Functions of Estrogens in the Male Body

Monday 22nd of January 2018

Estrogens are considered “female” hormones, whereas testosterone is usually called a “male” hormone. Despite this, both these molecules are present in organisms of both sexes.

What functions do they perform in the male body? Are they important for sexual health?

Let’s figure it out.

What Are Estrogens?

Hormones are chemical messengers present in the body. They are responsible for many functions. Estrogens are a collective designation of a group of hormones that include estradiol, estrone & estriol.

The most important ones are estradiol and estrone.

Estriol is the most plentiful of them, however it is the weakest.

Estradiol is 80 times more active than estriol.

There are other types of estrogens, but they are insignificant.

As we have written above, estrogens are traditionally considered “female” hormones. At its core, this is an incorrect concept, since all sex hormones are members of one hormonal family.

They are synthesized from a single biochemical precursor (7-dehydrocholesterol) and have a common hormonal “ancestor” called progesterone.

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In the female body, estrogens are essential for reproductive function. But in the male body they are also present performing some important tasks. According to a study by R. A. Hess and others (1997) estrogen is present in small quantities in the male blood, however its levels are very high in semen and even exceed the levels of this hormone in serum of female persons.

How Are Estrogens Synthesized in the Male Body?

In the female body, estrogen hormones are produced mainly inside the ovaries and some other tissues of the reproductive system. Since men do not have female organs, their body is forced to synthesize estrogens with the help of an aromatase enzyme that turns a “male” hormone (testosterone) into estradiol.

However, this enzyme is found in the testicles, the penis, the brain, and also in adipose tissue. Estrone is synthesized from hormone androstenedione (What is it?). It should be noted that without the biochemical process of aromatization, testosterone does not exert full-fledged physiological effects in the body of a man.

What Are the Functions of Estrogens in Men’s Body?

Hormones of estrogen group are required for the restoration and growth of muscle tissue, the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, joints and bones. Scientists (A. Wilk, 2008) stated, that total estrogen suppression leads to muscle destruction and impaired physical activity. In addition, like in women, estrogens in men are responsible for the processes of hydration and maintenance of skin tone, regulate the formation of skin collagen, hair growth, etc. (L. Vorslov et al., 2015).

Estradiol as predominant estrogen form has great importance in the male body.

M. Schulster and others (2016) reported that estradiol influences the following areas of male sexual function:

  1. spermatogenesis;
  2. libido (sex) drive;
  3. erectile function.

However, the researchers stated that exact estradiol’s role for each mentioned area is difficult to determine.

One thing is clear: the right ratio of the “male” hormone, estradiol, aromatase, and estrogen receptors in testicles, penis, and brain is important for normal sexual health.

Studies (ES Ali and others, 2017) showed that estriol has potential immunomodulatory effects for many conditions including autoimmune, neurodegenerative, and inflammation-associated ones. It is a relatively weak estrogen, so there are prospects for using male drugs on its basis to treat multiple sclerosis.

High Estrogen in Males

There is such a condition as hyperestrogenism, a state of increasing levels of estrogens (mainly estradiol & estrone). Elevated estrogen in men is associated with an elevated risk of prostate cancer development, cardiovascular disease & breast tissue enlargement (gynecomastia or gyno). Also this condition can lead to ED and fertility issues.

Moreover, elevated estrogen increases body fat and the risk of diabetes.

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Conversely, excess weight contributes to raising the rate of “female” hormone.

For example, the study by G. Schneider et al. (1979) showed that serum estrone & 17beta-estradiol were 2-fold elevated in morbidly obese males.

Symptoms of high estrogen in male persons may include:

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How to Control Estrogen Levels in Males?

Balanced levels of all hormones, particularly testosterone, are important for eliminating a high amount of estrogen in the blood.

How to normalize hormone levels?


This can be done with the help of proper nutrition, exercise and natural fat burners (as an auxiliary method). The complex of such measures helps to keep the percentage of fat in the body low to decrease aromatase. In particular, males with high estrogen are advised to decrease drinking alcohol and increase intake of flaxseed and vitamins. Aromatase inhibitors are commonly prescribed for conditions associated with high estrogen. They are often used during post-cycle therapy following the administration of anabolic steroids.

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