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Using Dexamethasone in Sports for Managing Foot and Ankle Injuries

Monday 10th of April 2017

About Dexamethasone

Dexamethasone (decadron) is a powerful hormonal drug, which is based on glucocorticoids. The medication is often used in powerlifting, as it helps to gain muscle mass. However, most often, the medicine is used to treat arthritis, bursitis, arthrosis and inflammatory processes in the joints. Taking decadron, you simply get the synthetic hormones of the adrenal glands. Although the medicine has many serious side effects, sportsmen, especially those, who work in gym with heavy weights, often take it.

For instance, they often take dexamethasone for sprained ankle and for managing foot injuries.

sprained ankle

There are two main reasons why sportsmen choose it:

  • This drug is cheaper than other anabolic steroids;
  • You can easily order it in any reputable canadian pharmacies for example awcanadianpharmacy.com. No prescription is needed for it.


Benefits of dexamethasone

Although the drug has certain side effects (you will read about them also), it has the benefits no one of the rest glucocorticoids can offer you.

1. Anti-inflammatory effect

This is his greatest benefit in sports. There are no professional athletes who never suffered from any joint pains, caused by inflammation. Dexamethasone removes all pains in the joints within a day. The medicine works well helping getting rid of an inflammation in ankles, wrists, lower legs, etc. Dexamethasone reduces pains fast.

2. Water retention

In dosages just above the minimum, dexamethasone let water staying in the body longer. The water retention depends on the medicine’s dosage. Small water retention (1 – 2 liters) is very good for joints. Joints are lubricated better, which relieves inflammation faster and leads to a decrease or complete disappearance of pain. However, if you overdo with the dosages, then the water retention of 3 – 4 liters can show you its negative effect. You will become somewhat awkward and clumsy. Blood pressure will grow and you will get insomnia.

3. Boosting appetite

Taking dexamethasone you will start eating more. The more you eat, the faster you will recover between training.

In general

The spectrum of dexamethasone effects is very wide. But athletes are interested only in the above three properties.

They look very good, do not they? Appetite will grow, pain will disappear, joints will be better lubricated!

Negative effects of dexamethasone

Before you start taking dexamethasone for sprained ankle of joint pains, you must learn everything about its negative effects.

1. Weakened Immune System

The drug suppresses immune system. This is the most important side effect of dexamethasone, especially for athletes. Meanwhile, when you take low and medium dosages you avoid this effect.

2. Stomach problems

This side effect occurs only when you take dexamethasone in tablets. Food then is digested much worse and slower. You can get constant bloating. In rare cases, ulcers are possible.

Using dexamethasone in ampoules (injecting the medication) you protect yourself from at least one side effect.

3. Protein catabolism

Small dosages have a rather weak effect on protein catabolism. However, this effect is easily eliminated simply by eating more food containing protein or taking supplements.

Dexamethasone dosage

Dexamethasone instructions indicate many variants of picking its dosages, thus you might not understand which variant is yours. Moreover, dosages for athletes are not often indicated there. But for sports purposes, in most cases, the dosages are much lower than most of those indicated in the annotation. When your aim is removing inflammation or joint pain take maximum 2 mg per day!

Tablets usually have 0.5 mg of active ingredient per 1 tablet. Ampoules contain 4 mg of it.

To take 2 mg of dexamethasone per day you can pick the following schemes:

  • 2 tablets in the morning and in the evening,
  • one ampoule every 2 days.

Start with smaller dosages – 1 mg per day:

  • 1 tablet twice a day,
  • 1 ampoule every 4 days.

This dosage is much lower than average. At these dosages, you should not feel any side effects. However, the pain will become much less, and the appetite will increase appreciably.

How long can you take dexamethasone?

Picking the dosages described above, use it up to 2 months. Remember: the drug will inhibit the production of your own corticosteroids. However, when your dosages do not exceed 2 mg per day, then the body will recover quickly and painlessly.


  1. Dexamethosone can really make miracles (like any other hormones). Thus, you get a pretty powerful effect for a little money.
  2. If you do not want to feel the “reverse side of the medal”, then start with a dosage of 1 mg per day. Do not exceed a dosage of 2 mg per day. The optimal dosage for athletes is 0.5-1.5 mg per day (1-3 tablets). Take it better during a day free from training.
  3. Take dexamethasone intramuscularly. Taking it in tablets can be easier (since you do not make injections), but the risk of stomach problems is high.
  4. Eat more protein. Although, at dosages of 1 mg per day, dexamethasone will never bring any damage to your muscles. 

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