Medications that Interact with Viagra and Cialis

01 May of 2018

Viagra and Cialis are prescription meds that are used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED or impotence) in males. These PDE5 inhibitors primarily affect the genital area but they also slightly dilate the vessels throughout the body. This factor is associated with possible interactions of these anti-ED tablets with a number of other medications.


NEVER take nitrates in combination with Viagra or Cialis. This can be very dangerous for your health. Nitrates are powerful medicines that lead to a pronounced decrease in blood pressure in humans. Examples of these medicines include nitroglycerin and isosorbide dinitrate. The use of PDE5i medicaments can potentiate the powerful hypotensive effect of nitrates, which may lead to an unsafe reduction in arterial pressure. Symptoms may be minor, for example dizziness, but in some cases a stroke, a heart attack and even a fatal outcome are possible.


Mixing Cialis and Alcohol – is There a Risk?

06 April of 2018

People who use Cialis often ask the question: "Is it safe to combine Cialis with alcohol?" After all, many people before sex can drink a little (or a lot) of alcohol. Can this increase the risk of side effects? What is the safe dosage of alcoholic beverages?

Look for answers to these and other questions below.

Cialis Overview

Cialis is one of the top medicines for treating erectile problems in male patients. It is known as "The Weekend Pill" because its duration is up to 1.5 days (that is, up to 36 hours). In addition, patients can take it both on demand (before sex) and on a daily basis, obtaining a permanent effect.

There are two types of Cialis: branded medicine and generics, for example, Canadian Cialis, which have similar efficiency, but feature lower prices due to lower manufacturing expenses.

Cialis (tadalafil) is generally a safe medication. However, it can interact with certain medicines and alcohol. Alcoholic beverages abuse while undergoing treatment with Cialis can leads to severe adverse events. Here's what you need to know to prevent unwanted effects.


Can Cialis Shrink the Prostate?

02 March of 2018

According to epidemiological data, the symptoms of two health disorders commonly experienced by aging male persons – benign prostate hyperplasia (or BPH) and impotence (ED) – are linked by similar pathophysiological pathways. Doctors prescribe patients with enlarged prostate gland tadalafil in the dosage of 5 mg once a day irrespective of their having comorbid ED. It means that Cialis can shrink the prostate. For more details read below.

Cialis – Key Features

Cialis is one of top medicines for fighting erectile dysfunction of any form of severity. It was developed by a group of companies in the 1990s, and in the early 2000s Eli Lilly company started to manufacture it. Cialis quickly gained popularity due to its unique feature – its duration of action was much longer than that of Viagra. Cialis remains to be record keeper in this respect, as it acts as long as 36 hours! In addition, its producers offer a convenient treatment option – the use on an everyday basis without any need to plan sex. It has turned out that Cialis can be good for the prostate condition when used on a daily basis.


Why Do People Choose Canadian Pharmacies When Buying Viagra?

19 February of 2018

Internet pharmacies have become firmly established in the lives of many people. Of course, it is much easier to order a drug online than go to a regular pharmacy and queue, especially if it's about Viagra or another anti-ED medication. Men often do not want anyone to know about their intimate problems and they are afraid that their acquaintances or friends might see them in the drug store. Therefore, they often turn to online pharmacies.

Viagra in Canadian Pharmacies

Canadian pharmacies are the most popular online pharmacies in the world. Canada was one of the first countries where online pharmacies began to appear (in the late 1990s). They quickly gained popularity among many people suffering from various diseases. A lot of Americans began buying meds in online pharmacies not wishing to pay exorbitant prices in the US drugstores and supermarkets. Gradually, Canadian pharmacies became popular not only in the US but also throughout the world. This became possible due to the internationalization of payment methods and ways of delivery. You can order meds at a Canadian pharmacy even if you live in Australia or a European country. There are some other reasons why many individuals choose Canadian drug stores.

Eight Reasons to Buy Viagra from Canadian Pharmacy

Reason #1 – Best Price on the Internet

best canadian pharmacy priceCanadian pharmacies offer the best prices on the Internet. If you compare prices in Canadian pharmacies with those in American ones, you will see that the difference may be 10-fold or even more. This is due to the fact that Canadian pharmacies offer legal cheap generic drugs. Generics are meds that contain the same active agent as branded medicines, but they feature lower price. Generic drugmakers simply use the ready-made form so they do not need to get back money spent on inventing, developing and testing a new substance.

