Sexual Needs of People

Monday 4th of July 2016

The Evaluation of Behavior and Sexual Needs of Men and Women

International representative survey of the sexual life of men SatisFACTS, held in 2011 by the GFK Company and financed by Bayer HealthCare was dedicated to assessing the behavior and the sexual needs of men. As a paramount requirement for treatment of ED in men a rapid onset of action and efficacy of the drug used were considered.

The list of necessary criteria of ED surveyed included:

  • ‘the action with each intake’ (66.1%),
  • ‘the rapidness of the onset of effect’ (63.2%) and
  • ‘ease of reception’ (61.3%).

Also, the surveyed reported of the importance to an ability to receive food (54.4%) and ‘discreet packaging’ (44.7%). The last two criteria were the most important for young patients.

Almost one in four men with ED stated that sometimes feels stress because of the necessity of compliance expectations of his partner. Moreover, almost half of the men love it when the initiator of sex acts is their partner, while a partner’s orgasm, tenderness and strength of emotional connection listed as essential aspects. At the same time men would like to share with a partner and to realize their erotic fantasies.

However, about 30% of men at the same time claim that health problems and emotional issues of their sexual life back down to second place. In general, men with erectile dysfunction are more likely experiencing negative impacts of other factors on their sex life. Men with ED will begin to experience ‘sexual impotence’. This feeling is often the result of not only the reaction of partner after sex and inconsistencies with its expectations, but a doubt of their own abilities before intimacy. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction are likely to emotionally and physically withdraw from their partners. They fear that any display of emotion can lead to sexual intimacy and remind them of their weakness. The woman, knowing or having arisen problem may cease to show sensuality. When a man or woman losing an intimate relationship because ED, they no longer perceive their partner as a sexual object.

The main reason for the initiation of therapy for ED men were ‘when I was no longer able to have sex’ (33.4%), ‘when I can no longer satisfy a partner’ (32.3%) and ‘where other measures, such as changing the life image longer helps’ (31%). More than half (53.8%) of all men surveyed believe that drugs to treat erectile dysfunction can improve self-confidence, led to a satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Levitra as a first choice option

Almost all the participants had the positive opinion of vardenafil, the main active ingredient of Generic Levitra, in the form of tablets soluble in the mouth, mainly due to the ease of use.

The respondents admitted the following positive characteristics: rapid dissolution and a method for receiving / form) and convenience (no need to accept the water/liquid, simple and easy to reception). According to these results, a large percentage of men said that they likely would refuse to receive their current drugs for the treatment of ED in favor of the tablets dissolved in the mouth.

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