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How to Protect Your Erection: Tips and Recs

Monday 14th of April 2014

Development of medicine is currently in many areas, including science does not shy away from such an important issue as bad erection or the lack of erection and its effective treatment. Sexual health is an integral part of the emotional state, general health and relationships with women.

The statistics removes the peak of sexual activity of the stronger sex in the age range from 20 to 30 years, and then there is a gradual decline. Besides age-related changes, there is also a number of reasons why a man could be in trouble with poor erection. At this point, each representative of the stronger sex has the natural question – how to keep yourself in shape and what to do with the problem of erection? There are many ways to treat and protect your erection from erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction (the prolonged lack of erection in men) is basically the violation of the functioning of the penis that leads to the failure to conduct a full sexual intercourse.

Methods and ways to improve erections

1. Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition helps to maintain the health of the men; the erection does not disappear, but rather support it at a high level. The main requirement for food rations – the balance of the main components. To improve the potency of the menu for each day should be a varied food, vitamins and minerals. For the treatment of erectile dysfunction problems (weak erection) can refer to a specialist to design a special diet. Drink coffee and tea. These drinks contain caffeine that supports male body toned and positively influencing sexual activity.

2. Healthy Lifestyle

For most of the stronger sex with one of the simplest yet sophisticated ways of dealing with a weak erection is changing lifestyles and habits. This path involves the following three basic requirements:

  • Avoiding harmful habits (by alcohol or erection disappears braked, smokers have elevated blood pressure, and begin to develop cardiovascular disease);
  • Maintaining a normal body weight (overweight leads a person at risk for diabetes and one of its results – poor erection );
  • Adherence of the day (for a healthy rest and sleep a person needs sufficient time – at least 9-10 hours per day);
  • Weak erection is treatable when passing bath procedures through regular contrast shower. Also a great way is the impact on the active points stop.

3. Regular sexual life

As a rule, young people less likely than middle-aged men have problems with erection (potency may disappear or decrease). This is due to the ability of a young body to react faster to psychological factors driving , often with an additional impact on the erogenous zone is not required. However, regardless of age, each representative of the stronger sex should be the pursuit of a regular sex life. Moderation sexual activity involves the exclusion of too frequent sex partners and changes, as well as the rejection of prolonged abstinence. However, sometimes a short interruption of sexual activity gives noticeable increasing potency in men and increased sexual desire.

4. Physical exercises

Regular exercise helps not only to improve health in general, but also to avoid problems with erection. The most effective exercise for erectile dysfunction prevention is recognized squats, which should make 50-100 times a day. This helps to normalize the blood circulation in the pelvic area. You must commit to 25 uplifts about 10 times a day. Weak erection can be treated and lessons in a swimming pool.

5. Application for erection pills

Currently in medicine has developed many products to improve erections. This includes vitamins, synthetic drugs and medications to increase potency. Such funds to improve erections doctor prescribed only after a detailed consultation. Stimulation of weakened erection is carried out under strict supervision of a specialist.

Smoking and alcohol cessation as prevention of erectile dysfunction

To get rid of impotence risk try quitting smoking as soon as possible. It constricts blood vessels and reduces blood flow to the penis, respectively. Renouncing cigarettes and alcohol, you are contributing not only enhance potency, but also prevents a number of other health problems.

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