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Factors Contributing to Viagra Popularity

Monday 6th of November 2017

Problems in the intimate sphere have a huge psychological pressure on men. They lead to the great depression and supress one’s self-esteem.

ED Research

According to a new study by American scientists, medicines for erectile dysfunction improve relations between partners, as well as bring back their self-confidence.

Experts highlight that men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction who take pills like Viagra, according to the normalization of relations with a partner, and improving self-esteem compared to patients who were not taking any medication.

In attended by 93 patients who took the drug for 10 weeks, and 94 men with no problems in the intimate sphere as a control group. You should know: why taking Viagra for Fun is a no Good Idea

macho canadian menTheir results were published in Journal of Sexual Medicine. This is the first study that shows that the treatment of impotence with the help of Viagra and its analogues help men to compare with other parameters such as satisfaction with sex life, self-confidence, self-esteem and overall relationship satisfaction.

Intimate life is the most important component of physical and mental health of any person. Terrible diagnosis “erectile dysfunction” can be a real nightmare for any man, even if it does not mean a complete loss of male power and the ability to achieve orgasm.

Sad but true, even the young men now suffer from problems with potency. And the blame for this is often the pace of the modern life, and to certain extent – the highly propagated image of a macho that can have as intensive a sexual life as it is possible.

Popularization of Viagra

This popularization stimulates recreational use of Viagra. Drugs used recreationally never do any good in the long run, and Sildenafil from Canada is not an exception. The fact is that Viagra is not an aphrodisiac, and it cannot spark desire where there is natural sex appeal. Sildenafil Citrate solely helps to respond to sexual stimulation with a natural mechanism of erection.

This said, it is important to mention that Viagra and its analogues are indispensable in cases when any other medical condition causes ED. Viagra works great as a non-addictive therapy for those suffering from a temporary decay of sexual function.

Viagra from Canada

Canadian Pharmacy Viagra is also a number one hit in men of older generation. Senile impotence is a very corrigible subject to be treated with sildenafil citrate which makes a part of Viagra.

Canadian customers also point out that Viagra helps to gain control over the duration of sexual act.

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Viagra can be used by a wide range of men in whom erectile dysfunction is manifested to varied degrees of morbidity. Whether a man is totally deprived of the ability to achieve erection or his problem lies in controlling it – "blue pill" is a universal solution.

More and more people become convinced that Viagra is good for one’s health, since it keeps side effects at a low profile, as well as for one’s social standing, for it often acts as a glue holding couples together. Spirituality and physical intimacy go always hand in hand, this is the way true romance is.


The facts contributing to Viagra popularity in Canada are hardly exerted by the above, since any man shopping for Viagra can give his reasons for choosing the blue pill. One thing is for certain, and it is that the world became a better place for men who used to feel desperate about their condition in a not so remote past before the introduction of sildenafil.

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