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Yagara (Herbal Viagra)

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Yagara is a herbal preparation that is used in men with sexual problems. It is an over-the-counter medicine that thanks to its botanical formula, tightly packed with extremely powerful male enhancers and anti-depressants, does not only help to achieve erection, but acts as an aphrodisiac, magnifying your libido.

Brown capsules in blister packs, 10 caps per blister.

  • 2 packs = 20 pills
  • 4 packs = 40 pills
  • 6 packs = 60 pills

  • Yagara (Herbal Viagra)
    Yagara (Herbal Viagra)
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    Before you buy Yagara (Herbal Viagra) online

    What is Yagara?

    Yagara is an orally administered herbal solution against erectile dysfunction. Its formula is boosted with a number of highly efficient botanical enhancers, such as Ashwagandha, Kavach Beej, and Shilajit. They all address different issues that help you to perform at the top of your true potential, bringing out an alpha male in you. Ashwagandha is a powerful aphrodisiac, which acts as a libido booster. Mucuna pruriens augments testosterone level to back up your virility, and Shilajit gives you better control over the sexual act. You will find the mechanisms behind each component of Yagara described below.

    The safety of herbal ingredients does not need to be introduced. Such medicines can be safely implemented in men of varied health background. This is what makes Yagara such a hit of Canadian Pharmacy sales.

    Is Yagara for me?

    Yagara is addressed to men with feeble sexual energy and other sexual problems, lack of desire among them. If you feel like you could use some more sexual drive, Yagara will be a libido booster that can turn back time. It is also a great idea in a stagnating relationship that needs to be spurred up.

    Yagara is equally beneficial in men suffering from premature ejaculation and acts as a natural energizer. In a nutshell, if a more pleasurable and electrifying sexual life is what you want, then Yagara is for you.

    How do I choose the right dosage?

    It is a good idea to start with a lower dose of 1 capsule per day, and if your body is fine with that, you can increase Yagara dose up to 2 capsules daily, before bedtime.

    How do I take Yagara?

    Yagara should be taken by mouth without chewing or crushing the pill. Swallow it as whole with a sufficient amount of water.

    Yagara is a drug that should be taken as a course, on daily basis. Ideally, Yagara course duration is between 30 and 40 days. After a 2 to 3 months' hiatus, another course can be taken.

    What are the mechanisms behind Yagara?

    The mechanisms of Yagara are based on the composite action of its components. In Ayurvedic practice, Ashwagandha sharply increases desire in both men and women. Ashwagandha is translated from Sanskrit as "smelling of horse" which refers to the horse's incredible virility, and it is said that those who consume the herb go up in sexual force. The herb is given to treat all kinds of sexual problems. While the herb greatly increases the desire in both sexes, so it also helps men to become more sustainable. Studies have also shown that Ashwagandha increases the number of sperm in semen and improves sperm quality.

    The herb has a long history as a desire-enhancing agent, one can, for example, find references to the herb in the Kama Sutra.

    Ashwagandha suppresses stress, anxiety and depression. The herb's main use is perhaps as strong stress and anxiety remedy, which also treats insomnia. Studies have shown that Ashwagandha works as well as antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs of the type Lorazepam (Ativan) and imipramine (Anafranil). What is believed to be behind this is the steroidal alkalis and steroidal lactones which helps to lower blood pressure and calming the body and mind. Researchers from the University of Texas have seen that Ashwagandha extract acts as a GABA agonist, i.e. stimulates receptors. Increased activity of GABA receptors results in relaxation and stress reduction. One can compare with the relaxation that comes to alcohol, which is also a GABA agonist.

    Ashwagandha has also proven to be a very potent brain tonic which may help to increase including learning and memory. Studies conducted on mice have had very good results. In several independent studies, ashwagandha been shown to improve memory, learning and other cognitive abilities. There are also indications that Ashwagandha herb can be helpful in ADHD.

    Mucuna Puriens

    Mucuna also called Velvet Bean is a tropical legume. The main active substance in Mucuna is levodopa or L-dopa, which is an amino acid which is converted to dopamine in the body. The concentration of L-Dopa is very high in Mucuna and has long been used in India for the treatment of Parkinson's.

