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AWC Canadian Pharmacy Discounts: Coupon Codes 2018-2019

We are glad to greet all our users on our website!

We focus, in particular, on selling sexual health medications and we have good news for you! Shopping in AWC Canadian Pharmacy is becoming more and more budget-friendly. We have many Viagra discounts for you and you can find them on this

Viagra Discount Coupons (Promotional Codes)

Generic Viagra coupon code is a set of symbols that allows you to pay for orders for sildenafil-based drugs in our online pharmacy at a special discounted price. Any visitor can use it, both our old customers and new ones. The coupon should be used at the final stage of the order (we will give more details below).

It will provide you with a discount ranging from 5% to 20% off your Viagra pack.

Our coupons are in electronic form and do not have any real (printed) counterparts.

How to use coupons?

First you should fill an online shopping cart, as you do in any online store. Choose the right drugs, send them to the cart and go to the Checkout page. Then you will need to provide your name, address and credit card information to pay for the goods.

On the same page, you can use the coupon code, and the cart cost will be automatically recalculated.

If you’re a first-timer, we have some tips for you:

  • if you’ve received a coupon do not rush to use it;
  • browse the webpages of our pharmacy and learn more about different types of Generic Viagra (probably, you will prefer capsules instead of pills, and the like);
  • read about indications & contraindications for the drug, probably you will need a healthcare professional’s consultation before starting the treatment;
  • the abovementioned actions will allow you to make an informed choice.

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We issue online coupons on a regular basis. If you are subscribed to our newsletter, you’ll receive updated information about our coupons every time they appear. Information messages about coupons come at least once a month, so subscribing to our newsletter is worth it. If you have not subscribed to our newsletter and you do not want to become a subscriber, it is not a problem. If you do not want to register on the site, you can simply visit this page or the main page of our pharmacy to check the availability of promotional codes (coupons) for seasonal sale, for example, during the holidays. Coupons become available mainly during holiday periods, but usually you can find them at any time of the year.

The time of discounts and paperless coupon is an advantageous opportunity to buy Generic Viagra (sildenafil-based meds). But you can also take a closer look at other drugs in our pharmacy, the prices for which are favorably different from those in other online pharmacies. We provide a great assortment of high-quality medications, both brand ones and generics!

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Information about Seasonal Discounts

We know that money is earned through hard work. Therefore, we want you to relax a bit and spend this money for a good time and not for buying drugs. So why not take advantage of seasonal coupons? We offer good discounts during many holidays. Scroll down to see the list of seasonal discounts in the Canadian Pharmacy.10% OFF

  1. Black Friday. The most expected Viagra sale of the year has already begun! As you know, Black Friday is usually held only one day a week. But we went further and multiplied this day by 7! Therefore, you can get incredible discounts in our online pharmacy for a whole week, from 23 to 30 November. Coupon code: BFRIDAY10.
  2. Merry Christmas Day. Be healthy and full of energy throughout December and January! We will provide a good chance to prepare for winter holidays and celebrate the New Year perfectly. A discount code will 2. om 20 December 2018 to 10 January 2019. Coupon code: CHRISTMAS10.
  3. Valentine's Day (14 February)’s Day. Saint Valentine's Day is a worldwide known festival of romantic love, and you will definitely need to be pretty good on this day. Valentine’s Day discount coupons will be available on the website of our online drugstore after the New Year. Coupon code: VALENTINE14.
  4. Saint Patrick's Day. This cultural & religious celebration is often associated with beer and other alcoholic drinks. Alcohol can adversely affect male sex drive, but you can correct the situation by buying Viagra with a good discount. Coupon valid from 01 March 2019 to 01 April 2019. Coupon code: SaintP7.
  5. Independence Day (4 July). This is very important day for the Americans commemorating the Declaration of Independence adoption in 1776. You can now be independent from erection problems! Coupon valid from 04 July 2019 to 01 September 2019. Coupon code: IDAY18.
  6. Halloween - 31 October. Halloween is a worldwide known holiday associated with jack o'lantern. During Halloween, the prices are very frightened so they decrease in size. And you can benefit from it! Discount coupons will be offered in 2018. Coupon code: COMING SOON in 2018.
  7. Veterans day at 11 November. This day honors US military veterans. We respect the exploits of veterans and admire them. Good discounts on good drugs will not be superfluous on this day. Coupons are expected later.
  8. Thanksgiving Day (22 November). This day is remarkable for special celebrations. Therefore, we could not leave our customers without good discounts in its honor. Thanksgiving Day 7% OFF discount coupon here: Coupon code: THANKS22.
  9. Labor Day (3 September, 2018). This holiday honors the US labor movement and contributions made by workers to the well-being and prosperity of the United States. We believe that all workers have the right to an excellent sex life, don’t they? Therefore, you can take advantage of an attractive discount from AWC Pharmacy. Coupon code: LABOR39.
  10. Columbus Day (8 October, 2018). More than five centuries ago, Christopher Columbus discovered America, opening a new continent. Therefore, many current states of North and South America celebrate this holiday. Do you want to open a new world of sexual feelings on this day, using a discount for sex pills? Coupon code: COLUMBUS810.
  11. Armed Forces Day (18 May, 2019). This is a federal holiday observed each year on the 3rd Saturday of May. It is a chance to show support for folks who are serving or have served in the Armed Forces. Well, it would be nice to rest from military affairs on this holiday, pleasing your wife at the same time. Take the advantage of our discount coupons! Coupon code: COMING SOON in 2019.
  12. Navy Day (27 October). This is another army-related holiday. Although it hasn’t been officially observed since the mid-20th century, this day is still widely celebrated as USA Navy holiday. Navy seals are big and resilient guys but even they may suffer from sexual problems. Coupon code: NAVY27.
  13. George Washington’s Birthday (19 February, 2019). It is a US federal holiday celebrated on the 3rd Monday of February. Washington made a huge contribution to the development of America. In your turn, you can make a significant contribution to the development of your sexual relations, using our bonus code. Coupon code: WASHINGTON22.
  14. Harvey Milk Day (22 May). Harvey Milk Day is dedicated to the memory of the struggle against discrimination of sexual minorities. We’ve also decided not to stay aside and lower the prices for drugs on that day. Coupon code: COMING SOON in 2019.
  15. Martin Luther King Jr. Day (21 January 2019). This holiday marks Martin Luther King Jr.'s (a civil rights activist) birthday, and is celebrated annually on the 3rd Monday of January, which is close to his birthday, January 15. On this day, you can also get good discounts on our drugs. Coupon code: MLKJR15.

