Addiction to Smoking: Is There a Way Out?

14 March of 2017

About Smokers

All smokers know perfectly well that this addiction is extremely difficult to quit. According to numerous anonymous and public surveys, almost 75 percent of smokers would literally give an arm to stop it. But nicotine is a very insidious thing, which is even more dangerous than alcohol.


Why is it so addictive?

Specialists point out the following reasons:

  • Unlike alcohol, smoking doesn’t cause immediate negative results (ebriety). It doesn’t change person’s behavior, doesn’t make people do inadequate things or something like this. It seems absolutely harmless.

  • Nicotine and other carcinogenic substances containing in tobacco smoke destroy body from inside, but their effect is not seen, especially at early stages. A smoker can look absolutely healthy and feel well for many years. Cough and labored breathing are usually considered just unpleasant side effects and ignored.
  • Nicotine causes psychological addiction rather than physiological. Many smokers really enjoy the process itself. It helps them to concentrate or relax, or remove stress, and even relieve pain. They smoke almost subconsciously every time they need to think or relax or do something else (every smoker has his own ritual).


Keep On Smoking – Your Potency At Stake

24 June of 2016

Potency is just a single aspect of the male body affected by smoking. The global consumption of cigarettes is estimated at a crazy 17bn. ciggies annually. In such countries as Greece or Russia male population of smokers reaches 60-63%, female – 21 – 23%. Although sometimes it seems that almost everyone smokes at all, so these statistics may be different in a big way.

When smoking a major blow is delivered to our body.

For example, in Eastern Europe the habit takes lives of 7-10 million people annually.

The turnover of diseases treatment that are caused by smoking already exceed the $50 billion mark. (more…)