pathologic. Natural decline of sexual function is recorded in all men and women with the course of ageing, and usually doesn’t cause a serious discomfort, as the process is gradual. It’s quite naturally, that the quality of erection of a 60-year-old man is not a patch on the erection of a 30-year-old guy. 

Pathologic sexual weakness implies a sudden drop of sexual abilities in a relatively young and healthy man.

The reasons for this condition can be different:

  • Psychologic problems of any etiology. They involve all types of stresses, anxiety, frustrations, inhibitions, fears, depressions and many other conditions. Sometimes a trivial tiredness can become a reason of sexual function decreasing. A permanent fatigue, sleep disorders, lack of possibility of relaxing – all these states are enemies of sex life in general and erection in particular.
  • Cardiac and vascular problems. This cause of erectile dysfunction is even more widespread than you can imagine. In the modern society almost every second man after his forties has problems with vessels. To a large extent it is explained by an unhealthy lifestyle of the majority of modern city dwellers. Though the ideas of a healthy lifestyle are promoted everywhere, the fact remains: by the age of 40 most people have cardiovascular disorders.
  • Chronic diseases. For example, diabetes is a common coexisting condition of ED. Chronic liver and kidney diseases also increase the risk of erection problems. Chronis prostatitis is also associated with erectile dysfunction in most cases.
  • Testosterone level. It can decrease for different causes: overweight, unhealthy nutrition, lack of exercising, sexual abstinence and so on. The result of lowered testosterone is always the same – apathy, low energy, loss of sex drive and a weak erection.

Of course, there are some other causes of ED as well, such as STI, traumas, taking of some medicines (for example, anti-depressants), alcohol addiction and so on. But the symptoms and methods of treatment in most cases will be similar.

Symptoms of ED

If a man once couldn’t reach erection, it is not erectile dysfunction yet.

The diagnosis is put when there are clear symptoms:

  • At least 30 percent of attempts of reaching erection (or more) result in failure irrespective of the degree of sexual arousal.
  • Physiologic erections in the night and in the morning became weak or disappeared. 
  • Erection can suddenly disappear right during the sexual intercourse or before it.

If a man experiences one or more than one of these symptoms on a regular basis, chances are he has ED and needs an appropriate and relevant treatment.

Treatment of Sexual Weakness in Men

Throughout the history a variety of methods for the treatment of sexual weakness has been used. Some of them proved to be inefficient, while others are still used. But a real breakthrough in the field of ED treatment occurred I n late 1990-ies, when PDE-5 inhibitors were discovered. Nowadays there is hardly any man in the world who’s never heard of Viagra. At that time it was a revolutionary medicine that turned the world of men’s sexual life upside down and opened absolutely new opportunities for men with incurable forms of erectile dysfunction. More topics about ED from AWCanadianPharmacy Writers by Link.

But time zips along, and soon new, even more advanced solutions replace the old good Viagra. New dosage forms of the same drug appeared. Nowadays one can find it in the form of gels, chewing pills, and even patches and sprays. One of the most advanced forms of the drug is oral strips. They are available in the market under the name of Novosil, which is a full analogue of the famous Viagra in a new shell and with improved properties.

Novosil as a New Revolutionary Medicine

Novosil is an oral drug for men’s sexual weakness treatment. Its active ingredient is the same as Viagra’s core component – sildenafil. It relates to the group of PDE-5 inhibitors (info: Its main function is inhibiting of enzymes (PDE-5), which prevent blood vessels from relaxation and widening when a man gets aroused. 

Novosil is produced in the form of oral strips. One strip contains a standard daily amount of sildenafil equal to 50 mg. In some cases this dosage can be increased to 100 mg (2 strips), but no more. The mechanism of action of Novosil is similar to Viagra’s effect – improving the quality of erection via relaxation of blood vessels and intensifying blood inflow to the cavernous body in the penis.


However, Novosil has several apparent advantages over the traditional oral film-coated pills:

  • It is not swallowed. A strip is put on the tongue and dissolved in saliva. The strips have a pleasant taste and flavor (mint or fruit). This is a great solution for people who can’t tolerate swallowing pills. Also, Novosil can be administered without water.
  • It works faster. From the mouth cavity the drug quickly penetrates through tunica mucosa into blood. As a result, you don’t need to wait for 40-60 minutes as it is with Viagra. The needed effect is reached in 15 minutes after taking of the drug.
  • It is compatible with food and/or alcohol. As the drug is absorbed right from the mouth, its absorption is not slowed down by food or drinks that had been consumed before. It is very convenient for those who can’t imagine sex without a couple of drinks. Nevertheless, specialists to not recommend to overindulge in alcohol – it has a negative impact on sexual health and can neutralize the effect of the drug.
  • Finally, Novosil is affordable. It is a generic drug, which is manufactured by licensed pharmaceutical plants located in India. If compared to the original sildenafil (Viagra) pills, it is much cheaper.

Side effects from Novosil are quite rare, but if you feel unwell after its taking, please, stop using the drug and consult a health specialist. 

Novosil  Reviews by AWC Canadian Pharmacy Clients

I like that I can quickly take this drug and start acting. I used to use pills earlier, but they did not have such a rapid effect. Now I will use Novosil, I hope my body will not get used to it (yes, I know that this is impossible, but still).

(Toronto) Customer rating: 5.00

I was in long search for effective sex weakness treatment…You know, Viagra is a good drug but it isn’t cheap. I decided to try a generic med, not in a usual tabs form. Then I purchased oral strips and felt a great relief in my ED symptoms after taking the drug. Thanks.

(USA) Customer rating: 4.00

I’m a 60-year-old male and I feel pretty well! Of course, I have some problems (sex weakness), but who says romance is dead, eh? I take Viagra oral strips and everything is great! One drawback: sometimes I experience light headache.

(Sherbrooke) Customer rating: 5.00

Sexual weakness is a terrible thing. Fortunately, there are safe medications that help to deal with this problem. Great stuff, I buy it regularly. My personal tip: take the strip with dry hands as it can start dissolving before you consume it.

Customer rating: 5.00

Tried all three meds (Cialis, Levitra, Viagra) but Viagra works best for me as a sex weakness medicine. Mild headache & nausea but not bad. I’ve discovered a fast-dissolving version of the drug and it surprised me!

(Courtenay) Customer rating: 5.00

To Sum It Up

Unfortunately, today sexual weakness is a widespread sexual disorder in men of all age groups. The reasons for it are numerous – poor ecology, unhealthy nutrition, lack of motion, uncontrolled sexual life, infections, chronic diseases and many others. At the same time, sexual weakness is not the end of sexual life. ED is effectively treated with modern drugs. And new-gen medicines like Novosil make the process of treatment as easy and affordable as never before.

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