Sexual Needs of People

04 July of 2016

The Evaluation of Behavior and Sexual Needs of Men and Women

International representative survey of the sexual life of men SatisFACTS, held in 2011 by the GFK Company and financed by Bayer HealthCare was dedicated to assessing the behavior and the sexual needs of men. As a paramount requirement for treatment of ED in men a rapid onset of action and efficacy of the drug used were considered. (more…)

Comparing Side Effects of Viagra, Levitra and Cialis

29 June of 2016

These three drugs have long been compared by men. Viagra stepped onto the stage many years ago, and since then many of its generics have been developed, there has always been plenty of choice regarding what drug to take and what kind of benefit and potential side effects to choose.

Drugs of this group affect the vascular tissues of the penis very smoothly and selectively, and thus do no harm. They do not cause persistent negative consequences if used regularly or over prolonged periods. Addiction cannot be developed to these pills, except for the purely psychological dependence. Once you try the pill for ED and you feel that the quality of your erection and life rises. This is similar to driving a luxurious car just once in your lifetime makes you never want to drive an economy car again. (more…)

Keep On Smoking – Your Potency At Stake

24 June of 2016

Potency is just a single aspect of the male body affected by smoking. The global consumption of cigarettes is estimated at a crazy 17bn. ciggies annually. In such countries as Greece or Russia male population of smokers reaches 60-63%, female – 21 – 23%. Although sometimes it seems that almost everyone smokes at all, so these statistics may be different in a big way.

When smoking a major blow is delivered to our body.

For example, in Eastern Europe the habit takes lives of 7-10 million people annually.

The turnover of diseases treatment that are caused by smoking already exceed the $50 billion mark. (more…)

Visiting A Doctor With ED – What to Expect?

26 October of 2015
Erectile Dysfunction (see here) is a fairly common problem among 18 – 65 years old males. But not every case is accompanied with a visit to the doctor, mainly due to the fear of consequences and psychological (self-medicine is the most common direction individuals make use of). Words are excessive – paying a visit to a specialist for professional diagnosis and treatment is absolutely vital. These examination aim at identifying possible causes of erectile dysfunction patients and typically have nothing to do with painful tests or unpleasant conversations. When a person undergoes several diagnostic tests the nature of the organic erectile dysfunction is either confirmed or denied; of course, the treatment directions are considered.


Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: The Ways Out

02 June of 2015

The choice and selection of erectile dysfunction treatment methods depends on the specific clinical situation and is closely related to the causes of its occurrence. So, for example, in production of male sex hormones decrease therapy specialists will include appropriate hormonal medications taken under strict supervision of a physician or/and an endocrinologist; in case elevated prolactin levels prescribed him inhibitors; when confirming the fact of psychogenic impotence of nature sedative medications are prescribed. (more…)

Viagra That Contains No Sildenafil Citrate… Does It Really Exist?

28 May of 2015

Well, sildenafil citrate is the main ingredient that has changed the world isn’t it? So does it make any sense to produce Viagra deprived of its main weapon? The answer is yes – it is all about the scope of action and nature of the effect.

Sildenafil citrate is a pharmaceutical product that contributes to blood circulation enhancement due to its chemical structure (PDE-5 inhibitor). However, there is an alternative one can take advantage of – Viagra Biologically Active Additive. The success of the brand name was too alluring for the chinese and indian manufacturers of natural products to ignore; it is highly likely the production businesses were looking to get some extra recognition. (more…)

Behold The Mightiest Viagra:

18 May of 2015

In The World A group of Indian scientists representing Cipla, Mumbai-based pharmaceutical giant, is known for the industry most powerful Viagra pill – Generic Viagra 150mg. After 2 years of research in the clinical setting the scientists have achieved their goal – launching the production of a brand-new product ˗ Generic Viagra 150 mg with sildenafil citrate as an active part. Now, a portion of the dose of active substance is 1.5 times higher than the normal operating portion. This development was made for those cases when conventional pills are powerless in dealing with the issue of male sexual dysfunction. (more…)

Research AWC Canadian Pharmacy: Impotence or Anxiety?

07 May of 2015

Nowadays many men suffer from erectile dysfunction and are looking for ways to start performing as if they are 18 again. The reasons of impotence are numerous and can vary according to certain health conditions, ecology and a wide range of other factors that are worth considering. However, there appear more statements as if ED and stress men experience every day at work or home are connected and anxiety disorders are the first ones to influence their sexual performance. AWC Canadian Pharmacy decided to look into this problem in greater detail and conducted its own research of this issue. The results are just stunning, so keep reading. (more…)

Make Your Sexual Life Better with AWC Canadian Pharmacy

06 May of 2015

Having experienced problems in sexual life you have definitely heard about such problem as erectile dysfunction, or impotence. It is issue that confines your life and makes you suffer from failed erections. ED problem is common for aged people as well as for people with obesity and those who do not exercise much and have a passive way of life. The problem usually lies in the narrow arteries that prevent and limit the blood flow to the penis.

Fortunately, nowadays there is a perfect way out for people suffering from erectile dysfunction. The only thing you need to do is be decisive and make the right choice. (more…)