    The disease is believed to occur including dopamine deficiency. Levodopa is the drug (combination products) in Sweden under the names Madopar, Stalevo and Sinemet. Levodopa relieves many of the symptoms that occur in Parkinson's such as: muscle stiffness, tremors, slow movements, balance problems, and more.

    Dopamine is one of the key neurotransmitters in the central nervous system. As a neurotransmitter that conveys nerve signals between nerve cells. Dopamine is also a precursor of norepinephrine and epinephrine. A deficit of the neurotransmitter can manifest as Parkinson's, restless legs, depression, indifference and ADHD. Excess occur in euphoric state. Dopamine regulates, among other things, our motor skills, alertness, well-being and concentration. Dopamine has blivt known as something that regulates the desire, but it is not entirely true. Dopamine affects the desire for desire, and therefore increases the outreach behavior. The reason why the use of L-dopa before dopamine is because of dopamine water solubility which makes it can not pass the blood-brain barrier, as L-dopa can instead.

    Mucuna has also been shown to increase the secretion of HGH (human growth hormone), which has made the herb is suitable as a performance enhancer for training. Mucuna can also be used as a slimming high dopamine levels lead to reduced appetite.

    The effect of Mucuna occurs within a few days. Mucuna helps to increase blood circulation, increases energy and more luster to the skin. Recent research has also shown that Mucuna can be of great help when to quit. Mucuna has helped thousands of smokers to quit smoking, as the high level of L-dopa helps relieve the withdrawal symptoms that occur such as mood swings.

    Listed below are some of the herb uses.

  • Strengthening of the reproduction system in both men and women.
  • Increasing the desire and contributes to a greater willingness.
  • Promoting strong nerves and a well-functioning nervous system.

    Natural source of L-dopa. Used in Parkinson's and may help against restless legs, ADHD, depression and indifference.

    Increases performance because high levels of dopamine contributes to wakefulness, joy and concentration.

    Mucuna can advantageously be taken as part of a weight loss program, then to increase physical ability and contribute to decreased appetite.


    Shilajit is an important part of Ayurveda and at the same time a very special plant substance that is found and collected in the mountains of the Himalayas. Shilajit is the product of the decomposed plant that has been stored for a very long time. The black tar-like substance is found in cracks in of the rocks, where it seeps out during hot days.

    Shilajit is considered by many as the main preparation in Ayurveda; the substance has been used for thousands of years to rejuvenate and as a general panacea.

    Shilajit is incredibly rich in organic minerals. Analysis has shown that Shilajit contains at least 85 minerals and trace minerals in ionic form. The main reason for taking Shilajit is for its main ingredient fulvic acid, which is found in high amounts. The unique composition of fulvic acid of Shilajit is believed to be the reason why the substance has become so prized for its health giving properties. Fulvic considered to be one of the main natural electrolytes available. In addition, Shilajit is said to be good for:

  • Purifying the urinary tract
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Purifying the blood
  • Removes toxins from the body's tissues
  • Acting as an aphrodisiac
  • Promotes the male and female reproductive system

    What is Yagara uptake time?

    When you take the herbs contained in Yagara for sexual effect, it should be taken continuously every day, the effect builds up over several weeks and reaches its full potential after about a month of use.

    How efficient is Yagara?

    The action of Yagara is cumulative. Yagara is highly effective when taken responsibly and for a sufficiently long period of time. Since the medicine is a herbal preparation, it will not in the least be harmful for your general well-being.

    Does Yagara have any side effects?

    Being a herbal preparation, Yagara has no adverse effects. However, it does have a sample of additional benefits that address your entire body system:

  • Lifts stress and anxiety;
  • Detoxicates;
  • Acts as a mild natural digestive;
  • Envigrates;
  • Energizes;
  • Improves sperm counts and increases semen output;
  • Effective in Parkinson's patients, ADHD, and some other conditions.

    Any essential tips on Yagara use?

    Yagara produces it maximal effect when taken for a sufficiently long while.

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