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Why Do People Choose Canadian Pharmacies When Buying Viagra?

19 February of 2018

Internet pharmacies have become firmly established in the lives of many people. Of course, it is much easier to order a drug online than go to a regular pharmacy and queue, especially if it's about Viagra or another anti-ED medication. Men often do not want anyone to know about their intimate problems and they are afraid that their acquaintances or friends might see them in the drug store. Therefore, they often turn to online pharmacies.


  • 1 Viagra in Canadian Pharmacies
  • 2 Eight Reasons to Buy Viagra from Canadian Pharmacy
    • 2.1 Reason #1 – Best Price on the Internet
    • 2.2 Reason #2 – Huge Assortment of Medicines
    • 2.3 Reason #3 – Reliability
    • 2.4 Reason #4 – Convenience
    • 2.5 Reason #5 – Free Samples
    • 2.6 Reason #6 – Comprehensive Information About Meds
    • 2.7 Reason #7 – 24/7 Customer Support
    • 2.8 Reason #8 – Available payment methods

Viagra in Canadian Pharmacies

Canadian pharmacies are the most popular online pharmacies in the world. Canada was one of the first countries where online pharmacies began to appear (in the late 1990s). They quickly gained popularity among many people suffering from various diseases. A lot of Americans began buying meds in online pharmacies not wishing to pay exorbitant prices in the US drugstores and supermarkets. Gradually, Canadian pharmacies became popular not only in the US but also throughout the world. This became possible due to the internationalization of payment methods and ways of delivery. You can order meds at a Canadian pharmacy even if you live in Australia or a European country. There are some other reasons why many individuals choose Canadian drug stores.

Eight Reasons to Buy Viagra from Canadian Pharmacy

Reason #1 – Best Price on the Internet

best canadian pharmacy priceCanadian pharmacies offer the best prices on the Internet. If you compare prices in Canadian pharmacies with those in American ones, you will see that the difference may be 10-fold or even more. This is due to the fact that Canadian pharmacies offer legal cheap generic drugs. Generics are meds that contain the same active agent as branded medicines, but they feature lower price. Generic drugmakers simply use the ready-made form so they do not need to get back money spent on inventing, developing and testing a new substance.

In addition to good prices, Canadian web pharmacies very often provide special offers, various bonuses and discounts. If you buy medicines at the pharmacy all the time, you can become a member of the loyalty program and receive even greater discounts than new customers.

Reason #2 – Huge Assortment of Medicines

Besides Viagra, Canadian online drug stores offer a variety of other medications. Thanks to this, buyers have the opportunity to make all the necessary medical purchases in one place. For convenience, all medicines are divided into categories, such as erectile dysfunction, male enhancement, antibiotics and others.

For example, in AWC Canadian Pharmacy you can find the following categories of medications:

  • Men's Health, these are anti-ED medications that help men effectively and quickly cope with potency problems (such as Canadian Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Stendra);

  • Male Enhancement, this is a category of drugs, supplements and devices, which is intended for penis enlargement and sexual enhancement;

  • Antibiotics that effectively fight against bacterial infections and help to quickly recover after bronchitis, urinary infections, ear infections and many others;

  • Blood Pressure / Cholesterol drugs that help fight hypertension and high cholesterol in the blood;

  • Women's Health drugs and products, which are used to improve women's health, as well as for contraception;

  • Weight Loss drugs and products, which either help to intensify fat burning or block the absorption of carbohydrates or fats;

  • Other categories of drugs, such as Anti-Herpes, Skin Care, Anti-Depressants, and Anti-Allergic.

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Reason #3 – Reliability

Canadian pharmacies are reliable suppliers of drugs. You can trust them. Of course, there are a lot of scammers on the Internet. Pay attention to the layout of the site, the availability of an SSL Certificate, privacy policy, and legal methods for making payments. Also, check how long the pharmacy has been on the market and read the users’ reviews. If the site inspires confidence, you can start to search and select the medicine that interests you.

Reason #4 – Convenience

You can place an order in an online pharmacy in just a few clicks. First you need to find the drugs through the search field. You will immediately see the price and the general description of these medicines.

Then you simply need to add the product of interest to the cart, enter your details and pay. Delivery will be done in the way you choose. You will have to wait longer than in a regular pharmacy. But you are guaranteed complete confidentiality, and you will be able to save money (as we have mentioned above, medicines in Canadian pharmacies are very cheap).

Reason #5 – Free Samples

Many pharmacies give you the opportunity to experience some medicines for free. This is a great way to get the right product without paying. In addition, you can test the quality of the medicine and then confidently make new orders in your chosen online pharmacy. This is a very good opportunity. You can hardly get free samples of tablets in the ordinary brick-and-mortar drugstore.

In AWC Canadian Pharmacy, each user can get 4 Viagra or Cialis tablets for free with each order.

Reason #6 – Comprehensive Information About Meds

Usually every self-respecting Canadian online pharmacy offers its users complete information about the medicines that it sells. Also, on the websites of pharmacies, you can find comparative reviews of similar medicines and choose a medicine that will best meet your requirements. In addition, you will be able to read articles relating to specific medical conditions, learn experts’ advice and familiarize yourselves with real users’ reviews to learn their experience in fighting a particular disease.

However, keep in mind that the information you read on the site cannot serve as a substitute for a doctor's medical advice. Nevertheless, this information helps patients to be aware of their problems and feel more confident when visiting a health care provider.

Reason #7 – 24/7 Customer Support

Sometimes buyers want to know more detailed information about placing an order or administering a particular medication. In such instances, they can turn to specialists of around the clock support services, who will quickly and skillfully provide answers to the questions asked.

Reason #8 – Available payment methods

Canada drug stores offer classic methods of payment, such as credit cards & payment systems. You only need a few minutes to make a payment.

In some online pharmacies, including AWC Canadian Pharmacy, you can even buy Viagra with Bitcoin. AWC Canadian Pharmacy keeps pace with the times!

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