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Canadian Kamagra – The Second name Generic Viagra

Tuesday 2nd of December 2014

It doesn’t matter how old you are and what your experience in sex is to feel like a real he-man in bed! You can stay assured in your male power regardless of fatigue or stress, and even some problems with health will not be able to prevent you from being a superman in your sex life. Even if you always have stable erection and do not need any means for improving your sex drive, there is an opportunity for you to experience something new and fascinating with Kamagra which is a popular drug for enhancing male potency available now in Canada.

A little bit if history

    Kamagra is a generic drug containing sildenafil citrate which is famous as an active substance of another world-known medicine – Viagra. This medication was developed to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction that is the inability to achieve stable erection sufficient for performing sexual intercourse. In recent years erectile dysfunction has become a serious problem for a lot of men since modern style of life creates all the prerequisites for the development of this dysfunction. Prolonged stresses, unhealthy diet, chronic fatigue, smoking and alcohol affect male health in addition to age-related changes, bodily injury and some diseases and this can lead to erectile dysfunction of various geneses.

Nowadays there are quite a lot of drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction but Sildenafil citrate was the first active substance proved to be effective in many men. And for years thus substance was available only in the form of American brand medicine called Viagra. But then generics came on the market offering the same active substance but at lower price. Based on Sildenafil citrate generics provide the same effect as Viagra does but cost less because their manufacturers don’t bear any expenses on the development of a new substance. And one of the most effective among modern generics is Kamagra produced by the famous and reputable Indian company Ajanta Pharma. Kamagra helps to recover normal male erection and to maintain it during certain time allowing men to perform healthy full-fledged sexual intercourse.

Drug effect

Kamagra effect is based on increasing the blood flow to penis. After taking the drug the active substance helps to expand the cavernous bodies of penis and to relax its smooth muscles. Thanks to this, penile blood filling is increased resulting in powerful and natural erection. It is very important that Kamagra helps to regulate natural processes, but does not increase sexual desire and erection is achieved when there is natural desire and sexual stimulation. Thus after sexual intercourse is finished, the cavernous bodies are narrowed and the sexual organ comes out of erect state. At the repeated sexual stimulation it is filled with blood once again providing stable erection any time when a man has natural sexual drive.

Drug usage

Kamagra should be taken with water about an hour before an intended sexual intercourse, but you can feel its effect in 10-15 minutes after taking the pill since Kamagra is considered to be one of the most fast-acting ED drug due to adding special components in its composition. For faster effect it is better to take Kamagra on an empty stomach while fatty food and alcohol may slow down its absorption. Remember that it is not recommended to take the drug more than 1 times a day. For specifying dosage it would be nice to see your physician or to ask an experienced pharmacist for an advice. But mostly Kamagra is well tolerated by men who don’t suffer from cardiovascular diseases and gives them all the joy of healthy and rich sex life.

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Use Kamagra to overcome the dilemma of Erectile dysfunction

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