3 Ways to Beat Hair Loss

Saturday 7th of February 2009

Many people whom have receding hair lines, or whom might have some form of hair loss, become a little self conscious about their image. Yet the truth is, no one should ever have to feel ashamed of any physical attributed they might feel a bit self conscious about. We are all human, and none of us are in any way perfect. We all have some flaws that we need to work on, and we all have some physical imperfections. That is what makes all so different, unique, and so interesting.

If you or anyone you might know is feeling a little self conscious about their hair loss, slight baldness, here are 3 easy ways to beat hair loss.

  • DIET!

If Baldness or Thin Hair is not common in your family gene, then it is very likely that you have temporary hair loss. Many forms of Hair Loss are temporary, and are more likely to be caused by ones diet and consumption then by any form of hereditary genetics. Consuming too many non organic and processed foods, weakens your immune system, and can very much affect the overall health of your hair. A weakened immune system can halt nutrients from being distributed to your hair for it to continually grow and stay consistent.

First you need to consider your diet, and try and cut out as many artificial nutrients as possible. If you can, you should consider having more cleansing meals, such as fruit and veggie juices. Eating more whole grain and less refined foods makes it easier for your body to digest and therefore permitting much of the extra energy otherwise consumed for digestion to begin strengthen your immune system and to begin allowing for your hair to replenish.

What To Do – Replace one of your favorite processed, or refined food with a healthier choice. As you grow fonder of the natural tasting foods, keep on substituting not so healthy for healthy choices.


You have heard it before and you will hear it again, Stress kills everything. Not only does stress drastically hurt your immune system, but it also allows for more addictive habits, habits that may not be good at all. When you are under stress everything seems to become more complex, and harder to achieve. Stress also makes you feel more negative, and in this case it will make you feel even more negative about your situation, and even more self conscious.

What To Do – Take 10 minutes every day to relax while taking deep breaths, this will help your inner core to regain its strength, and thus allow your immune system to regain itself.

  • Natural Supplements!

There are an enormous amount of Natural Hair Loss and Hair Re-Growth supplements available on the market. If you feel that you would like to take extra supplements to help slow your condition of Hair Loss, or to naturally begin Re-growing your hair, and then by all means do. Tee Tree Oil is a good place to start, nettle or bay, have also been found to help for some people. Biotin is also a great all natural supplement that many doctor’s recommended for treating hair loss. Biotin, a B-vitamin which can be found in rich foods like soy, milk, egg yolks and liver, is a natural nutritional supplement that helps restore hair loss, and keeps hair looking healthy.

What To Do – Find a Natural Hair Loss Treatment or Hair Re-Growth brand that you like and would consider investing in.

Remember that eating healthy, staying stress free, and taking some all natural supplements are only the first steps you can take in preventing hair loss, or begin to re-grow your hair. I would strongly suggest seeing a good nutritionist, or herbalist to further help you make a better decision about your condition. Try Propecia online – an effective hair loss drug – to feel young and handsome again

Understanding Hair Loss


Understanding Hair Loss

Making Your Own Herbal Hair Shampoo


Making Your Own Herbal Hair Shampoo

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