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Active Ingredient: Tadalafil
It's a new form of Generic Cialis
Tadalia is an innovative form of tadalafil (Cialis) produced by Indian companies.


Tadalia 20 mg
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Before you buy Tadalia online

Tadalia – Fast-Dissolving & Taste Anti-ED Oral Strips

What Is Tadalia?

tadalia strips

Tadalia is an innovative form of tadalafil (Cialis) produced by Indian companies. This medicament is used to eliminate symptoms of male erection disorders. Many male persons hate swallowing tablets. Therefore, Tadalia was invented. The sachet contains fast-dissolving oral strips, which are quickly absorbed by the body and leave a pleasant taste. This is an excellent choice for those who do not want to swallow tablets and are willing to experience something new & effective.

Comparison Tadalia vs Cialis Professional

Is It For Me?

The medicament may only be used by those male persons who suffer from erectile problems. It cannot be taken for nothing and without doctor's advice. In addition, Tadalia cannot be taken by the following categories of individuals:

  • females (tadalafil is approved only for using by males)
  • persons under 18;
  • individuals who are intolerant (have allergic reactions) to any component of Tadalia.

Also, the medical remedy should be used with caution by males suffering from deformities of the genital organ, having cardiovascular ailments, malignant blood diseases, severe renal dysfunctions, etc. Therefore, if a patient suffers from one of the mentioned diseases, he should tell a healthcare expert about this.

How do I take Tadalia?

how to take tadalia

The medicament is extremely convenient to use. You just need to put the oral strip on your tongue or under it. Strips are very thin (up to 140 microns). They dissolve in the mouth within 10-15 seconds. Tadalia does not need to be washed down with water, so you can be unnoticed when taking a strip at any time and anywhere, even in a public place. What is important: strips have a pleasant taste.

What are the mechanisms behind Tadalia?

The main component of Tadalia belongs to the family of PDE5 inhibitors. Tadalafil inhibits the activity of the enzyme PDE5. How does this influence erection? During sexual stimulation, nitric oxide begins to be produced in the penile organ, which in turn leads to activation of cGMP, the main effect of which is relaxation of smooth muscles, vasodilatation and increased arterial blood flow. Blood flow through the corpora cavernosa increases by 8-10 times and erection emerges. The enzyme PDE5 oppresses the cGMP thereby the mechanism of erection gets broken. Tadalia inhibits PDE5 as a result of which a greater amount of cGMP appears in the penis and erection enhances. Tadalia improves the natural mechanisms of the appearance of erection, so the medicament does not work when a man is not excited. Also, the medical remedy cannot be taken to raise males’ libido level, as some people believe.

What is Tadalia uptake time?


Thanks to the innovative form, the strips begin to act faster than the classic tablets. You will feel the desired effect in 15-25 minutes after you put the drug in your mouth. You probably have a question - how long does Tadalia act? Tadalia provides the desired effect for one and a half days (up to 36 hours). This is an unprecedented rate among all PDE5 inhibitors. For example, you can take a strip on a Friday night and you can achieve normal erection at any moment until Sunday morning.

How efficient is Tadalia?

According to a number of clinical studies, tadalafil is effective for 70-90 per cent of male patients, that is, this number of men could achieve the erection necessary for successful intercourse. In addition, Tadalia can eliminate symptoms of prostatic hyperplasia (frequent urination and the like).

Does Tadalia have any side effects?

Tadalia is characterized by high safety profile, as its main component (tadalafil) is a scientifically proven and tested substance. Nevertheless, some patients who use the medicament can experience the following adverse effects:

  1. deteriorations of the digestive tract functioning (dyspepsia, pain, exacerbation of inflammatory diseases);
  2. prolonged penile erection and priapism (involuntary prolonged erection causing pain);
  3. headache, myalgia, pain in the eyes;
  4. hyperemia of the conjunctiva, hyperemia of the face;
  5. intermittent breathing, dizziness and runny nose;
  6. Quincke's edema (acute allergic reaction).
  7. It should be noted that all the above undesirable phenomena are rare.

Any essential tips on Tadalia use?

tadalia cialis
  1. Tadalia can be combined with a minimum amount of alcohol (for example, with a glass of wine or beer). However, it is strictly not recommended to drink a lot of beverages. Why? First, the state of alcoholic intoxication can worsen your penile erection. Secondly, alcohol can potentiate the hypotensive effect of the drug that can lead to a significant decrease in your arterial pressure.
  2. Do not eat grapefruit on the day when you plan to take the medicine. Substances contained in grapefruit or juice & smoothie made from this fruit can enhance the effect of Tadalia since they affect the enzyme that helps to remove drugs from the body. Because of the increased effect of the medical remedy, the risk of various adverse events occurrence enlarges.
  3. Do not take more than 1 oral strip in one go, since the drug contains the maximum dosage of tadalafil. Tadalia overdosing can lead to undesirable effects (complicated side effects).
  4. Do not take any other meds from the PDE5 inhibitor group while you are being treated with the drug. (Must Read article about PDE5i - by link Simultaneous consumption of several PDE5i meds hasn’t been studied in clinical researches and can become dangerous to your health.

Tablets should be stored at room temperature in a tightly closed container.


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