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Active Ingredient: Cyclosporine

Generic Cyclosporine as known as: Restasis, Hydroeyes

Cyclosporine is an Effective Eye Drops which belong to a Group of Medicines known as Immunomodulators.


Combigan 5 ml - 0.2% / 0.5%
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Before you buy Combigan online

What is Combigan?

Combigan is a medicine for reducing ophthalmotonous (intraocular) pressure. It is supplied in the form of eye drops. As the name implies, Combigan eye drops are a combination of two active ingredients – the first is Brimonidine (an adrenoceptor agonist that have a stimulating effect on alpha adrenoceptors) and the second one - Timolol, which is a beta-blocker. Both components have a hypotensive action, and due to their combination a more prominent effect is achieved. Combigan is commonly prescribed for the treatment of open-angle glaucoma in adults or high intraocular tension (ocular hypertension). The drug has analogs and generic versions: if Combigan price doesn’t suit you, you may ask your doctor about possible alternative options.

Is it For Me?

Combigan is an RX medicine, so it’s for your doctor to decide whether it suits you or not. If you don’t have contraindication, Combigan can be prescribed to you if you suffer from open-angle glaucoma or an increased intraocular pressure. As a rule, the two conditions are interrelated: a tension pressure inside the eye causes damage of the eye nerve, which results in a gradual loss of vision. In other words, an increased pressure in the eye is the initial stage of glaucoma development. If you have symptoms of glaucoma or was diagnosed this condition, you can be prescribed Combigan or Combigan generic.

How do I choose the right dosage?

The dosage of Combigan is chosen by a specialist! By default, adult patients are prescribed one drop of Combigan solution for one eye once in 12 hours. Usually, it is instilled in the morning and in the evening. If you get a Combigan coupon, you can also continue adminisration of other eye drops (the drug can be combined with other solutions). However, do at least a 5-minute pause before you instill other drops, in order to prevent systemic absorption.

How do I take Combigan?

One should always take Combigan drops in a strict compliance with the instruction. Before instilling the ophthalmic solution, remove contact lenses if you were it. Carefully wash your hands and open the bottle. Throw your head back and slightly pull the lower eyelid of an affected eye down. Mind that the dropper is sterile, you must not touch any surfaces with it. Then carefully instill one drop to the “pouch” of the lower eyelid. Repeat the procedure with the second eye if necessary. Close your eyes, tilt the head down and wait 1-2 minutes. Press with a tip of finger on the inner corner of an affected eye (or both eyes).

In 15 minutes after instillation, you can put in contact lenses.

What are the mechanisms behind Combigan?

The particular mechanism of action of Combigan is still not known, but its effectiveness is proved by multiple clinical trials. The medicine consists of two key ingredients: Brimonidine tartrate decreases the amount of the intraocular fluid and normalizes uveoscleral outflow. Due to its high selectivity, it causes fewer residual effects if compared to alpha1 adrenoreceptors. Thus, it normally doesn’t lead to corectasis and vasoconstriction of vessels. Timolol maleate is a beta1 and beta2 non-selective inhibitor. It also has a hypotensive effect and reduces an elevated pressure inside the eye.

What is Combigan uptake time?


The maximum concentration in plasma is reached in 4 hours. Brimonidine is partly metabolized in the eye tissues; the protein binding is about 29%. Elimination half-life is 3 hours. As for exertion, 74% of the dose is exerted through kidneys in 5 days period.


The peak concentration of Timolol in aqueous humour is achieved in 1-2 hours. Elimination half-life in the plasma is 7 hours. Timolol is partly metabolized in the liver and is exerted with kidneys.

How efficient is Combigan?

Combigan is considered a highly effective drug. Due to combination of two different ingredients, it has a dual effect. Patients with glaucoma and pre-glaucoma conditions report on prominent hypotensive effect of Combidan. It is recommended for use to patients suffering from abnormally highintraocular pressure.

Does Combigan have any side effects?

Despite its efficiency, Combigan can cause undesired residual effects in some categories of patients. In most cases, Combigan side effects are minor and don’t require any medical interference.

Common negative effects include the following:
  • eyes reddening;
  • sense of dryness, itching;
  • painful swelling of eyelids;
  • stinging;
  • blear-eyedness.
Less common and severer side effects may include the following conditions:
  • change of vision or change in color perception;
  • loss of vision or double vision;
  • dizziness and headache;
  • increased sensitivity to light;
  • change in heartbeat and pulse;
  • change in blood pressure

In some patients Combigan can cause an allergic reaction. In this case or in case of other serious negative effects, you need to stop using the drug immediately and call for emergency help.

Any essential tips on Combigan use?

If you have glaucoma or elevated pressure in your eyes, self-treatment is unacceptable. Consult a specialist  to know about Combigan eye drops price, effect, contraindication analogs and possible replacing it with another medicine. Do not alter the prescribed dose by your own will.

Combigan is not prescribed to teenagers under 18 as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women.

In patient with a severe kidney dysfunction, Combigan can cause a drop in blood pressure .

If for some reason there is no need in further treatment with Combigan, the gradual withdrawal method is used. You should not stop taking it overnight in order to reduce the risk of change in heartbeat rate, heart attack or a sudden death, which can happen when the patient stops taking systemic beta-blocking agents.


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