Who Needs Sildenafil-Based Drugs

13 December of 2017

Sildenafil-containing drugs are very popular today. The "blue pill" and its generics have brought many happy moments to millions of men who previously had no way out of their sexual problems.

Who is he, the average user of Viagra (sildenafil).

Prevalence of ED in Different Age Groups 

click to viewLove knows no age. Unfortunately, the same can be said about erectile dysfunction. This unpleasant disease can affect a man of any age. On the infographics on the right, you can see statistics on the prevalence of erectile dysfunction among men of different age groups and total number of sufferers worldwide.

According to statistics, the number of men suffering from erectile dysfunction is gradually increasing. This is partly due to the increase in the number of people in the world, but this is also affected by environmental factors, unhealthy lifestyle, and sedentary work.

Of course, you should try to prevent the occurrence of a problem, because it is well-known that prevention is better than cure. But if ED has developed, powerful drugs from the PDE5 inhibitor group* can help in the vast majority of cases.



Can Viagra be Taken by Transgenders

08 December of 2017

Probably every adult person has heard about Viagra. It is a powerful drug for fighting erectile dysfunction, which is used by millions of men.

  • But can it be used by transgender people?
  • What are the consequences of its use and how do genitals react to it?

Read on to know more.


Hearing Loss Side Effects of “VIAGRA”

07 December of 2017

A good rule of thumb is that there are no absolutely harmless drugs. And even those ones that are marketed as safe to health can have numerous health effects. Viagra is no exception. Its principal ingredient – sildenafil – can cause some quite unexpected by-effects. Maybe one of the most unusual adverse events associated with sildenafil intake is hearing loss. This loss can be complete (long-term) or temporary (short-term).

If you are scared, don’t be: this by-effect is exceptionally rare. And still, one needs to beware of all possible case scenarios when taking sildenafil-containing meds.

What You Need to Know about Sildenafil

To most consumers sildenafil is commonly known as Generic Viagra, the much-hyped impotence drug. Its principle of action is based on its selective vasodilating effect. When getting into the bloodstream, it suppresses production of phosphodiesterase type 5 (more about pde5i you can read here), which prevents muscles in the blood vessels from physiologic relaxation that is normally a result of sexual stimulation. Briefly speaking, sildenafil enhances flood inflow to a penis by a temporary widening of vessels and improving circulation. It is typically prescribed to men suffering erectile dysfunction of different degree of severity.


Factors Contributing to Viagra Popularity

06 November of 2017

Problems in the intimate sphere have a huge psychological pressure on men. They lead to the great depression and supress one’s self-esteem.

ED Research

According to a new study by American scientists, medicines for erectile dysfunction improve relations between partners, as well as bring back their self-confidence.

Experts highlight that men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction who take pills like Viagra, according to the normalization of relations with a partner, and improving self-esteem compared to patients who were not taking any medication.

In attended by 93 patients who took the drug for 10 weeks, and 94 men with no problems in the intimate sphere as a control group. You should know: why taking Viagra for Fun is a no Good Idea awcanadianpharmacy.com/taking-viagra-for-fun.php

macho canadian menTheir results were published in Journal of Sexual Medicine. This is the first study that shows that the treatment of impotence with the help of Viagra and its analogues help men to compare with other parameters such as satisfaction with sex life, self-confidence, self-esteem and overall relationship satisfaction.

Intimate life is the most important component of physical and mental health of any person. Terrible diagnosis “erectile dysfunction” can be a real nightmare for any man, even if it does not mean a complete loss of male power and the ability to achieve orgasm.

Sad but true, even the young men now suffer from problems with potency. And the blame for this is often the pace of the modern life, and to certain extent – the highly propagated image of a macho that can have as intensive a sexual life as it is possible. (more…)

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

27 September of 2017

What is It and How to Treat It?

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) affects hundreds of thousands of people every year. In the USA, it is the 3rd prevailing cause of death. The WHO estimates that the world situation with COPD tends to be similar to that in the USA. Below you will find the most important information about COPD.

Definition and Causes of the Disease

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is an independent disease that manifests itself by difficulties with breathing caused by the limited ingress of air through the respiratory system. This condition occurs because of the lung tissue inflammation. In many countries, COPD term includes 2 main diseases – emphysema (damaging of alveoli) and chronic bronchitis (inflammatory processes in the bronchi). So it is the umbrella term including progressive diseases of the lungs. The condition is not contagious, that is it cannot be transferred from one individual to another.


Interactions between Viagra and Estrogen in Treating Heart Failure?

28 July of 2017

We all know that Viagra is a drug created to eliminate the symptoms of impotence in men. But sildenafil (the main component of Viagra) can also be used to treat other diseases. That is, it can be used by women. Our article is devoted to the possible interactions of sildenafil and estrogen, which is contained in female drugs Estrace & Estrace Vaginal Cream.

Sildenafil as a Remedy for Patients with Heart Failure & PAH

Sildenafil citrate is a potent pharmaceutical agent that was originally developed to treat certain heart diseases. However, scientists found that the effect of the substance on the erection was higher. Therefore, they continued research in a new way, which resulted in the well-known blue pill. Now Viagra has a lot of competitors in the field of erectile dysfunction treatment. Therefore, developers and scientists are investigating old forgotten and new effects of sildenafil. For example, according to the study by Blum A. (2009), the substance improves the working capacity and quality of life of individuals suffering from heart failure.


Can you cure Strep Throat with Antibiotics?

13 July of 2017

Strep Throat in Kids & Adults

Strep throat is a commonly used name for streptococcal pharyngitis – a dangerous infectious disease that affects throat (in particular, its back part, including tonsils). This disease incites fear in millions of parents worldwide, as it commonly affects children and teenagers from 5 up to 16 years of age. Are there any grounds for these fears? Is the infection really as dangerous as it is considered? Is it treatable, and does it cause complications? In this article we’ll try to answer all common questions.



Lexapro Withdrawal Symptoms

12 July of 2017

The cravings of the modern rhythm of life affect not only our physical condition, but also the mental. It does not matter how much you run away from problems, depression can overcome you someday. It becomes more possible especially in the full time, when summer sunny days are replaced by dull everyday life. And despite our expectations that this will pass by itself, we begin to think about how to cope with it.


Depression is the same illness as a runny nose and a headache, so it is needed to be treated. One of the most advanced solutions to this problem is Lexapro anti-anxiety drug. This drug will help fight against anxiety in adults and main depressive and stress disorders in people over 12


Ejaculation Problems in Males

26 June of 2017

Too Quick, Too Slow, and Not at All Erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems are the most widespread sexual disorders in male persons. Since the invention of PDE5 inhibitors, treatment of erectile dysfunction has become much easier: it is enough for the patient to take a pill and in half an hour, his erection will be normal. However, problems with ejaculation are more difficult to cure and often cause not only physiological discomfort but also great psychological one. In this article, we will tell you about the three ejaculatory disorders and the methods of their treatment.

Too Fast – Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is undesired ejaculation that occurs due to minimal sex stimulation before, during, or immediately after the penetration of the penis into the vagina. The prevalence of the condition is 15-30% among males of all ages. Thus, it is the most common ejaculation disorder causing severe psychological problems in male persons.