Functions of Estrogens in the Male Body

22 January of 2018

Estrogens are considered “female” hormones, whereas testosterone is usually called a “male” hormone. Despite this, both these molecules are present in organisms of both sexes.

What functions do they perform in the male body? Are they important for sexual health?

Let’s figure it out.

What Are Estrogens?

Hormones are chemical messengers present in the body. They are responsible for many functions. Estrogens are a collective designation of a group of hormones that include estradiol, estrone & estriol.

The most important ones are estradiol and estrone.

Estriol is the most plentiful of them, however it is the weakest.

Estradiol is 80 times more active than estriol.

There are other types of estrogens, but they are insignificant.

As we have written above, estrogens are traditionally considered “female” hormones. At its core, this is an incorrect concept, since all sex hormones are members of one hormonal family.

They are synthesized from a single biochemical precursor (7-dehydrocholesterol) and have a common hormonal “ancestor” called progesterone. (more…)

Sexual Performance Anxiety

12 March of 2010

For a man having sexual performance anxiety can be hard to deal with.

Why would you wan’t to find a cure for sexual performanace anxiety?

Well the abvious reason is so you can have better sex. But we first have to know if you really have it or not. There are a few things to look out for to find out. In this article I am going to explain some of the reasons. (more…)

Male Enhancement Cream

29 July of 2009

Naturally, men want to satisfy their partners in bed and those who have problems with their penis size can experience low self-esteem. In the past, this problem has been kept in private and men were uncomfortable discussing this concern with their friends.


Male Menopause? Is It A Reality Or Not

17 July of 2009

Many people think that menopause is a woman’s condition but according to conventional wisdom is there such a condition as male menopause? It is true that as men advance in age the hormone levels decline in the body. An example of those hormones is testosterone. This progressive hormonal decline experienced can result into a condition known as andropause, which is estimated to be experienced by about 5.1 million American men. Male menopause is less abrupt compared to menopause in women. It can be likened to walking down a hill but not jumping off a cliff. However, you should know that waning testosterone in your aging guy is likely to cause depression, mood changes and irritability. A decrease in hormone testosterone increases the man’s chances for heart diseases. The man’s risk to injury increases due to the reduced bone density. (more…)

Male Enhancer VPXL Adds Arousal and Desire to Dull Sex Life

24 November of 2008

Whether you are twenty or fifty, arousal is one of the main ingredients that leads to stimulating, passionate sex. Sex is one of the most intimate experiences shared between partners. However, sexual dysfunction can ruin the moment and can leave you and your partner feeling unhappy and frustrated.

Your sexual relationship may be in jeopardy and you may feel too embarrassed to talk about your intimacy problems with your partner. You don’t have to feel alone anymore. If you suffer from performance anxiety in the bedroom because of erectile dysfunction, Very Penis Extended Long can help you boost your sexual confidence. You will feel virile and potent again. (more…)