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Viagra Therapeutic Effect ― Not Just for Erections

Table of Content:
1. The Main Purpose of Viagra
2. Therapeutic Effect of Viagra

2.1 Viagra and Diabetes

2.2 Viagra and Memory

2.3 Viagra and Overweight

2.4 Viagra and Painful Menstruation

2.5 Viagra and Cancer

2.6 Viagra and Schizophrenia

2.7 Viagra and Biorhythm Violations

2.8 Viagra and Sexual Excitement

The Main Purpose of Viagra


Canadian Generic Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) is the #1 medication treating ED. Meanwhile, these blue pills were initially invented to cope with serious heart diseases. However, when the newly-invented pills were tested in late 1990, scientists and medical experts were almost shocked – they found that long-lasting (up to 4-6 hours) erection was the main Viagra side effect. Thus, Pfizer started selling this product for men having problems with erection. However, company specialists, andrologists and physicians state – Viagra will work if an “object” of excitement exists. So, is viagra increase exitation sense or only erection? Taking the blue pill, patient must have a sexual partner nearby ready to share the excitement with him. Thus, Sildenafil does not increase excitation sense. Scientists have not yet uncovered all the secrets of this medication, but almost every day we learn about the new healing properties of the stuff.

Therapeutic effect of Viagra

The studies of the pills in Britain have shown unexpected results. First, over 6000 men, suffering from diabetes and taking Viagra for ED treatment were selected. For the day of the experiment’s start it was known already that Sildenafil quickly helps blood reaching penis. It stimulates dissipation of nitrogen monoxide (NO) and inhibits the PDE-5 enzyme that does not allow the smooth muscle to relax. The researchers have proved: Sildenafil reduces heart attack and heart failure risks. British scientists are not the first to try to study Viagra and its effects. Today all medical experts have concluded: the harm of Viagra is a far-fetched problem. Medication helps in treatment many dangerous diseases.

Viagra and diabetes

Viagra and diabetes

The USA scientists from Tennessee studied how Viagra can help obese men with a pre-diabetes stage. They found out that people taking pills had a low level of albumin in urine. The experiment was conducted for three months – certain patients were given placebo. However, only real Sildenafil worked showing positive result. Thus, the scientists concluded: taking Sildenafil, patients with diabetes make their blood sugar level lower.

Viagra and memory

Experiments in New York, USA showed that Viagra aggravates memory and reduces the load of amyloid beta in the brain. Memory becomes better, and this striking effect lasts long. It was stated: blue pills “help” blood to come to brain. Sildenafil helps glucose processing. Scientists from Alabama confirmed that Sildenafil can fight with Alzheimer's disease.

Viagra and overweight

Researchers from Bonn (Germany) studied Sildenafil either. They are 100% sure – Viagra treats not only ED. The experiment was conducted on mice. Animals given Sildenafil, even when fed with pure fat, did not gain weight. The drug helped them reducing the number of the white fat cells appearing in humans’ bodies either. The fat deposits ceased stimulating the production of a hormone that causes inflammation and leads to cardiovascular diseases.

Viagra and painful menstruation

Viagra and menstruation

Scientists have taken also the decision to learn if Sildenafil has any benefits for women. They’ve proved – the drug eliminates pains during menstruation. Sildenafil makes muscle tissue relaxing, increasing blood run to pelvic area. It leads to the elimination of pain.

Viagra and cancer

The human body produces antibodies that can cope with this disease. However, the tumors themselves release active substances that “envelop” cancer cells making them invisible to antibodies. After taking Viagra the system starts producing NO, which destroys the defense. Antibodies start to “see” the tumor. Australian medical specialists gave Sildenafil to mice with colon cancer. The animals’ tumors decreased in size by 50-70%. Certainly, ED drugs cannot cure cancer, but can prevent it and become an additional help in chemotherapy.

Viagra and schizophrenia

Viagra can stop hallucinations. A small blue pill, designed to treat ED, stops the enzyme PDE-5 activity. Presumably, this substance in brain is associated with mental disorders. Scientists believe, Sildenafil in combination with the other active substances can become a new drug to cope with mental problems.

Viagra and biorhythm violations


Scientists from Buenos Aires (Argentina) proved – Sildenafil can eliminate negative effects when changing time zones. The medicine activates the brain area that controls “biological clock”. Viagra helps recovering 25-50% faster. Thus the blue pills might be useful for aircrews changing time zones regularly.

Viagra and sexual excitement

Certainly, all these beneficial effects of the pill must be studied further. Probably, in future Viagra will replace some medications or scientists will find certain additional advantages of the drug. However, today Sildenafil is still the perfect choice for those, who wish making their sexual life better. No, it does not give anybody an excitement, when it is unwanted. Taking Sildenafil for an intercourse, be ready to share the sexual joy with your partner. Using Viagra to cope with the other health problems (mentioned above) and when no one excites you, you will not have an erection.

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