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How to minimize Lexapro withdrawal symptoms quickly?

10 April of 2017


  • 1 How to detox Lexapro quickly
  • 2 Lexapro and myths around it
    • 2.1 Myth 1. Lexapro causes dependence
    • 2.2 Myth 2. Lexapro takes control of your personality
    • 2.3 Myth 3. Lexapro has serious side effects
  • 3 Quitting Lexapro avoiding withdrawal symptom
  • 4 Generic Lexapro tablets at AWC Canadian Pharmacy
  • 5 The Conclusion

How to detox Lexapro quickly

The unrestrained rhythm of modern life, sad news we get from mass media, the desire to be in time everywhere, combining earning enough with private life and no time for relaxation bring us to depressions.

Statistically, over 30% of women and 17% of men in the USA suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and fears. Over 160 million of people give up working due to depression. 50% patients with oncology, heart attacks and strokes are depressed. Very often physicians prescribe them Lexapro.

This medication helps you getting rid of despair and start the same life healthy people have. Meanwhile, certain people, wishing to feel better fast, get an overdose of the drug. Ignoring the medicine’s instruction, they double Lexapro dosage and soon start feeling unpleasant side effects. These are insomnia, changes of weight, ED, nausea and whatnot. Naturally, these things scare much. Some patients decide to quit taking the tablets, but doing it, they find they are addicted to it already. The most popular Lexapro withdrawal symptoms include increased unhealthy activity, insomnia, sweating, anxiety, fears and other unpleasant feelings. Reading this article attentively, you’ll get how to detox Lexapro quickly minimizing these unwanted symptoms.

doctors recommend how to detox Lexapro

Lexapro and myths around it

Lexapro is a medication that is commonly used to treat anxiety & depression. The main active agent of this drug is escitalopram, a substance from SSRI group. It is known as one of the best helpers in the fight against “bad mood”.

One of Lexapro developers has said that this drug “can save peoples’ life”. Definitely, there are different situations.

If people are faced with a very difficult life situation, sometimes they dream of dying. The main function of antidepressants is to drown out a person's psychological pain for at least a few months so that he or she can forget about his/her grief. Also, they can be used for persons who avoid social relations or are fearful of these relations. 

The medication should be administered as prescribed by a healthcare provider. It may be taken with food or without it. Try to administer the pill at the same time every day. Initial Lexapro dosage is 10 milligrams. A week after the beginning of antidepressant therapy it may be increased to 20 milligrams (20mg is the maximum daily dosage).

Before using Lexapro, you should always tell your healthcare provider if you’ve ever had:

  1. seizures;
  2. low sodium rates in the blood;
  3. heart diseases;
  4. arterial pressure problems;
  5. manic depression;
  6. drug addiction;
  7. thoughts about committing suicide;
  8. blood clotting disorders;
  9. severe kidney/liver conditions.

Although many physicians recommend their depressed patients taking Lexapro as the medication giving the minimum side effects, some people still believe in common myths around this drug including the myth of the inability to quit it.

Myth 1. Lexapro causes dependence

In reality you can quit Lexapro without changing the therapeutic effect achieved and without unpleasant consequences (the so-called "withdrawal syndrome" search by Google here). The most common scheme of refusing from the drug is a gradual dose reduction. Yes, sometimes it is problematical to it give up as the well-being becomes worse when you do not get the nest medication dose. The length of period when you take Lexapro depends on the degree of depression symptoms, its severity and duration. If it is a reactive depression, the appointment period varies within 3-4 months. A patient with endogenous depression can take Lexapro six months and over. An important condition for good tolerability and effect of the medication is the gradual selection of the required dose and a gradual reduction of it according to the scheme, given you by a medical specialist. In other cases, you can face unpleasant consequences of Lexapro effects, which will be mistakenly assessed as "addiction" or "side effect". The withdrawal syndrome is a side effect observed when you quit the drug without following the recommended nuances of reducing dosages. The syndrome includes such unpleasant physical sensations as headaches, dizziness, sleep disorders, trembling in the body, muscle spasms (facts by Medicinenet), fever and others.

Myth 2. Lexapro takes control of your personality

health mythsIn reality Lexapro in no way affects personality and mental abilities. A patient has a mind that remains with him always. Sometimes the mental activity of a person is influenced by different states – pain, asthenia, tragic events, etc. So antidepressants can reduce this disastrous effect. Lexapro removes the excessive emotional component (anxiety, stress, difficulty in concentrating), leaving the field for rational thinking. The will suppression can occur only at very high doses or when taking it with alcohol. The patient must remember – exactly depression is a painful condition that prevents a person from thinking and acting, so getting rid of it is a primary task for maintaining normal activity. Scientifically proved that the nerve cells are restored, but it never happens in a depression state! When the therapeutic effect is achieved, normal emotions are restored; nerve cells start its recovery.

Myth 3. Lexapro has serious side effects

Yes, like any other medication Lexapro can have them, but when a patient follows the medical specialist’s advice, they do not bring serious harm to health. According to the study by S. Parker et al. (2009), escitalopram is considered to have fewer side effects & lower propensity for meds interactions, however, undesirable effects may rarely be observed. In case of feeling discomfort, the medication might be replaced with another one. Lexapro can cause nausea, ED, weight changes, insomnia, mania, and suicidal thoughts (when using the medication for the first time, typically in young people). Curious, but when quitting taking Lexapro, you can first get the same result. To avoid it, you must follow the simplest tips minimizing Lexapro withdrawal symptoms quickly.

Quitting Lexapro avoiding withdrawal symptom

Some patients consider that when the therapeutic effect is achieved, and they feel no depression, they can immediately quit Lexapro. In reality, you must gradually reduce its dose every two days. Only your physician can give you the scheme of quitting the medication. The best time for refusing from taking Lexapro is a vacation. You must rest more and “listen” to your body, each time ready to ask for a medical specialist’s advice. Taking additional biological supplements, in particular, fish oil, will minimize these symptoms. The most difficult time of Lexapro refusing is the first few days. In future, all side effects will pass away and you will feel healthy.

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The Conclusion

If you suffer from severe depression, you should not let things go by themselves and expect that the disease will disappear on its own. It is better to buy a proven and effective medication (Lexapro), which will help you quickly cope with the problem. Do not be afraid of antidepressant withdrawal side effects, if they occur, tend to be mild. They go away quickly.

Anyway, it's better than living with depression and not taking any action to fight it.

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