Lowering Cholesterol With Canadian Zocor – How Do They Work?

Tuesday 2nd of December 2008

Do you have high cholesterol? Have you considered using Zocor to help your cholesterol? You might be curious if Zocor is right for you and how it works. Like all prescription drugs, Zocor is not for everyone.

Canadian Zocor is intended for use with a diet when exercise and diet alone do not lower your cholesterol. Do not take Zocor if you are pregnant, you may become pregnant, you are breast feeding or if you have liver problems. Talk with your doctor if you are taking any other prescription medications.

How does Zocor work? Zocor blocks enzymes that help in creating cholesterol in your body. Less cholesterol is made and your levels decrease when this happens. Lower levels of cholesterol can reduce your risks of heart diseases and strokes. Your doctor will know if this medicine is for you based on your condition.

Before taking Zocor you should try a low cholesterol diet. Diet and exercise together can help in reducing your cholesterol levels and is always recommended before taking any drug to help. If exercise and diet alone are not helping your cholesterol, then your doctor may suggest taking cheap Zocor.

Zocor’s recommended dosage is ten to forty mg once a day. It will all depend on your cholesterol level and your doctor will tell you the recommended dosage. Your doctor may have you start at a low dose and eventually go higher if the low dosage does not help.

When taking canadian Zocor you want to remember to take every dose. If you miss one take it right away but do not double your dosage to make up for one that you missed. Go by what your doctor says because he will know what is best for you and your condition.

Like any prescription drug Zocor can cause various side effects. You might experience these side effects for a short period of time after first taking Zocor 10mg. You might also experience them temporarily or permanently. Talk with your doctor about any concerns you may have with certain side effects.

These are a few side effects you could experience with Zocor:

  • Loss of Balance
  • Numbness
  • Dark Urine
  • Yellow skin or eyes
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Nausea or Vomiting
  • Itching

Every patient is different so if you experience any side effects that might concern you just talk with your doctor about them. Your doctor will know if you should stop taking Zocor 20mg of just limit your dosage differently.

Other drugs can interact with Zocor so be sure you let your doctor know of any medications you are taking. Prescription and over the counter. If you are taking another medication that might interact with Zocor, you do not necessarily have to stop taking either one. You might just be monitored closely by your doctor to be sure you do not experience any major side effects.

Talk with your doctor about every concern you might have. No matter how much information you can read on Zocor, only your doctor can give you the most accurate information concerning your personal condition.

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