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Thursday 7th of May 2015

Nowadays many men suffer from erectile dysfunction and are looking for ways to start performing as if they are 18 again. The reasons of impotence are numerous and can vary according to certain health conditions, ecology and a wide range of other factors that are worth considering. However, there appear more statements as if ED and stress men experience every day at work or home are connected and anxiety disorders are the first ones to influence their sexual performance. AWC Canadian Pharmacy decided to look into this problem in greater detail and conducted its own research of this issue. The results are just stunning, so keep reading.

Anxiety or Impotence: What’s Common?

Erectile dysfunction, or impotence, is the inability to maintain erection which leads to sexual life problems. The reasons of this condition may be various starting with heart problems and finishing with psychological issues.

According to AWC Canadian Pharmacy research that included a poll and tests involving 150 men, anxiety turned out to be among the first and foremost symptoms of impotence. Though erectile dysfunctions causes in men are quite challenging to diagnose, severe anxiety in 78% of men turned out to negatively influence their sexual performance.

Those who regularly face stress or anxiety disorders are sure to get ED as both these conditions are the symptoms that lead to appearance of impotence not only in aged men but also young and middle-aged. It’s quite important to understand that all the systems in the human body are interconnected and respond to various life issues altogether. Therefore, anxiety can not only harm your body causing increased blood pressure but it also has a negative impact on men’s sexual performance.

Moreover, among all the possible anxiety disorders many men experience performance anxiety which appears to be one of the biggest emotional obstacles on the way to a normal sex life. However, most men are misled by articles in magazines, on the Internet and advice of friends thinking that inability to perform is the result of erectile dysfunction he may have at the moment. And that’s the starting point for more worrying and fears that lead to self-treatment and wasting money on unnecessary ED drugs.

Bottom Line

AWC Canadian Pharmacy viagra came to the conclusion that impotence and anxiety are closely connected and one condition may be the result of the other making up a vicious circle. Among the psychological causes of impotence or temporary inability to lead a normal sexual life are the following:

—Mental health conditions like anxiety disorders and depressive state
—Any type of stress causes by such issues as family or work problems, relationship failures, problems in communication, etc.

When facing this unpleasant condition you should definitely discuss this issue with your health care provider and figure out the cause of impotence. It might be all about your psychological state, anyway.

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