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Female Sexual Dysfunction Help

Wednesday 10th of December 2008

Female sexual dysfunction

We all are aware of Viagra and its effects on men, but do we know that majority of women have sexual problems too? The excuses of headaches to avoid sex may be because of a genuine health problem. Scientists and medical faculties are now turning their attention to a commonly occurring but unpublicized health problem called female sexual dysfunction.

Many science and medical communities are now looking into the problem of female sexual dysfunction as a physical problem instead of dismissing it as a mental problem.

What is female sexual dysfunction?

This health problem is a genuine problem that needs medical attention. Most women suffer from this problem without actually realizing it. Female sexual dysfunction or FSD may happen to women at any age but it is mainly common in menopausal women. Those who suffer from female sexual dysfunction may dislike having sex or may experience pain during sex. Some women experience no pleasure during sex due to FSD. Thus, any problems that women face during sex fall under female sexual dysfunction.

Causes of FSD

Female sexual dysfunction or FSD may occur due to many factors. Some factors are physical while some are psychological. Physical factors leading to FSD are diabetes, menopause, obesity, and hormonal changes. Psychological factors leading to FSD are depression, guilt, stress, past experience, or relationship conflicts. Lifestyle and environmental factors also play a big role in FSD. Excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, inactive lifestyle are some such factors that lead to FSD.

The main reason FSD occurs in menopausal age is because of hormonal factors. The levels of testosterone fall in women during this period; as a result they face sexual problems. Testosterone is a sex hormone that was earlier believed to be in men only. However, when it was found that it is present in women too, a new way for treatment of FSD opened up.

Treatments available for FSD

As the problem of FSD was not given much importance previously as it is given now, treatments for it are not readily available. There are some over-the-counter remedies and hormonal medicines for the treatment of FSD, but they are not quite popular.

When Procter & Gamble came up with Female Viagra – a prescription treatment for FSD – it instantly became very popular. Female Viagra is available in patch form and is to be applied on abdominal skin. Only menopausal women, who have had their ovaries and womb surgically removed can take Female Viagra. Moreover, Female Viagra is prescribed to women who are at least in their forties. If you are wondering if you can take Female Viagra or not, or whether you have FSD, consult a doctor.

Female Viagra – Is it the best FSD treatment? 

Female Viagra has shown promising results in clinical trials. However, it would be wrong to say that it is the best FSD treatment. The best treatment is the one, which your doctor prescribes. He or she is the best person to suggest the best treatment. So always follow your doctor’s instructions when you opt for FSD treatment.

As FSD may occur due to a variety of reasons, physical and psychological, you have to be very careful before you get Canadian Female Viagra. This FSD treatment works by supplying a hormone called testosterone to your body. This helps you in restoring your sex life. If however, your problem is psychological in nature, you should not hasten to get Female Viagra. Talk to a doctor and tell him or her about all your difficulties so that he or she can come to a conclusion.

Remember, Female Viagra is the best treatment only if you really need it and are not taking it as a sex enhancer.

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Treating Erectile Dysfunction With Levitra

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