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Is melatonin is a risk-free hormone for pregnant women?

Monday 22nd of May 2017

Some patients with sleep problems know already that melatonin treats insomnia perfectly. In fact, this substance is not a medicine, but our own hormone, produced in the brain. It is manufactured in the form or natural supplements.

What is it – melatonin?

It is a natural regulator of sleep. With the onset of darkness epiphysis secrets it, and in the light this process is inhibited. With age melatonin synthesis gradually decreases. Scientists believe that young people suffer from insomnia less than the older generation. Melatonin efficiently relieves the symptoms of the time zone change syndrome, reduces anxiety, eliminates symptoms of sedative withdrawal and increases the number of platelets. There is a suggestion that taking supplements with melatonin also helps people with fibromyalgia and patients complaining of hot flushes. The result of the experiments shows that melatonin in low dosages speeds up falling asleep and normalizes the internal biorhythms of the body. It does not have the toxic effect typical for other sleeping pills. In addition, melatonin improves overall health, strengthens immunity and protects it against free radicals. Meanwhile, it affects the other hormones including those that are important for reproduction.

Thus many females waiting for a baby ask: “Is melatonin safe for pregnancy”?

Pregnancy and sleeping problems

Each person must have enough sleep just to stay healthy. It is especially important to get enough sleep and rest for a pregnant woman, because she cares not only for herself, but also for the baby expected soon. A pregnant woman experiences tremendous stress, which intensifies if she does not sleep well. A future mother, who does not rest at night can feel tired, depressed and irritated during the day, which does not benefit her and the unborn babe, of course. In addition, insomnia during pregnancy exhausts the female body, and a baby in the belly of a woman experiences the same emotions and feelings as she does. Therefore, woman waiting for a baby must fight with sleep disorders not to harm the future baby's health. However, can a pregnant woman take melatonin to sleep? Many females waiting for a babe ask this question as they worry about melatonin safety for a future child.

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Melatonin safety and pregnancy

When an expecting mother takes melatonin, it might be very unsafe for her in some cases. She can suffer from hormonal failures, which can increase the danger of severe pregnancy sickness and problems while childbirth. According to some medical books, taking melatonin  in high doses during pregnancy can alter the levels of estrogen, progesterone and oxytocin, causing fetal development problems.

What does the science say about this? Nicole O. Alers and others (2013) note that the use of melatonin was tested during the preparation for IVF (in vitro fertilization) and after the onset of pregnancy. This drug improved the results of IVF. In addition, children were born healthy and without congenital defects (however, this conclusion was based not on research data but on the personal communication of the author of the study with doctor V Unfer).

We also found a 2016 study in which scientists (L Sagrillo-Fagundes and others) tried to search for data on the use of melatonin to reduce the risk of developing neurosecretory disorders in the fetus. However, the scientists were not able to find finalized studies on this issue. 

In general, when taken properly, melatonin has no undesirable side effects on the condition of the mother and the child. However, physicians emphasize the importance of an individual approach when using melatonin. Under no circumstances use this supplement in large dosages.

Melatonin and pregnancy complications

Migraines and insomnia are the most common complications of pregnancy, especially during the third trimester. Although melatonin facilitates migraine and improves sleep, it is not considered fully safe for any female going to become a mommy soon(due to the lack of research data). In addition, when a pregnant taking the hormone in large doses, she can experience disorders of the digestive system and morning sickness, melancholy, depression and abdominal pain.

Melatonin and its side effects

Some women taking melatonin stated that they felt being tired; vived dreams and sleepwalking scared them. They also complained for unusual gastrointestinal disorders. Other side unpleasant moments giving expectant discomfort were may frequent urination and acne. Women with diseases of the nervous system taking this hormone often suffer from seizures. Finally, when a female waiting for a baby drives a car, she must be extremely careful with taking these supplements with melatonin-containing supplements.

Safety of melatonin for breastfeeding

A breastfeeding mother should take melatonin with caution because it can enter the breast milk giving a newborn some unwanted effects. Women who take supplements with melatonin during breastfeeding should constantly watch their babes. When they see a kid shows signs of excessive drowsiness, poor muscle tone, when he vomits often or shows poor coordination, the mother must rush to a pediatrician instantly. When a child experiences these symptoms, he needs an urgent medical attention.

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Alternative ways to fight with insomnia

Women, who intend taking this hormone while pregnancy must visit a medical specialist to discuss possible risks of this therapy and alternative ways to fight with insomnia. The very first and most important rule is – you should not treat insomnia during pregnancy yourself. Even when your best buddy recommends you “an awesome” product against sleeplessness, never take it without a medical consultation. Changing the lifestyle struggles with a sleeplessness better, than hormones and tablets. For example, pregnant females disturbed by insomnia can exercise a bit and avoid eating food containg caffeine(and drinking coffee, of course).

Naturally, no alcohol is a must!

They should not overuse a computer and a cell phone before bedtime – it also helps in preventing insomnia. Women, taking melatonin before childbirth, must report this fact to their physician so that, so that their unborn children and the future mothers themselves should be closely monitored.

Taking Melatonin While Pregnant – Moms’ Reviews

EnchantedMamma writes that the doctor prescribed her melatonin, but she was afraid to use it. Then the doctor told her that thorough research of the question allowed him to conclude that there was a lack of data confirming melatonin safety during pregnancy.

S. Bradley writes that melatonin in dosage under 3 mg is fine. In her opinion, the US FDA will never test supplements and give approval for them, therefore, they are forced to put a label with warning against use the product by pregnant women. Drugmakers want people believe that prescription drugs are a solution. She has tried melatonin and has worked well. 

An anonymous woman writes that she suffers from insomnia and problems with sleep. She suspects that she may be pregnant, but she has decided to try melatonin in low dosages, because she believes that this natural supplement will be more helpful than harmful in her case.

MaerynPearl writes that she had been taking melatonin before pregnancy but then decided to stop using it. According to her, she did it because the risks were unknown and there were other alternatives that were effective. She likes to drink herbal tea and take a bath with lavender, these methods work well for her.

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