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Stress Gum

Stress Gum is an innovative gum that provides you with most effective way to calm stressed nerves and promote a sense of well-being naturally.
Stress Gum

Stress Gum 12 gums
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Drug Uses

Stress Gum is an innovative gum that provides you with most effective way to calm stressed nerves and promote a sense of well-being naturally. Being superior to a pill, Stress Gum is absorbed into the bloodstream immediately to give the powerful results you want.

Stress Gum also helps fight tooth decay and cleans teeth after meals, provides a no-calorie snack, improves concentration, relaxes and eases tension, freshens breath, and improves digestion. Here's an additional suggestion. Chew Stress Gum the next time you're on a plane to counteract the effect of air pressure changes on your ears.

Additional Benefits:
  • Helps fight tooth decay and cleans teeth after meals;
  • Provides a no-calorie snack;
  • Improves concentration;
  • Relaxes and eases tension;
  • Freshens breath;
  • Improves digestion.

How Taken

Simply chew two (2) to six (6) pieces of gum daily. Many men choose to accelerate their results by chewing up to six (6) perfectly safe pieces of gum daily. However, we do not recommend exceeding six (6) pieces of gum daily.

A one (1) month supply consists of five (5) packages of gum (60 pieces). A two months supply consists of ten (10) packages of gum (120 pieces). A four (4) months supply consists of twenty (20) packages of gum (240 pieces). A six (6) months supply consists of thirty (30) packages of gum (360 pieces). Each individual package of Stress Gum contains 12 pieces of gum.

Drug Class and Mechanism

Each piece of gum contains a revolutionary sustained release system that orally delivers the 120-mg proprietary blend of active ingredients that are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This delivery system relies on micro-sized beads that are released by chewing the gum and are immediately absorbed into the tissue of the lining in the mouth through the capillaries that lie close to the surface. This process allows the supplement to be absorbed within seconds and bypasses the solubility and absorption problems that accompany traditional nutritional supplements.

  • CALCIUM CARBONATE is needed to form strong bones and teeth, healthy gums, maintain regular heart beat and nerve impulse transmission.
  • ASHWAGANDHA is touted for promoting calmness and a sense of well-being.
  • PASSION FLOWER relieves tension, anxiety, and insomnia, due to its calming effect on the central nervous system. Studies conducted since the 1930's indicate that Passion Flower is a safe non-addictive herb that promotes relaxation. It is also mildly effective in treating nervous stomachs and indigestion.
  • JUJUBE FRUITS are considered to have stress alleviating properties. Jujube fruit is used to calm nerves and anxiety. It is a popular stress buster in many parts of the world and also known for its rejuvenating properties. The fruit is also known to purify blood and de-toxify the system. It is considered good for clearing up skin and for preventing heart problems.

Missed Dose

If you miss a dose of Stress Gum, use it as soon as you remember.


Store Stress Gum between 59 and 77 degrees F (15 and 25 degrees C). Store away from heat, moisture, and light. Do not store in the bathroom. Keep Stress Gum out of the reach of children and away from pets.

Possible Side Effects

Over four safe, carefully chosen herbs are used to manufacture Stress Gum. Each individual herb is safe and has been in common use for centuries. All of the natural ingredients in are listed on the Food and Drug Administration GRAS list of safe foods, making it the best product on the market to relieve menopausal symptoms naturally. Of course, as with any dietary supplement, those with special medical conditions are encouraged to consult their doctor or healthcare professional before use.

More Information

The U.S. Armed Forces have supplied soldiers with chewing gum since World War I because it helps both to improve the soldiers' concentration and to relieve stress. Recent studies show chewing gum can also improve one's mood.

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