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05 April of 2017


  • 1 Sex in Life of People
    • 1.1 Sex after 50
  • 2 Age-Related Changes Affecting the Sex Life
  • 3 Medications Allowing Men to Have Great Sex even After 50
    • 3.1 Generic Viagra
    • 3.2 Generic Cialis
    • 3.3 Other Generic ED medications
  • 4 Several Rules to Improve Your Sexual Well-Being

Sex in Life of People

Sex is an indispensable constituent of life of each person. Nevertheless, each person agrees that aging brings lots of changes with health and commonly, these changes are permanent and affect the sexual life of a person. Yet still, it doesn’t equate to the fact that people after 50 don’t think of sex, for the major part of them the question of qualitative sex remains too strong. They have no desire to resign themselves to the fact that the period of living without sex is started.

Sex after 50

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There is no need to draw an analogy between the quality of sex people have in younger years and after 50. Even so, it doesn’t mean that your sex will be boring. The overriding priority of this article is to discuss all factors that influence the quality of sex life in women and men and what medications allow couples to prolong their sex life. And finally, in current times there are many methods allowing you to take great enjoyment in sex as it was ten, twenty or even thirty years ago.

Age-Related Changes Affecting the Sex Life

You may go in for sports, be a professional body builder but you can’t argue against nature herself. Some changes in the body are inevitable. This is about both men and women.

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One of the core problems which concerns men is the fear that when they grow older, they will not be able to perform well enough. What medicine is good to make sex enjoyable when sexual time is over? Luckily these days, there are many medicaments like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra or others that help men to avoid problems related to getting an erection.

As time goes, more and more men start experiencing problems with erection. Asking the doctor’s consultation, they hear the diagnoses like erectile dysfunction, enlarged prostate, heart problems, diabetes etc. All these illnesses influence their ability to have sex.

As a rule, men after 40 or 50 need more time to respond to sexual stimulation. In some instances, partners may think that this is a sign of losing the interest. Nevertheless, this is not true.

The refractory period also becomes longer. As a rule, older men need at least 12 hours until their body gets ready for another ejaculation. On that score, to avoid misunderstanding with your loved one, you should notify her about your problem.

Besides, the majority of older men know firsthand all symptoms of the weak erection. It is not so hard as it was many years ago. As time passed, pelvic-floor muscles become weaker. This peculiarity of the men’s health really affects the erection. You can find all actual drugs in AWC Mens Health category

Medications Allowing Men to Have Great Sex even After 50

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These days, it is so easy to find the solution to all your sexual problems. More than 25 years ago, men were made to go along with their health status and forget about the successful sexual intercourse after the certain age. Besides, such diagnoses as erectile dysfunction or problems with prostatic gland dismissed all thoughts related to the successful sex life in the near future. These days, erectile dysfunction successfully responds to treatment due to the invention of such drugs as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra and a number of others.

Generic Viagra

Viagra was the first pill which helped men restore their sex life. This famous blue pill hit the market more than 20 years ago and gave the chance to millions of men from pole to pole to enjoy great sex even after 50, 60 and even 70. Its main active constituent is Sildenafil Citrate which acts for 5-6 hours. It goes to show that having taken only one pill, you will forget about all your erection disorders for the period of the drug action. This drug is regarded to be one of the best medical achievements of the 20th century.

Generic Cialis

Cialis (Tadalafil) hit the market in several years after Viagra. It acts the same as its predecessor, but the time-course of this tablet is longer – 36 hours. Due to this characteristic feature, specialists call this drug as the weekend pill. You may take it once and forget about your age and erection disorders for two days.

Other Generic ED medications

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All ED pills act the same – they increase the blood flow to penis, allowing men to achieve erection faster. The invention of these pills let men stay sexually active even after 70 or even 80. For that reason, we can say that if handled properly, each problem can easily be solved. You just should be more attentive to your health and in case you feel that anything is wrong, you should immediately start searching for the doctor’s advice. If you are afflicted with erection disorders, the therapist will prescribe you the most efficacious ED pill (the one which will act in your particular case).

Several Rules to Improve Your Sexual Well-Being

Except for pills, there are several tips that will help you maintain the sexual health longer.

They are as follows:

  • Talk to your loved one about all problems that happen to you. Both of you should be ready to all intimate changes.
  • Always think positively about yourself.
  • Lead a healthy way of living.
  • Try to remain sexually active as long as it is possible. A sexual intercourse increases the blood flow to genital organs in both men and women.

As you see, one can stay sexually active even after 50. For that reason, there is no need to think that life is over when you feel the first tokens of erection disorders. Everything is remediable!

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