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Active Ingredient: Ranolazine
Generic Ranolazine as known as: (Ranozex / Ranexa) is used to treat chest pain - chronic angina.


Ranolazine 500 mg
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Before you buy Ranolazine online

What Is Ranolazine?

ranexa Ranolazine

Ranolazine known to consumers as Ranozex or Ranexa is related to antianginal drugs. It is a prescribed-only FDA-approved medicine for the treatment of chest pain and angina, including chronic form of angina. It can be combined with other types of antianginal medications, including nitrates, beta-blockers and blockers of calcium channels. Also treatment with Ranexa is commonly supplemented by other kinds of therapy - antiplatelet therapy and cholesterol-lowering treatment. It is proved by clinical trials that regular use of Ranolazine has a positive effect on the patients’ state – angina attacks caused by stress, physical loads, exercise, change in the weather and so on become less frequent and bring less discomfort. Today it is considered one of safe and efficient antianginal drugs.

Is It For Me?

As Ranolazine is an Rx drug, it is always prescribed by a specialist, who makes a decision on the need of treatment with this medicine based on the results of medical examination of the patient and his medical history. You can be prescribed Ranolazine if you suffer from angina attacks or experience chest pain of different etiology. The drug is not used for the treatment of acute form of angina or during angina attacks. It treats chronic form of the disorder only. Mind that Ranexa is contraindicated to patients suffering from chronic liver disease and other severe liver disorders. Also it is usually not prescribed to pregnant women, as its effect on the fetus is not studied.

How do I take Ranolazine?

Like any Rx medication, Ranolazine must be taken in strict compliance with doctor’s recommendations. Self-medication is forbidden. Ranexa is available in the form of pills. A pill is always swallowed whole, one must not try to chew, dissolve or crush it. It can be taken both with food and without it. Initial dose of the drug is 500 mg of Ranolazine. If the efficiency is not high enough, the dose can be increased to 1000 mg. Ranolazine is commonly taken twice a day, and its maximum daily amount is 2000 mg.

What are the mechanisms behind Ranolazine?

Ranolazine is late Ina (inward sodium current) inhibitor in the cardiac muscle, which, in turn, reduces the amount of intracellular calcium. Lowering of calcium level leads to lusitropy (relaxation of miocardium) and reducing of diastolic wentricular wall tension. In simple words, it stimulates blood inflow to the heart. Thanks to this, the heart begins to function more efficiently. Also, as a result of Ranolazine’s effect, oxygen requirements reduce, which helps to mitigate such symptom of angina as feeling short of breath.

What is Ranolazine uptake time?

When taken inside Ranolazine in absorbed into the blood. Its maximum concentration in the blood is reached in 2-7 hours. Steady state concentration of the medicine is commonly reached in three days if it is taken regularly two times a day. Bioavailability of Ranolazine is from 35 to 50 percent. It is excreted from the organism with urine and via intestinal elimination.

How efficient is Ranolazine?

Placebo-controlled numerous clinical trials proved high efficiency of Ranolazine as well as its safety. It definitely increases intervals between angina attacks in patients irrespective of their gender and age. Tolerance to Ranolazine in the course of treatment is not developed. Also it is proved that the medicine significantly improves exercise tolerance and mitigates the need for nitroglycerine. After sudden discontinuation of the drug, the frequency of angina attacks doesn’t increase immediately.

Does Ranolazine have any side effects?

ranexa 500mg

Ranolazine can cause some adverse and side effects, though they are usually minor. Severe side effects may occur in people who are allergic to the components or take the drug incorrectly. The list of typical side effects involves:

  • dizziness (the most typical one);
  • light head, ringing in the ears;
  • jumps in heartbeat or pulse, short breath, tightness in the chest;
  • unexplained loss or gain of weight (rarely);
  • headache;
  • faintness (very rarely).

Any essential tips on Ranolazine use?

  1. Stop drinking grapefruit juice if you’ve been prescribed Ranolazine. Grapefruit can increase its concentration in the blood and make side effects worse.
  2. If you have any problems with your kidneys or liver, say your doctor about it. If you’ve noticed such problems (e.g difficulties with urination) after the beginning of treatment, stop taking Ranolazine and consult a specialist.
  3. Keep in mind that Ranolazine can interact with some other drugs. So if you are taking any other medicines, don’t forget to inform your doctor.
  4. Don’t change or increase dose without consultation with a specialist. If you for some reason missed a dose, intake the next dose as usual. Don’t take two pills instead of one.

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