Orthostatic Hypotension: Definition, Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

22 June of 2018


If one experiences dizziness or other symptoms of low blood pressure when one rises from a chair or bed, that person most likely suffers from an orthostatic hypotension. This is a chronic ailment that may be difficult to treat.

What is Orthostatic Hypotension?

Hypotension or lowered arterial pressure is observed when the blood pressure in the arteries is below the normal level. The heart muscle pumps blood throughout the organism through blood vessels, which include arteries, veins & capillaries. Arterial pressure means the force of blood pressure on the walls of arterial vessels.

Orthostatic Hypotension


Treatment of Chronic Angina with Ranolazine

13 June of 2017

Chronic angina is one of the widespread manifestations of IHD (ischaemic heart disease). According to the study by Hemingway H. (2008), the prevalence of angina is about 6% across different countries. The ailment occurs slightly more often in women than in men. It is associated with significant worsening of the quality of individuals’ life, enlarged risk of heart attack occurrence, and can lead to fatal outcome. Therefore, timely treatment of this serious disease is the key priority for patients and their doctors. In this article, we will look at the causes and symptoms of chronic angina, and also tell you about modern methods of treating the disease.

chronic angina

Definition and Causes of Chronic Angina

Chronic angina (also stable angina) is a syndrome that is manifested as chest pain emerging when it becomes hard for the heart to work. It occurs due to discrepancy between the requirements of the myocardium in oxygen and the possibilities of its delivery. The cause of angina pectoris, as well as ischemic heart disease, is the atherosclerosis-induced narrowing of the coronary vessels. Angina attacks develop with a narrowing of the lumen diameter of the coronary arteries by 50-70%. The more serious atherosclerotic stenosis, the more severe angina occurs. Although attacks of the disease usually develop suddenly, vascular lesions can develop gradually over years.


What Viagra type can also cope with jet lag?

04 August of 2016

The far-famed Viagra could might helpful in jet-lag treatment as shown by the recent research on hamsters in Argentina. The study involved manipulations with turning lights on and off in a particular sequence and schedule to trigger jet lag symptoms in hamsters. The results of the study were documented and published by the National Academy of Sciences.

The laboratory animals were given sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient of Generic Viagra and its numerous generic modifications, during the clear episodes of jet-lag, and male animals have managed to get back to normality twice as quicker as those not taking the preparation. The study was ceased at the point where the reception of a preparation in large quantities started producing certain adverse reaction in hamsters. However, at the same time the scientists have managed to pick up the dosage that didn’t stimulate erection.


Quit Smoking

11 December of 2009

To quit smoking is probably one of the hardest things for most people to do, because smoking is an addiction and the nicotine has you hooked. I once read something interesting, if you can survive 10 minutes without reaching for the pack of cigarettes when the urge hits you, you will be over it. As smoking laws make it more and more difficult for people to smoke outside their homes, it could be a good incentive to give it up. (more…)

Drug Resistant Bacteria War

08 December of 2009

Finally, after years of warnings from health authorities of the growing hazard posed by drug-resistant bacteria, people are now listening. A deadly strain of antibiotic-resistant bacteria seems to be responsible in the death of more people every year, according to a study published last week in the Journal of the American Medical Association. An estimated 19,000 deaths in 2005 appeared to be caused by fatal bacterial infections, a much greater number of mortality than that of AIDS, emphysema or homicide. The recent casualty was a 17-year-old high school football player in Virginia, a grim reminder that Community Acquired Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, or CA-MRSA, can victimized otherwise healthy people. (more…)

Simple Habits That Can Help in Platelet Increase

04 December of 2009

How would you feel if you can finally find a simple way to increase blood platelets count? Your friends have for sure mentioned that you life style habits do not affect your low blood platelet count. Your doctor has probably assured you that there are no changes you could do to improve. You will just have to continue your treatment for life.

But even if the doctor says there is no connection you know that your life style somehow is making your blood platelets worse. Well there is a correlation! Read the 3 things that can greatly determine whether your platelet count levels stay low or normal.

The clue to having normal platelets in ITP is to maintain general body health. I want to ask you a question. Are your platelets really the only thing sick? Or are you as a whole person sick? How you answer shows if your understanding of health and disease is correct. If you responded with “I am sick as a whole” then you have the right conceptsThis is the usual response many give: Oh if it weren’t for my low platelet disease I would OK! But the truth is the other way around. The truth is: If you were healthy, your platelets would be OK. Now meditate on this carefully. (more…)

Sprained Ankle Treatment

16 November of 2009

Have you lately twisted or twisted an ankle? If so , you are likely in a lot of pain and there is considerable swelling, bruising, and stiffness. You are probably aware of the conventional system known as R.I.C.E. ( Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation ). I am sure you’ve heard everyone tell you to elevate your ankle, ice it and rest. that won’t be the most effective way to rehabilitate your ankle. Here are some of the most common questions related to an ankle twist answered by a top fitness trainer.

When you first sustain an ankle injury, the strain on the ligaments leads to agony, rigidity, swelling and bruising. Depending on the seriousness of the twist, you must consider getting x-rays to be sure that nothing is damaged. (more…)

Hemorrhoid Coding Tips to Boost Your Reimbursement

04 June of 2009

Gastroenterologists frequently manage hemorrhoids, yet those little devils can prove complicated to code, depending on their type, the number of hemorrhoids, the CPT codes used for treatment, and the location of treatment. 

With these expert hemorrhoid coding tips, you’ll report hemorrhoids accurately and to the best advantage of your practice. (more…)

Do You Have Gestational Diabetes?

03 April of 2009

Already you know gestational diabetes is defined as glucose intolerance first recognized during pregnancy. While you are sitting there reading this, you are going to learn about gestational diabetes and the possible outcome of this condition.

Gestational diabetes: 

  • is a temporary form of diabetes
  • can occur in the late stages of pregnancy among some women
  • insulin levels increase during pregnancy to provide enough energy for the growing baby…there is a type of competition between mother and baby for this energy
  • then resistance in the mother increases as sensitivity in the baby also increases
  • and the mother’s pancreas begins working overtime and becomes stressed
  • will reverse itself once the baby is born


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