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Gasex Himalaya

Gasex (Simethicone) is an anti-foaming oral drug that is used to relive flatulence in patients with abnormal gas formation in the bowels.

Gasex Himalaya
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Before you buy Gasex Himalaya online

What It Does?

Gasex Himalaya is used in flatulence, i.e. the accumulation of gases in the intestines.

Gasex has a so-called surface tension speed-reducing effect, which makes foam and bubbles in the tract formed by bowel air disappear. Gasex is taken up by the body but operates only in the intestine.

Simethicone affect the surface tension bubbles which provoke flatulence. By reducing the surface tension of the bubble it fosters the rupture of gas bubbles. The released gases emerge naturally without discomfort to the patient. The drug reduces the risk of new bubbles by reducing the surface tension at the interface of two different phases. Simethicone bowel irrigation improves the contrast media, prevents tearing of the contrast film.

Gasex is not absorbed by the bowel walls.

How It Works?

Gasex belongs to the pharmacotherapeutic group of anti-meteorism preparations. Simethicone is a surfactant which is chemically and physically stable. Simethicone breaks down the foam formed in the digestive tract because of excessive gas or reducing gas absorption. The effect exerted on purely physical means. The surface tension is changed depending on a reduction of adhesion forces.

The substance acts locally in the gastrointestinal tract and is not absorbed. The full effect is achieved after a few days of treatment.

The possible impact on the absorption of other drugs has not been studied.

How It Is Taken?

Take 1-2 capsules of simethicone 100mg or 1 capsule of 200 mg 3-4 times daily. The capsules should be swallowed whole. Gasex capsules do not require getting washed down by water. Gasex capsules should be taken after meals, before bedtime.

Is It For Me?

Gasex is not used in patients with hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients.

Any Drug Interactions or Incompatibilities?

No drug interactions.

What Side Effects Should I Brace Myself For?

No side effects have been reported.

Any Important Tips?

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