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Patanol eye drops are only available with a doctor's prescription. These prescription medications are capable of causing adverse effect in one's body. This is why when buying Patanol allergy eye drops, you are recommended to consult a physician. However, before going to an eye doctor, you might want to know the ingredients found in patanol, its strength or dosage, its adverse effects and the precautionary involved.

Patanol 5 ml / 0.1%
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Before you buy Patanol online

Patanol Description and Ingredients

Patanol eye drops are prescription eye drops for treating signs and symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis such as itchiness, redness, tearing, chemosis and lid swelling. In most countries, Patanol is known as Opatanol solution, a short term use for olopatadine hydrochloride solution. This medication is offered by a reliable company called Alcon. It is packed in a 5 ml drop-tainer dispenser and it is available in two strengths or dosages: 0.1% and 0.2%.

The Patanol eye drops that contain 1.0% olopatadine have sterile and isotonic solution. Typically, they have clear and colourless solution but sometimes they have pale yellow color. Olapatadine hydrochloride is a white, crystalline water soluble powder. It is the active ingredient in Patanol eye drops that cause relief for itching and soreness. The inactive ingredients found in Patanol eye drops are sodium chloride, sodium phosphate and purified water.

On the other hand, the Patanol eye drops with 0.2% solution are known as Pataday or Patanol S solution. It has twice the concentration of Patanol 0.1% solution. As of today, Pataday is the number one ocular allergy product for eye care. It is also the first eye drop for allergy approved for once a day dosage.

Recommended Dosage and Overdosage

For 0.1% solution, the recommended therapy is between one and two drops. The Patanol eye drops should be applied twice daily in the affected eyes, as recommended by the physician. On the other hand, if contact lenses are used, deposit the solution in the lenses and wear the lenses 10 minutes after eye drop instillation. Topically, Patanol eye drops have no specific ocular side effects. However, if overdosage happens, Patanol eye drops can be easily flushed out from the eye using warm tap water.

However, if Patanol eye drops are ingested accidentally, there is no need to be worry. It is expected that the Patanol eye drops solution will rapidly be absorbed and excreted in the urine. As of now, the only possible side effect is mind to moderate tiredness and in some cases, severe tiredness. However, there have been reported incidents that Patanol eye drops application causes asthenia, blurred vision, cold syndrome, burning or stinging, dry eye and so on.


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