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Dapoxetine Comparison Topic: Priligy vs Vriligy

Early ejaculation is a problem that can lead to psychological disorders, dissatisfaction with sexual life, and even to relationship worsening. “You’re too fast” may sound as a slap in the face from the beloved one. Fortunately, there are efficient ways, which can help to delay ejaculation. How to last longer in bed extending your sex time?

How Does Ejaculation Work?

To understand how to last longer in bed, it is useful to know about the mechanism of ejaculation. According to WebMD, when a male is aroused vas deferens tubes squeeze sperm from his testicles toward the urethra (its back part). Seminal glands also produce fluid in that place. The formed liquid affects sensible urethra. When a man reaches the highest point of excitation, it signals spinal cord which sequentially activates musculature located at the base of the male organ. The muscles start to contract dynamically and frequently, forcing the sperm to squeeze out.

ejaculation what happens
Image by BISH: "How does ejaculation work?"

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation* is a condition when a male ejaculate too fast. Of course, normal duration of sex has blurred time borders. There are no common rules for all people. According to the study by Waldinger M., Quinn P et al. (2005), the median intercourse time amongst males from Netherlands, the UK, Spain, Turkey, and the US was 5.4 min excluding Turkish men who had sex duration 3.7 min only. This indicator may vary depending on the country. It can also differ between circumcised and not-circumcised men, young and aged persons. It should also be noted that males have raised expectations for the desired duration of sexual intercourse (Miller S., Byers E., 2004).

However, if a male person ejaculates within 1 min of penetration and is unable to delay the orgasm during the process, this condition is considered premature ejaculation, which requires appropriate therapy. According to general estimates, every third male encounter the condition at some time.

Some males are wondering how to prevent premature ejaculation. Most cases of the disorder have no clear cause, therefore it is hard to give working recommendations on this matter. In general, it is advisable to normalize functioning of nervous system, as many cases of PE have psychological underlying cause. If the problem occurs, a patient and his doctor should identify the cause and apply symptomatic treatment until the disorder goes away.

Overall, there is no cure for premature ejaculation amongst medical methods (drugs). It can go away with time or persist during the lifetime. However, the condition may be quickly and successfully treated. PE treatment methods are divided into two main groups: natural and medical ones. Well, how to prolong ejaculation?

*Learn more about Premature Ejaculation:

How to Last Longer in Bed for Men Naturally?

There are two techniques on how to control ejaculation:

  1. Start-stop technique. This is a very simple method. Start to have sex. Give a break when you feel that the climax is coming. Then be patient and wait till that feeling is gone. After that, you can return to enjoy sex. Repeat the needed number of times. Note that this method might be not suitable for you if you suffer from urological diseases like urethritis & prostatitis.

  2. Pause-squeeze method. Its essence is as follows. Begin your usual sexual activity and have sex until you feel that you should ejaculate soon. Ask your partner to squeeze your organ at the place of connection between shaft & glans. The partner should do that for several seconds, until ejaculation urge disappears. Repeat the needed number of times.

The well-known Kegel exercises are popular among women but can also be used by the stronger sex representatives. These exercises may help males to better control thanks to strengthening the pelvic muscles.

In addition, there are special topical creams on the market. They make the penis less sensitive, so the man reaches a critical point later than usual for him. However, not all men like them due to potential worsening of sex feelings during intercourse. Another way to prolong the duration of sexual intercourse is using condoms with thick walls.

You can find overviews of premature ejaculation home remedies in the Internet, for instance, Chinese herbal medicines, seeds of green onions, ashwagandha (Indian ginseng), etc. However, these remedies may be used only after healthcare professional’s consultation to prevent possible undesirable consequences.

Medication for Premature Ejaculation: Priligy vs Vriligy Comparison

Priligy and Vriligy are very popular medications used to treat fast ejaculation problems. Both of them are based on the same active agent – dapoxetine – which is the most powerful medication for premature ejaculation currently available on the pharma market. It is approved in many countries and comes in two dosage levels namely 30mg and 60mg. It belongs to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and affects serotonin levels in the brain, which leads to improvement in the duration of sex. According to dapoxetine reviews, the drug works well with minor and infrequent side effects.

As you might understand, there is no distinction between the effects of these two drugs, because they feature the same component. Choosing premature ejaculation pills between these ones, rely on your own discretion and your financial capabilities. If you need bigger dose, you may prefer Priligy, as one of its dosage options is as much as 90mg. You can also read reviews below to make your choice more grounded.

Priligy Reviews

  1. I have been using this premature ejaculation drug for 3 months. It works well meeting to my expectations.

    Customer rating: 5.00

  2. The drug worked effectively. I felt light dizziness after the first use but that side effect didn’t bother me thereafter.

    Customer rating: 5.00

  3. I have been interested in how to last longer for a long time… Three months ago I discovered a great drug called Priligy. It definitely helped me and now I always have good sex.

    Customer rating: 5.00

Vriligy Reviews

  1. These ejaculation pills are everlong! I use it regularly and have no problems during sex. No side effects at all.

    Customer rating: 5.00

  2. For many years, I have tried many tablets for premature ejaculation. Now I am taking Vriligy. Just want to say that sex has become much better and my girlfriend is happy. Vriligy is a good thing, definitely.

    Customer rating: 5.00

  3. I am 38 years old. I have been suffering from premature ejaculation since the beginning of sexual activity and have tried many different methods ... I accidentally read on the Internet about Vriligy and thought it would not help me handle premature ejaculation occurring in 30 seconds. But the drug surpassed all my expectations and after the first pill I was able to have sex for 10 minutes, which is too good for me.

    Customer rating: 5.00

To know more about these drugs, read guides below:

The Bottom Line on How to Stop Ejaculation Disorder

The way you decide to treat PE should be your personal choice. If a male suffers from non-pronounced form of the disorder, he can try non-medication treatment. In case of more severe disorder, Priligy or Vriligy will be more helpful. Be optimistic, PE is an unpleasant but treatable condition!

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