Allergic Rhinitis (Hay Fever): Types, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

26 September of 2018

allergic rhinitis infoRunny nose is one of the most frequent conditions that occur in people. It often develops due to colds, but the allergic form of the condition is also not rare. Below we will tell you all the basic information you need to know about allergic rhinitis.

What is Allergic Rhinitis?

Allergic rhinitis (hay fever) is an inflammatory ailment, which occurs in case of the immune system overreaction to allergic substances in the air.

According to scientific research by D. Skoner (2001), allergic rhinitis affects between 20 & 40 million individuals in the United States of America. According to the study by Lisa M. Wheatley (2015), it is estimated that approximately 15–30 per cent of individuals in the US suffer from allergic rhinitis. This condition negatively affects an everyday activity of children and adult persons as well as unfavorably influences quality of their lives. It often coexists with other allergic ailments, such as asthma*. And vice versa, a lot of individuals having asthma also suffer from rhinitis.


Can You Take Viagra with Herbal ED Supplements?

11 September of 2018

There are many herbal supplements designed to treat ED. However, they have a weaker effect than the world-famous Viagra. Some people take both Viagra and herbal supplements to get a more pronounced synergistic effect. Is it safe? Is it possible to combine Viagra and herbal supplements? Let's figure it out.

Viagra Overview

Viagra is a medical remedy that is widely used by men, as it allows them to quickly restore the potency when it’s needed. The active substance of the drug is sildenafil citrate, which dilates the blood vessels. The drug is used an hour before the planned sex, and its effect persists for 4-6 hours. The mechanism of its action is the inhibition of the enzyme PDE5 which leads to a worsening of blood flow in the penile organ. As a result, the blood flow improves. (This is a simplified scheme of the drug’s action; in fact, it is more complex and involves such substances as cGMP and NO).


Priapism – What Is It, What Is It Caused By and How Is It Treated?

06 September of 2018

PriapusPriapism in men is a male condition that occurs much less frequently than erectile dysfunction, and in fact it is the “opposite” of ED. On the one hand, patients with such a diagnosis should be happy, because their penises can be in the erect condition for a long time.

However, this condition brings uncomfortable and painful sensations, moreover, it can be very dangerous to health.

What Is Priapism?

Priapism is a pathological condition in which the penis of a man is in a state of erection, not provoked by sexual arousal, lasting more than 4 hours (according to some sources – more than 6 hours). After a while, this condition begins to be accompanied by pain. Priapism is relatively rare, affecting mostly young individuals and adults, not elderly persons.

Priapism received its name from the name of the god of fertility among the ancient Greeks – Priapus, who is depicted in ancient Greek frescoes with a hypertrophied erect penis.


Can Kamagra be Used as Topical ED on Penis — Apply Kamagra Jelly Topical on Penis?

30 August of 2018

Kamagra Jelly is one of versions of famous generic drug Kamagra, which contains PDE5i agent sildenafil. Due to its jelly form some people think that the drug can be applied topically directly to the penis. You can sometimes find appropriate topics in the Internet. Is that true? Can Kamagra be used as topical ED on penis? Let’s find out.

What is Kamagra Jelly?

Kamagra Jelly can be used for treating sexual function deterioration of both organic (hormonal, neurological, etc.) and psychological etiology.

Thanks to the famous Indian company Ajanta Pharma and its generic drug, men can use sildenafil in new forms: as a gel for oral use, which is consumed in pure form, or dissolving it in any nonalcoholic beverage (not grapefruit juice!).


Sildenafil and Nitrates: the Detailed Look

10 August of 2018

In general, Viagra is a safe medication that is usually combined with other medicines without unsafe interactions.

However, there is a group of medicines, the use of which can lead to undesirable and even dangerous consequences when combined with Viagra. Nitrates are the most dangerous medicines in this regard. Below we will tell you why you cannot combine Viagra and nitrates and what safety measures should be taken.

Viagra – Description and Key Features

Viagra is the most famous medical remedy for the treatment of disorders of male erection. The basic active agent of the medicament is sildenafil, which belongs to the group of PDE5 inhibitors. It suppresses the activity of PDE5, increasing the amount of substances necessary for adequate vasodilation (expansion) of the cavernous bodies of the male organ. The original version of the drug is produced by the American company Pfizer. However, it has a fairly high cost. Therefore, many men prefer the generic version of sildenafil, such as Canadian Viagra.


Yagara (Herbal Viagra) 100% Natural Medication

27 July of 2018

check pricesErectile dysfunction is one of the severe male health disorders around the world. 

There are many solutions to this problem: from Generic Viagra pills to special creams, gels, and lotions. But we know that the drugs contain many chemicals. They may adversely affect the heart and cause unexpected side effects.

Yagara (Herbal Viagra) is different. It contains 100% natural ingredients, and unlike chemically-synthetized products it guarantees the same results without harming your body.


Symptoms & Signs You need to take Viagra, Cialis or Levitra

25 July of 2018

Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are medications that are used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED or impotence). They are powerful tools for symptomatic treatment.

How do you know if you need one of these medicines?

If you want to know whether you suffer from erectile dysfunction, and whether you need Generic Viagra or other anti-ED medications, you should evaluate the 4 factors that are indicated below.

Factors indicate Male Sexual Dysfunction


Orthostatic Hypotension: Definition, Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

22 June of 2018


If one experiences dizziness or other symptoms of low blood pressure when one rises from a chair or bed, that person most likely suffers from an orthostatic hypotension. This is a chronic ailment that may be difficult to treat.

What is Orthostatic Hypotension?

Hypotension or lowered arterial pressure is observed when the blood pressure in the arteries is below the normal level. The heart muscle pumps blood throughout the organism through blood vessels, which include arteries, veins & capillaries. Arterial pressure means the force of blood pressure on the walls of arterial vessels.

Orthostatic Hypotension


Medications that Interact with Viagra and Cialis

01 May of 2018

Viagra and Cialis are prescription meds that are used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED or impotence) in males. These PDE5 inhibitors primarily affect the genital area but they also slightly dilate the vessels throughout the body. This factor is associated with possible interactions of these anti-ED tablets with a number of other medications.


NEVER take nitrates in combination with Viagra or Cialis. This can be very dangerous for your health. Nitrates are powerful medicines that lead to a pronounced decrease in blood pressure in humans. Examples of these medicines include nitroglycerin and isosorbide dinitrate. The use of PDE5i medicaments can potentiate the powerful hypotensive effect of nitrates, which may lead to an unsafe reduction in arterial pressure. Symptoms may be minor, for example dizziness, but in some cases a stroke, a heart attack and even a fatal outcome are possible.