What Affects ED?

Monday 12th of October 2009

Most men know what ED is. For them, it can really be a big problem when they are suffering from this.

What exactly is this? ED, or erectile dysfunction is when the penis fails to erect, resulting in a very dissatisfying sexual intercourse. Believe it or not, there are a lot of men who suffer from this condition. This is even more than the number of men that you think. There are a number of causes known to lead to this condition. Mainly, an erection fails because the nerves fail to signal in the body. Boosted stamina and more acute perception in bed with viagra soft tabs.

  • Physical Causes: There are a lot of factors which causes and erection. When these are inhibited, this is when ED occurs. Injuries to the muscles, veins and tissue around the penis greatly contribute to erectile dysfunction. Alcoholism and other health conditions which cause the artery walls to thicken can cause this to happen. Excessive smoking and caffeine intake are among the few causes of erectile dysfunction for men.
  • Psychological Causes: Depression and anxiety are seen to be the most common causes of ED. When a main has a low self-esteem, they will have a hard time keeping it up. One of the factors that affect this condition is when men feel very uncomfortable when he is around his partner. For men who are always frustrated when it comes to their sex life are most likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

There are a lot of treatments that have been endorsed for erectile dysfunction. Although self- treatment is usually normal, men should never be afraid to consult the professionals when it comes to their condition. This is the only way that they can deal with what they have. For men who want to get the satisfaction that they are craving for, they should seek professional help.

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Ten Advantages for Taking Canadian Levitra Professional

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