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Monday 10th of June 2013

Impotence treatment can be divided into several categories.

  • First we include herbs and plants, various natural products, which are intended to restore testosterone levels and more able to make the penis to get an  erection.
  • The second group of drugs – different pills that can help only briefly or simply replace the first group of drugs. But it is worth remembering that the pills have side effects of large and small character.

Not so important. Manual procedure is treated in the third group, as massages and other treatments can get the effect only when serious illness do not give any chance for a good treatment with tablets. All this ultimately gives a completely different result. Agree that this is not the end, and even if manual therapy does not help, you can always turn to surgery, which is the fourth type of treatment. This is the ultimate method, so before surgery usually comes approximately one person out of 10-50 thousand patients. But let’s look at all of these treatments in more detail to understand how they work and what lies how they work at all.

Thus, the first and most simple category: plants, herbs, familiar food. This method only works if your disease is at an early stage. Assume that the prostate is OK, except that the penis does not work. Lack of testosterone in the body. So it can be called. It’s easy to cope with all your favorite fruits and vegetables, which are excellent help, because they contain a sufficient number of active substances for the relief to your body. This includes almost all of the plants, especially onions and garlic. Yes, there is the usual mechanism works: as bad taste, the greater the benefit. For those who agree to be treated a little longer, but with more flavor, you can offer a more convenient way of treatment with fish. It is at least tasty. But that’s not all the tools to help with impotence, so without further ado to run to the store to get your penis to work. When problems become more serious, and testosterone is not enough stable, then refer to the pills. Generally, as soon as the problem starts with an erection should go to the doctor, but in the early stages it rarely does, so the problem should be solved independently.

Thus, tablets. Viagra, Cialis, Levitra – all this will help for a few hours, but will give guaranteed effect no matter what you eat or drink during the day. This treatment can be called pretty rough, because the effect is very fast, and feeling much better than the usual herbs and fish. But drugs have cost money, and even the cheapest options are more expensive than simple food. The third method of treatment is suitable for those who treat prostate. The reason is simple: when the prostate is inflamed, the problems with the penis is greater, to the point that going to the toilet is a big problem. It should be pointed out here that the tablets are not useful because they can not get to the inflammation of the prostate. In general, internal inflammation and suppuration (if carried to the body to a state) can lead to permanent revocation of the operation and reproduction. Simply put, it is better to settle for manual massage performed anal, but its effectiveness is proven in the last few decades of use. Just a few weeks and your prostate will be healthy again.

The latter method is very critical, not always work, so bring your body to the point that the operation is called, just not worth it. The operation can rob you of all, because one bad cut will not in a nice finale. The first three methods in the worst case may have minor side effects. There is also a risk of more serious. So when you feel that you have had some problems with the penis, you should not put off a visit to the doctor, that he has appointed you the correct treatment with home remedies or tablets.

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Treatment of Impotence


Treatment of Impotence

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