Discounts are available and may be used by all customers, regardless of the country of delivery. We provide drug delivery worldwide, to such countries as United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, EU member states, and others.

However, there are some exceptions: delivery is not made to Ukraine, Russia, China, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and some other countries. Send an email request to and we will inform you whether we provide delivery to your country.

How to Get 30% Off Viagra

We have another very good offer for you. It applies to Canadian Viagra and other medicines sold in our pharmacy. If you made an order for more than $400 (recently or at any time in our drugstore) or if you plan to spend that sum of money, let us know.

Write to us at and we will give you an exclusive discount on Generic Viagra or another drug. You can use this code on the Checkout page at the time of placing your order (as in the case of coupons). Moreover, we provide mega discounts (30-50% off) for the second order. All our offers and the Best Offer are here.

free viagra pillsHow to Get Viagra Free in Our Pharmacy?

The final offer will probably blow your mind! Each time you order medications on the website of our pharmacy, you get a unique opportunity to receive 4 pills of Viagra (100mg) or 4 pills of Cialis (20mg) absolutely for free! Agree, this is a good offer given that Generic Viagra is the most popular medicament for treating erectile dysfunction in the world. It appeared 20 years ago and during this time has gained popularity among millions of men who want to improve their potency. Learn more about our bonus offers on the Bonus Page.

Users' Reviews

It’s cool to buy drugs during sales periods. I was pleased with the duration of Black Friday in your pharmacy, I missed Friday itself, but I was able to buy drugs at the same discounts. Thanks for quick delivery!

Edward (Grand Forks) Customer rating: 5.00

AWC Pharmacy discounts are incredible! You already have good prices but using discounts, I succeeded in saving a lot of money on Viagra Professional. I bought several packs of tabs and will be waiting for the next holiday to make another purchase.

User11 Customer rating: 5.00

Your winter discount was just what I needed. I spent a lot of money on New Year's holidays. I needed to buy Viagra but it was very expensive in my local pharmacies. I was lucky that I found your online pharmacy.

Anthony S (New York City) Customer rating: 5.00

I’ve never thought that pharmacies with such low prices could offer discounts so frequently. You guys rock! thank you.

Arthur (Ontario) Customer rating: 5.00

I would like to thank you for the discount coupon on Combigan. I bought the drug several times cheaper than at my local pharmacy.

Vanessa (LA) Customer rating: 5.00

I’m very glad I found this place. Your website is so wonderful. Good things come to those who serve it.

Douglas (Seattle) Customer rating: 5.00

I saved big bucks due to seasonal discounts. You have so many of them that was able to save money on pharmaceutical expenses.

Gerald G. (Boston) Customer rating: 5.00

I buy drugs mainly for holidays, when the pharmacy provides discounts. Why pay more, if you can wait a little and buy a few packs at lower prices?

Dale (Portland) Customer rating: 5.00

Bought Viagra soft tabs on Valentine's day. They worked so well… moreover, I saved a lot of money thanks to holiday discount.

Jeffery Mitchell (Fargo, North Dakota) Customer rating: 5.00

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