Female Viagra from Canadian Pharmacy

07 February of 2014

Viagra Online Canadian Pharmacy is widening the range of its sexual health product, bringing its customers revolutionary solutions. We are proud to present you Female Viagra, a new generation sildenafil based medication that will help millions of women with weak libido to experience unforgettable sexual emotions.

From a physiological point of view, lack of orgasm negatively affects the nervous system and the whole body of a woman. Women most often complain of nervous excitement, general depression, malaise and depression after sexual intercourse that did not result in an orgasm. The lack of sexual satisfaction over time can lead to neurosis and hysterical reactions that cause migraine headaches, irritability, depression, and overall indisposition. (more…)

CBS HealthWatch: Female Viagra Found?

30 June of 2010

Dr. Jennifer Ashton spoke to Maggie Rodriguez about the new Viagra-like pill being studied that helps increase libido in women.


Easy Ways to Make Your Breasts Bigger Naturally

22 December of 2009

So you want to make your breasts bigger? You're not alone – whether they admit it or not, most women would like just a little bit more size – sometimes even 1 cup size extra would make all the difference. These days there's more products than ever before in the breast enlargement market, unfortunately many of these products don't work quite as well as they claim. What you want is something that is safe, natural, EFFECTIVE and won't give you any adverse side effects. (more…)

Woman suffers horrendous burns after reaction to Boots hair dye

29 October of 2009

A call centre worker was rushed to hospital with agonising burns after using a popular home hair dye kit bought in a branch of Boots.

Zoe Vernon, 22, was put on a drip in the special burns unit after suffering a severe reaction to the product.

Doctors told her she had some of the worst burns they had seen linked to hair dye.


Understanding Pregnancy And Diet

23 October of 2009

The kind of food you eat, the weight you gain, and the other healthy things that you do during your pregnancy directly affect the health of your baby. However, among the healthy pregnancy tips that you can follow, understanding the relationship between pregnancy and diet is most effective in ensuring that your baby undergoes normal development and growth. Eating a variety of healthy foods is extremely important, especially during the first few months of the pregnancy. On average, pregnant women need an additional 300 calories to their normal caloric intake to sustain the needs of the baby’s growth in the womb. With a well-balanced diet, you can ensure a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. (more…)

Female Sexual Dysfunction Help

10 December of 2008

Female sexual dysfunction

We all are aware of Viagra and its effects on men, but do we know that majority of women have sexual problems too? The excuses of headaches to avoid sex may be because of a genuine health problem. Scientists and medical faculties are now turning their attention to a commonly occurring but unpublicized health problem called female sexual dysfunction.

Many science and medical communities are now looking into the problem of female sexual dysfunction as a physical problem instead of dismissing it as a mental problem. (more…)

Clomid for Testosterone Production

02 April of 2008

Generic Clomid works by competing, or binding, with estrogen receptors at the hypothalamus. When these receptors are occupied, the hypothalamus “measures” lower estrogen levels and thus releases GnRH, which causes the pituitary to increase FSH production. Clomid and HCG are also occasionally used periodically during a steroid cycle, in an effort to prevent natural testosterone levels from diminishing. In many instances this practice can prove difficult however, especially when using strong androgens for longer periods of time.