Mixing Cialis and Alcohol – is There a Risk?

06 April of 2018

People who use Cialis often ask the question: "Is it safe to combine Cialis with alcohol?" After all, many people before sex can drink a little (or a lot) of alcohol. Can this increase the risk of side effects? What is the safe dosage of alcoholic beverages?

Look for answers to these and other questions below.

Cialis Overview

Cialis is one of the top medicines for treating erectile problems in male patients. It is known as "The Weekend Pill" because its duration is up to 1.5 days (that is, up to 36 hours). In addition, patients can take it both on demand (before sex) and on a daily basis, obtaining a permanent effect.

There are two types of Cialis: branded medicine and generics, for example, Canadian Cialis, which have similar efficiency, but feature lower prices due to lower manufacturing expenses.

Cialis (tadalafil) is generally a safe medication. However, it can interact with certain medicines and alcohol. Alcoholic beverages abuse while undergoing treatment with Cialis can leads to severe adverse events. Here's what you need to know to prevent unwanted effects.