Lexapro Withdrawal Symptoms

12 July of 2017

The cravings of the modern rhythm of life affect not only our physical condition, but also the mental. It does not matter how much you run away from problems, depression can overcome you someday. It becomes more possible especially in the full time, when summer sunny days are replaced by dull everyday life. And despite our expectations that this will pass by itself, we begin to think about how to cope with it.


Depression is the same illness as a runny nose and a headache, so it is needed to be treated. One of the most advanced solutions to this problem is Lexapro anti-anxiety drug. This drug will help fight against anxiety in adults and main depressive and stress disorders in people over 12


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About Lexapro (Escitalopram) anti-anxiety drug

Lexapro is a modern and effective way to deal with depression. It belongs to the class of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Its effect on our nervous system can be described as an aid in the connection between nerve cells. The drug also acts on unbalanced brain chemicals that cause depression. lexapro no prescription

Despite the large number of positive reviews, you should not self-medicate.

Contact your doctor to compile a detailed treatment course and recovery period after stopping drug intake.

It is known that Lexapro is not compatible with some other inhibitors, such as tranylcypromine (Parnate), phenelzine (Nardil) or isocarboxazid (Marplan). During the course of taking this drug, forget about muscle relaxer, narcotic pain medicine, sleeping pills or other medicine for depression or anxiety. This can lead to complications or side effects. Turn to your doctor about combining Lexapro with other medications.

Tell your doctor about the presence of additional diseases or even take a survey.

It is worth to give up the drug or change the dosage in case of:

  • liver or kidney diseases;
  • cramps either;
  • narrow-angle glaucoma;
  • manic syndrome or thoughts of suicide;
  • seizures or epilepsy

Adolescents who take Lexapro tend to frequent changes in mood and unpredictable reactions to the actions of others. An important role is played by the attitude of others, so ask your friends and relatives to take it normally. At the beginning of admission, suicidal desires are possible. It is necessary to inform the doctor about such details.

Lexapro belongs to the C category of the FDA for pregnancy. This means that the harmful effect of the drug on the fetus is not proven, but you should be careful. Admission of Lexapro is not desirable during pregnancy or if you are planning to conceive a child. This is also associated with a withdrawal period that can exacerbate depression or negatively affect your baby. It is also undesirable to take it during breast-feeding.

It must be remembered that during the reception of Lexapro, you should refrain from alcohol to avoid side effects. Since the drug may temporarily weaken your vision or cause loss of coordination, be careful while driving or do not even do this. In case of dizziness, postpone any work.

Effects of stopping Lexapro

Despite the fact that the creators of Lexapro tried their best to facilitate rehabilitation of the body after taking antidepressants, it deserves a separate topic. And it is no less important than the course of treatment. This state even received the name, antidepressant discontinuation or withdrawal syndrome. Without taking into account the individual characteristics of each person, the duration of taking antidepressants and the presence of chronic pathologies, this period lasts no more than 2-3 weeks. 

In the case of evasion of the doctor's instructions to facilitate withdrawal syndrome, some symptoms of depression may return in the most incomprehensible form. The condition of the liver will begin to decline due to the inability to transfer the amount of toxins. Problems with the cardiovascular system are possible. But this can be avoided by following the prescription of a doctor.

Lexapro withdrawal symptoms

The unknowing person can easily decide that withdrawal symptoms are just because of lack of sleep or something else. You can believe that this is temporary, but in reality, the longer you ignore it, the worse you will be.

So your 1-2 week period after stopping Lexapro can last much longer. In the case of the following symptoms, consult a doctor:

  • effects on the part of the digestive tract: indigestion, vomiting, nausea;
  • severe blood pressure jumps;
  • signs of "cold": general weakness, body aches, fever (sometimes);
  • spontaneous headaches;
  • problems with orientation in space.

Your vigilance and observance of precautionary measures will help to conduct this period with minimal risk.

Dizziness after stopping Lexapro

Dizziness is one of withdrawal symptoms and can bring noticeable discomfort. It can be accompanied by loss of orientation in space, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, rise in temperature and insomnia

However, you should not go into extremes and begin self-treatment. Consult your doctor about starting treatment with appropriate medications, such as aspirin, ibuprofen and painkillers. If dizziness and accompanying symptoms do not go away for a long time, it is probably worth a check-up and inspection by the appropriate doctor. 

Dizziness symptoms

Medication therapy of withdrawal syndrome

To facilitate the rehabilitation process, doctors recommend intravenous administration of substances that normalize the electrolyte balance and promote the elimination of toxins. Some of them are magnesium sulfate, vitamins and thiol preparations. It is recommended to use sedatives to reduce withdrawal symptoms. For easier rehabilitation, do relaxing massages and physiotherapy. 

Individually, neuroleptics and tranquilizers can be prescribed, only if there is clear medical evidence. With the development of pathologies of the cardiovascular system, kidneys and liver, specific symptomatic therapy is necessary. To do this in the future, it is worth contacting the appropriate doctor.

How to minimize Lexapro withdrawal symptoms?

Your doctor will initially tell you how to take Lexapro to make you get the most positive result for the course of taking drug and recovery period. Always withstand the exact dosage and, if possible, use a special medicine cup or dose-measuring spoon. Take the medicine with 200 milliliters of clean water. 

As in any other case with the stop of a long-term action, it is important to do this gradually. Reduce the dose of Lexapro by 1-2 mg every few days. First 2-3 days, limit you in solid food and drink more vitality. This will help quickly remove drug residues and undesirable toxins. During detoxification, increase the amount of fruits and vegetables. It is better to refrain from the use of biologically active additives of doubtful properties and a defective diet 

In order not to destroy the result obtained and not to regain depression, try to complete the Lexapro receiving course at the same time as going on holiday. Significant physical or mental stress during this period can harm you.

If the recovery is accompanied by strong unpleasant sensations, you need to see a doctor who will prescribe you safe painkillers.

Self-medication, in this case, can be dangerous.


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How to minimize Lexapro withdrawal symptoms quickly?

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