Is There a Correlation Between BPH & Prostate Cancer?

24 January of 2018

With age, many men begin to have problems with the prostate. These problems are mostly associated with benign tumor, but in some male persons, prostate cancer develops.

Some people ask themselves: "Is prostate cancer related to benign enlargement of the prostate?".

Below we will try to answer this question. But first, we will tell you what benign prostatic hyperplasia is & what prostate cancer is, so that you can understand the nature of these diseases and the difference between them.


Prostate Cancer and its Risk Factors

07 April of 2017

prostatitisProstate cancer belongs to the most typically diagnosed kinds of cancer for men. Statistics says that approximately one man out of eight sooner or later encounters this dreadful condition. Fortunately, this particular cancer type in some cases can be cured. Timely diagnosis and adequate complex treatment are crucial for the positive outcome.

Risk Factors that One Should Know

A risk factor for any disease is not similar to the cause of this disease. It is just a condition or a state that makes the possibility of facing this disease one day higher. Some risk factors (lifestyle, addictions, nutrition) can be managed by a person’s will. Other ones, such as genetic disposition or age, don’t depend on us.



Enlarged Prostate Treatment With Natural Herbs

01 June of 2009

Men in the age group of 50 are most prone to prostate cancer. According to a recent report more than 30000 American men die of this deadly disease every year. Here in this article we are going to discuss some very simple and effective ways which can protect you from facing any type of prostate problems. (more…)

Prostate Care – Find Out What You Can Do For Your Own Health Benefits

30 November of 2008

Your overall health is very important, and one aspect of it is preventing problems with your prostate. It is very scary when you see the statistics that indicate more than 1/2 of all men will have some form of prostate cancer in their lifetime. This type of cancer can be very aggressive in nature. It attacks the area around the rectum first and then move into the urinary glands. As a result those glands will swell up to about the size of a walnut. This is going to be painful, make it hard to urinate, and make it very difficult to ejaculate normally. (more…)

Antidepressant Drug- A Hopeful Treatment for Prostate Cancer

14 March of 2008

Numerous researchers conduct studies to find vast ways of treating prostate cancer. One of these studies resulted in a new drug found to be an effective medication against hot flashes among men going through hormone therapy for prostate cancer.

An anti-depressant drug called Cheap Celexa, bearing a generic name of Citopram, is used mainly to treat depression and serve as a mood upper. It is included in a class of antidepressant called SSRI or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor.