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Stud Spray 10%

98% would repurchase

Active Ingredient: Stud 5000 Millennium
For Premature Ejaculation.

Stud Spray 10%

Stud Spray 10% 20 ml
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Before you buy Stud Spray 10% online

What is Stud Spray 5000?

Stud 5000 Millennium Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual disorders in men. This condition often develops at a young age, but may also occur in older men. Rapid ejaculation causes confusion and a decrease in self-confidence. If you have such a problem, Stud Spray is an excellent choice for you. This medical remedy comes in aerosol form. The lidocaine-based aerosol provides desensitizing effect when applied to the penile organ. It is an OTC remedy, therefore, you shouldn’t have a prescription from a doctor to buy the product in the canadian online pharmacy - or in a brick & mortar pharmacy / adult store. Stud Spray (Millennium manufacturing) is odorless, does not contain toxic substances and is safe for the environment (ozone friendly). It is produced in small bottles (about 3 inches high) that are equipped with special dispensers with protection from children. You can put the bottle in your pocket and no one will notice that you have it.

Is it For Me?

There are no special standards regarding the normal time of sexual intercourse. For some couples, 7 minutes is the norm, for others 20 minutes it's not enough. But if ejaculation occurs before, immediately after or after a short time of penetration, there is no doubt that this is premature ejaculation. In such cases, Stud Spray will help you! You can also apply it if you are not comfortable with the short time of your sexual act.

The medical remedy is counter indicated in the following cases:

  • heart failure of II and III degree;
  • severe form of arterial hypotension;
  • severe disorders of the liver and kidneys;
  • myasthenia gravis and some other diseases.

How do I choose the right dosage?

With each spray for delay ejaculation, the penis gets about 7 milligram of active substance. You are free to determine how many times you need to use the spray to achieve the desired effect and also the optimal application time.

However, when you find the optimal dosage, you should not exceed it.

A bottle with the spray contains 7.16 fluid ounces of product. This amount is enough for more than 100 uses.

How do I take Stud Spray?

The spray is very easy to use. You are recommended to apply it 3 or more times approximately 5-10 minutes before the alleged sex. The product should be sprayed on the head (glans) and shaft of the male intromittent organ.

What are the mechanisms behind Stud Spray?

The main active agent of the remedy is lidocaine, a well-known anesthetic. It is used in several over-the-counter solutions designed to alleviate the pain syndrome. Also, this substance as a local anesthetic is often used by doctors in hospitals. Lidocaine has a numbing effect on the penile organ. The effect is due to the action of lidocaine on the sodium channels in the nerve endings of the penis, which causes a blockade of the nerve impulse in the central nervous system.

As a result, your sensitivity is slightly reduced. This eliminates the underlying cause of premature ejaculation (increased sensitivity), allows you to extend the time of the sexual act and enhance your sexual endurance.

What is Stud Spray uptake time?

Clinical experiments have shown that the spray starts to act quickly (almost instantly). However, to achieve the maximal effect, you should wait a while (5-10 min). After the end of sexual intercourse, you need to wash the product off the penis.

How efficient is Stud Spray?

Stud Spray 5000 has high effectiveness. According to studies, it is fully effective in approximately 3/4 of patients. The research by Henry R. and Morales A. (2003) showed that the time of intravaginal penetration increased 8 times (from 1 minute 24 seconds to 11 minutes 20 seconds) with the application of lidocaine & prilocaine. The medical remedy will help a male to overcome fast ejaculation and improve stamina during sexual intercourse. And this is not a complete list of the effects of the product. The spray also functions as a lubricant.

Does Stud Spray have any side effects?

Some men complain that the spray reduces the pleasure of sexual intercourse. This side effect is associated with a decrease in sensitivity, which is very important for high-grade sex. In addition, another possible side effect is a burning sensation of varying severity within 1 minute after applying the spray to the head of the penis. The discomfort passes by itself.

The following side effects are more rare:

  • skin itching, allergic rhinitis or conjunctivitis;
  • anaphylactic shock;
  • dizziness;
  • weakness, increased fatigue;
  • tremor (trembling of limbs);
  • convulsive reactions, etc.

The correct use of Stud Spray during the sexual act does not often lead to the occurrence of such adverse events. They are more typical for higher doses.

However, it is impossible to completely eliminate the occurrence of undesirable effects, which is explained by the individual intolerance of the active agent. Most patients have positive experience of using this medical remedy.

Any essential tips on Stud Spray use?

  1. To avoid total loss of sensitivity, you should never apply more than ten lidocaine sprays at a time.
  2. In addition, you shouldn’t apply more than 24 aerosols during one day (24 hours).
  3. The product should be stored at a temperature below 25 degrees Celsius (77 ° F).
  4. It is not recommended to wash the organ with soap before using the product.

The product comes with a comprehensive multi-lingual medical instruction, where you can learn more about it and get answers to any of your questions.


TOLL FREE PHONE: +1-347-897-0902 for US, CA customers.

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