Making Your Own Herbal Hair Shampoo

26 May of 2009

Manufacturers are constantly using toxic chemicals in their skin and hair products and disregard their toxic effects on your body. This is easily seen in the list of chemicals that they use. Here are a few of these chemicals found in many product labels:

  • propylene glycol or glycol- a petrochemical used because it is cheap
  • cetearyl alcohol – emulsifier that can be synthetic or natural
  • methylparaben or propylparaben – typical synthetic preservatives
  • distearate – this is polyethylene glycol or polypropylene glycol which are petrochemicals
  • isopropyl alcohol – used as a cheap solvent to carry synthetic oils.


3 Ways to Beat Hair Loss

07 February of 2009

Many people whom have receding hair lines, or whom might have some form of hair loss, become a little self conscious about their image. Yet the truth is, no one should ever have to feel ashamed of any physical attributed they might feel a bit self conscious about. We are all human, and none of us are in any way perfect. We all have some flaws that we need to work on, and we all have some physical imperfections. That is what makes all so different, unique, and so interesting.

If you or anyone you might know is feeling a little self conscious about their hair loss, slight baldness, here are 3 easy ways to beat hair loss. (more…)

Understanding Hair Loss

29 January of 2009

Hair loss can be a big issue for many people.

Also known as Baldness, hair loss is related to aging, heredity, and testosterone. Hormonal balance in the human body is very important for normal hair growth. If one’s thyroid gland is overactive or under active, hair may fall out. The same result can occur if male or female hormones are out of balance. Many women notice hair loss about 3 months after they have had a baby. Hormones are responsible due to increased levels during pregnancy. In some cases, medicines can cause hair loss as a side effect. In other cases an infection could be the reason. Take canadian propecia regularly to prevent male pattern hair loss. (more…)

Buy Propecia – Helpful to Enhance Your Look

16 October of 2008

People from all over the world are suffering with a problem that is known as hair loss. In medical science Male Pattern Baldness is to be considered as androgenic alopecia is the most common problem. It occurs due to certain chemical reactions and work pressure. It also occurs due to genetic reasons and some ecological factors also play their role in increasing the balding in men. But now no need to worry at all, buy Propecia for the treatment of hair loss. It is a prescription pill, which is specially designed for the treatment of male pattern baldness. It is used for the normalization of the hair growth cycle and it reverses the hair loss process. Working process of propecia is affecting the conversion of testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). If the level of DHT goes above a certain level, some of the hair follicles in the scalp reduce in size and the hair falls out. (more…)

Propecia is The Hair Loss Pill for Men

18 March of 2008

When scientists conducted a long term study on men with certain types of male pattern hair loss, two out of every three men that were given Canadian Propecia regrew their hair. The men who were given a placebo (fake medication) lost their hair. This provided proof that this hair loss pill actually works.

But there are good and bad points to this hair loss pill and you should be aware of all the facts before you decide that this is right for you, and before concluding that your baldness is something that needs to be corrected.