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Who Needs Sildenafil-Based Drugs

Wednesday 13th of December 2017

Sildenafil-containing drugs are very popular today. The "blue pill" and its generics have brought many happy moments to millions of men who previously had no way out of their sexual problems.

Who is he, the average user of Viagra (sildenafil).

Prevalence of ED in Different Age Groups 

click to viewLove knows no age. Unfortunately, the same can be said about erectile dysfunction. This unpleasant disease can affect a man of any age. On the infographics on the right, you can see statistics on the prevalence of erectile dysfunction among men of different age groups and total number of sufferers worldwide.

According to statistics, the number of men suffering from erectile dysfunction is gradually increasing. This is partly due to the increase in the number of people in the world, but this is also affected by environmental factors, unhealthy lifestyle, and sedentary work.

Of course, you should try to prevent the occurrence of a problem, because it is well-known that prevention is better than cure. But if ED has developed, powerful drugs from the PDE5 inhibitor group* can help in the vast majority of cases.


* An article about PDE5 Inhibitors by link:

Young Men and Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

Scientists say that the dominant cause of erectile problems in young men (in their 20s) are psychogenic disorders and not various diseases, that is organic causes. Occasional failures (a bad erection or lack of it) can occur in any young person.

Such single episodes are not a sign of sexual weakness, they can be the result of physical stress or psychological factors, such as tension or the need to get used to a new partner. However, if a man begins to focus on the problem, the situation is aggravated.

Factors that can trigger psychogenic ED include:

  • lack of conditions for complete privacy;
  • bad memories of previous sexual failures;
  • fear of losing an erection;
  • fear of premature ejaculation**;
  • frequent conflicts, deterioration of interpersonal relationships, etc.

** Must Read Topic: What is Premature Ejaculation?

We can draw the following portrait of an average young user of sildenafil. He may have either or both an increased level of anxiety, discord in a relationship with a partner***, or perhaps some kind of psychological problems coming from childhood.

*** How to Say Your Partner about ED: Ten Tips here.

Sildenafil provides a powerful vascular effect that can be an excellent extra tool of psychological defense during intimacy (a man thinks that he has nothing to fear, since a pill will help him in any case). Treatment should last until the full restoration of this psychological defense.

With age, organic causes of ED begin to predominate over psychological ones. So, men in their 30s can develop excellent confidence in sex. Many men marry, have children, buy a house and at the same time try to climb the career ladder. Stress and fatigue caused by these circumstances can lead to ED.

However, the risk of developing such conditions/diseases as obesity, diabetes and heart disease is slightly increased in male persons of this age group.

Middle-Aged Men – Typical Users of Sildenafil

At the age of 40, men begin to experience the stresses of middle age, which can cause psychogenic ED. The crisis of middle age can lead to the abuse of alcohol, which adversely affects sexual function. At this age, the incidence of coronary heart disease, as well as diabetes, increases.

But many diseases begin to develop in men who are above 50. People have increased cholesterol, slowed metabolism, which leads to excess weight gaining. All this contributes to the occurrence of ED.

Therefore, about 17 percent of men aged 50 to 59 have erectile dysfunction of varying degrees of severity. It is worth noting that erectile problems can predict coronary heart disease, which allows you to start early treatment.

Therefore, when the first signs of ED appear, one should consult a doctor, since these symptoms may indicate the presence of another disease.

According to the study by Gurvinder K. et al. (2011), 72 percent individuals below 60 are sexually active. Therefore, middle-aged men are the most frequent users of tablets against erectile dysfunction.

ajandrology statisticsThus, the average user of sildenafil can suffer from the following problems (which led to the onset of ED):

  • stresses of middle age;
  • alcoholic drinks abuse;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • overweight & obesity;
  • cardiovascular diseases.

It is interesting that men can differently perceive possible causes of their male health deterioration. As the perceived causes of erectile dysfunction (according to the research by Wai Hon Lo et al, 2014): 

  • around 45 percent of males viewed the disease as a logical consequence of aging;
  • 29.5 percent perceived it as a disease that needs to be treated;
  • 12.6% regarded it as a secondary result of another disease;
  • less than 10 percent didn’t regard ED as an illness, or considered it a temporary disturbance requiring no treatment.

You can see this statistics on the right.

Older Men – Aging isn’t a Hindrance to Sex

The production of testosterone in men begins to decline after their attaining the age of 30. However, up to the age of 60 levels of the hormone allows you to achieve a normal erection. After reaching this age, the hormone can drop dramatically. In combination with other factors (heart disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, etc.), this leads to a large prevalence of ED in male persons in their 60s.

After the age of 70, more than half of men suffer from impotence. However, about 50 percent of the seniors aged between 70 & 80 reported having had sexual activity. Some have sex even after 80 however they are at an increased risk of side effects when using sildenafil****.

For example, the drug should not be taken when nitrates are used to treat angina pectoris.

**** A Couple of Side Effects when using Sildenafil (Generic Viagra). Look at this

The World Market of Viagra and Sildenafil

According to experts, the world market of anti-ED drugs reaches more than $ 3 billion. The share of Viagra is about 45 percent. Cialis is the second most popular drug, followed by Levitra. Therefore, the leading country for the production of original drugs is the United States (manufacturers of Viagra and Cialis are based in this country).

On the graph below, you can see Pfizer's revenues from selling Viagra in the world (data from

viagra market by Statista

According to statistics, in recent years, branded Viagra sales have been decreasing, but in part this has been caused by an increase in the popularity of generic drugs*****. Generics are meds that have the same chemical formula as the original drug, but are produced by other companies and are cheaper.

***** The Comparison between Brand & Generic versions of Viagra:

The main supplier of Viagra generics is India. Now this country significantly affects the market of anti-ED drugs. In India, there are many companies that produce sildenafil-containing drugs. Among them are Ajanta Pharma, Cipla, and others. Stendra is the best Sildenafil-Based analogue of Viagra.


The lowest prevalence of ED and, accordingly, the lowest need for sildenafil is among young men aged 18 to 29. The most common cause of poor erection in young age is psychological problems.

Despite the high prevalence of ED among older men, the most frequent users of Viagra are middle-aged men, because a good erectile function is still very important for them.

Of course, one should not write off the accounts of older men, they also buy sildenafil-containing drugs, but usually they do not use them very often.

Still many men in the world choose Viagra brand.

However, lion's share of patients prefers generics because these drugs are cheaper, while providing the same effect as genuine drugs.

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