Can you cure Strep Throat with Antibiotics?

13 July of 2017

Strep Throat in Kids & Adults

check priceStrep throat is a commonly used name for streptococcal pharyngitis – a dangerous infectious disease that affects throat (in particular, its back part, including tonsils). This disease incites fear in millions of parents worldwide, as it commonly affects children and teenagers from 5 up to 16 years of age. Are there any grounds for these fears? Is the infection really as dangerous as it is considered? Is it treatable, and does it cause complications? In this article we’ll try to answer all common questions.


Lexapro Withdrawal Symptoms

12 July of 2017

The cravings of the modern rhythm of life affect not only our physical condition, but also the mental. It does not matter how much you run away from problems, depression can overcome you someday. It becomes more possible especially in the full time, when summer sunny days are replaced by dull everyday life. And despite our expectations that this will pass by itself, we begin to think about how to cope with it.


Depression is the same illness as a runny nose and a headache, so it is needed to be treated. One of the most advanced solutions to this problem is Lexapro anti-anxiety drug. This drug will help fight against anxiety in adults and main depressive and stress disorders in people over 12


Ejaculation Problems in Males

26 June of 2017

Too Quick, Too Slow, and Not at All Erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems are the most widespread sexual disorders in male persons. Since the invention of PDE5 inhibitors, treatment of erectile dysfunction has become much easier: it is enough for the patient to take a pill and in half an hour, his erection will be normal. However, problems with ejaculation are more difficult to cure and often cause not only physiological discomfort but also great psychological one. In this article, we will tell you about the three ejaculatory disorders and the methods of their treatment.

Too Fast – Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is undesired ejaculation that occurs due to minimal sex stimulation before, during, or immediately after the penetration of the penis into the vagina. The prevalence of the condition is 15-30% among males of all ages. Thus, it is the most common ejaculation disorder causing severe psychological problems in male persons.


Treatment of Chronic Angina with Ranolazine

13 June of 2017

Chronic angina is one of the widespread manifestations of IHD (ischaemic heart disease). According to the study by Hemingway H. (2008), the prevalence of angina is about 6% across different countries. The ailment occurs slightly more often in women than in men. It is associated with significant worsening of the quality of individuals’ life, enlarged risk of heart attack occurrence, and can lead to fatal outcome. Therefore, timely treatment of this serious disease is the key priority for patients and their doctors. In this article, we will look at the causes and symptoms of chronic angina, and also tell you about modern methods of treating the disease.

chronic angina

Definition and Causes of Chronic Angina

Chronic angina (also stable angina) is a syndrome that is manifested as chest pain emerging when it becomes hard for the heart to work. It occurs due to discrepancy between the requirements of the myocardium in oxygen and the possibilities of its delivery. The cause of angina pectoris, as well as ischemic heart disease, is the atherosclerosis-induced narrowing of the coronary vessels. Angina attacks develop with a narrowing of the lumen diameter of the coronary arteries by 50-70%. The more serious atherosclerotic stenosis, the more severe angina occurs. Although attacks of the disease usually develop suddenly, vascular lesions can develop gradually over years.


Is melatonin is a risk-free hormone for pregnant women?

22 May of 2017

Some patients with sleep problems know already that melatonin treats insomnia perfectly. In fact, this substance is not a medicine, but our own hormone, produced in the brain. It is manufactured in the form or natural supplements.

What is it – melatonin?

It is a natural regulator of sleep. With the onset of darkness epiphysis secrets it, and in the light this process is inhibited. With age melatonin synthesis gradually decreases. Scientists believe that young people suffer from insomnia less than the older generation. Melatonin efficiently relieves the symptoms of the time zone change syndrome, reduces anxiety, eliminates symptoms of sedative withdrawal and increases the number of platelets. There is a suggestion that taking supplements with melatonin also helps people with fibromyalgia and patients complaining of hot flushes. The result of the experiments shows that melatonin in low dosages speeds up falling asleep and normalizes the internal biorhythms of the body. It does not have the toxic effect typical for other sleeping pills. In addition, melatonin improves overall health, strengthens immunity and protects it against free radicals. Meanwhile, it affects the other hormones including those that are important for reproduction.

Thus many females waiting for a baby ask: “Is melatonin safe for pregnancy”?


Antibiotics Resistance and Its Surveillance in Canada

11 May of 2017

The Role of Antibiotics in Diseases Treatment

antibiotics in canada

Different types of microorganisms can cause infections. The most widespread causative microorganisms are viruses and bacteria. Infections caused by viruses (flu, many respiratory conditions, common cold, etc.) and bacterial infections are treated differently. Specifically, antibiotics are used only for bacterial infections treating, while their effectiveness in treating viral diseases is zero. Antibiotics must not be confused with antimicrobials, which are used for a higher range of germs suppressing.

The role of antibiotics can hardly be overestimated. They made it possible to cure a lot of diseases, which had been considered untreatable before, for example, pneumonia, brain fever, syphilis and other sexually transmitted infections, tuberculosis, septic fever caused by injuries, strep throat and many, many others. However, incorrect or uncontrolled use of antibiotics can result in adverse effect. One of the most serious conditions that can develop as a result of improper taking antibiotics is antibiotic resistance.



Gestational Diabetes during Pregnancy

21 April of 2017

gestational diabetes


Diabetes is a serious ailment that affects blood glucose rates. It’s caused by hereditary predisposition or different conditions, such as obesity, pancreatic necrosis, etc. But sometimes, some pregnant females without diabetes experience elevated sugar levels. What are the symptoms & causes of the condition? What do you do if you have gestational diabetes?

Keep reading our article to find out!


Glucose Lowering Drug Used To Treat Type 2 Diabetes

19 April of 2017


Diabetes is a real scourge of humanity. As of 2017, more than 400 million people in the world suffer from the ailment (that is, it affects around 8,5% of the population). According to scientists’ forecast, the prevalence of diabetes will reach 11% in 2030. Unfortunately, this ailment is incurable. Diabetes vaccine does not exist now, but scientific community is actively researching this field. However, modern medicine has developed safe medications that successfully eliminate symptoms of diabetes and allow patients to live a full life. One of such medications is Forxiga (Farxiga).


Cyclosporine is an Immunomodulator Eye Drops

17 April of 2017


In nature, there are constituents that can defeat the cellular and humoral resistance in the animal body. This factor allows to transplant organs and to treat sicknesses related to disorders of the protected system. One of such natural compounds is Cyclosporine.

dry eyes