In addition to good prices, Canadian web pharmacies very often provide special offers, various bonuses and discounts. If you buy medicines at the pharmacy all the time, you can become a member of the loyalty program and receive even greater discounts than new customers.


How to Reduce Headaches When Using Cialis?

16 February of 2018

One of the side effects of Cialis is headache. This can be quite burdensome and unpleasant for patients and adversely affect male sex drive. Fortunately, there are some ways that allow to reduce headaches when using Cialis.

What is Cialis?

Cialis is an effective solution for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in males. It belongs to the class of PDE5 inhibitors along with Levitra, Generic Viagra and Stendra. In addition to ED, this medication can also treat the symptoms of prostate hyperplasia (BPH).


How to Take Viagra Properly – 7 Useful Tips

15 February of 2018

If you want to get the maximum effect, any medicine should be taken correctly. Viagra has been in the market of medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) for 20 years (on 27 March 1997, this medication was approved by the FDA). For this time, doctors and patients have developed many tips for the proper use of the "blue pill”.


ED and Prediction of Coronary Artery Disease

08 February of 2018

The human body is an integral mechanism and a disruption of the functioning of one organ or system inevitably leads to problems with other organs. It is known that erectile dysfunction (impotence or ED) can be a sign of other disorders in the body, including cardiovascular diseases. Below we will try to find out whether ED can be a predictor of coronary disease.

ED – Description and Causes

In the modern sense, ED is the inability to get and (or) maintain an adequate erection of the penis, which limits or makes impossible a satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Physicians distinguish psychogenic, organic and mixed ED. Whereas earlier the main cause of the onset of ED was considered to be various psychological problems (this view takes root in the theory of Freud's psychoanalysis), it is now believed that 80% of ED cases is of organic nature arising as a complication of various somatic diseases. ED is often mixed, that is caused by both psychological and organic factors.


Can You Take Clonidine with Viagra?

04 February of 2018

Not all medications are normally combined. Sometimes a combination of two drugs can cause unwanted reactions. Viagra and Clonidine are medicines, the need for joint administration of which may arise in some men suffering from both erectile dysfunction (ED) and arterial hypertension.

Viagra – Famous Drug for ED Treatment

Viagra is the most well-known medication for handling erectile dysfunction in the stronger sex. The basic component of Viagra is sildenafil, which belongs to the family of so-called PDE5 inhibitors. By affecting the enzyme PDE5 in the tissues of the penis, it leads to a better relaxation of the vessels and an improvement in penile erection. Viagra tablets are taken orally, about an hour before the planned sex. The optimal dosage for adults is 50 milligrams once a day. Given the tolerability and effectiveness of the medical remedy, the dose may be reduced to 25 milligrams or increased to 100 milligrams. Viagra has a lot of generic versions of the same effectiveness (like Canadian Viagra), which are available at a significantly lower price.


Contraindications to taking Viagra include allergy to sildenafil, age under 18, and undergoing treatment with nitrates. Also, the medicine may be contraindicated (or used very carefully) to those patients who have recently suffered cardiovascular disorder, severe kidney and liver diseases, severe deformations of the penis & predisposition to priapism, etc.

 Possible side effects of Generic Viagra include headache, hot flashes, muscle aches, gastrointestinal disturbances, dizziness, and others. 


Can You Combine Viagra with L-Arginine?

01 February of 2018

Often patients taking Viagra use natural supplements to improve erectile function. It is commonly believed, that herb-based and animal-based supplements are completely safe for health and can be freely combined with various medications. But this is not so.

Sometimes Viagra is taken jointly with arginine supplements. Is it safe?

Viagra and Its Mechanism of Action

Viagra pills belong to the group of PDE5 inhibitors. The name "PDE5 inhibitor" generally refers to the mechanism of action of this potent drug. Sildenafil Citrate (an active agent of Viagra) suppresses PDE5, which is located in the penile tissues. PDE5 is an enzyme that inhibits cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP), an essentially important compound for normal penile erection.

During sex stimulation, NO is released from the cavernous structures, which activates the special enzyme guanylate cyclase, resulting in a higher cGMP level in the cavernous bodies. Because of this, the smooth musculature of the cavernous structure relaxes, and the influx of blood into the penis increases.

By suppressing PDE5 and increasing the level of cGMP, Canadian Viagra provides a relaxation of the blood vessels in the male organ, which leads to an increase in the degree of reaction to sexual stimulation and improvement of erectile function. According to the studies, the drug is effective in 80-85% of cases when using 50mg & 100mg dosages.

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