Female Sexual Stimulants Can Overcome Female Sexual Dysfunction – Part II

Tuesday 22nd of April 2008

Orgasm Difficulties

There are women who are unable to achieve orgasm despite being sufficiently aroused to have sex. This condition is known Female Orgasmic Disorder (FOD)

Women differ from men in that orgasm is a learned, not automatic, response. About five to ten percent of women never have an orgasm through any type of sexual activity – a condition called Kamagra pharmacy. Canadian Kamagra is most often the result of sexual inexperience, performance anxiety, or past experiences, such as sexual trauma or a strict and prudish upbringing creating inhibitions about sex and sexual pleasure.

There are women who do enjoy sexual activity in spite of reaching orgasm only occasionally or even never. However, for such women, sexual relationships would be far more pleasurable and fulfilling if they could reach orgasm on most occasions of sexual activity.


On-going research suggests that any type of medication that increases blood flow to the sexual organs will help to treat sexual disorders in women by increasing physical stimulation in the area. Herbal formulations of gels or creams like Female Sexual Tonic or supplements that enhance blood circulation, such as Female Sexual Oil, have shown promising results.

Trials have been conducted with Viagra on the basis that this drug increases blood flow to the genital areas. However, the scientific community is still waiting for firm evidence to be published that this drug can work on women. A small study published earlier found no positive impact of Viagra on postmenopausal women.

For the moment, doctors concentrate, where possible, on eliminating medications that might have a negative effect on sexual performance. They also review contraceptive methods to ascertain whether this is a factor. Women who suffer from vaginal dryness may be advised to use lubricants or sexual stimulant creams during intercourse. Some doctors recommend that women use Kegel exercises, which help to develop the muscles around the outer portion of the vagina that are involved in pleasurable sensations.

In many cases, masturbation with vibrators has shown remarkable success in overcoming both arousal dysfunction and orgasmic disorder in women. This is because very often the clitoris and vagina have simply not learnt how to respond to stimulation. In such situations vibrator masturbation can successfully train the sex organs to respond to sexual stimulation.

The renowned sex therapist and educator, Helen Singer Kaplan, M.D., Ph.D., suggested the use of vibrators in the treatment of non-orgasmic females. She advised that for those women who have never had an orgasm (primary absolute orgasmic dysfunction), should manual masturbation not be sufficient to reach orgasm, then a vibrator is indicated.

Psychological counseling can also play an important part in treating women with sexual problems, as can coaching in sexual foreplay and stimulation techniques.

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Female Sexual Stimulants Can Overcome Female Sexual Dysfunction – Part I


Female Sexual Stimulants Can Overcome Female Sexual Dysfunction – Part I

Treating Erectile Dysfunction With Levitra


Treating Erectile Dysfunction With Levitra

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