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11 November 2015 Last updated at 13:54 GMT

A Heart And A Soul Of Good Pharmacy Retailing

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    When you come to a brick-and-stone pharmacy shop for the first time, you want to have a thorough look around. And though you are now swapping bricks to clicks, we bet that you still want to have a sneak peak at what we are like. We will gladly show you in!

    A long history of success

    AWC Canadian Pharmacy [HomePage] is a resonant name in online drugstore business that busted the scene more than 5 years ago. Ever since it was launched, Canadian Pharmacy popularity has been growing at an astonishing rate. This does not appear as something phenomenal, seeing how simple the key to this success was.

    trusted pharmacy

    But they say, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. And indeed, we keep it uncomplicated and essential, since what people really need is quality, affordability, availability and reliability. Abiding by those four –ty’s, we focus on living up to our promises.

    This is our formula of success that is reflected statistically: fours out of five customers that placed an order with us return for refills under less than a month.

    Sadly enough, we now live in a day and age where businesses like ours are not challenged to outperform. Up-and-come drugstores that are here today, and gone tomorrow do not say much, but they say it loud, eroding the reputation of online pharmacy business in its entirety. AWC Canadian Pharmacy would like to ward off its visitors from those wild goose chases. Pharmacies that make big promises and sound just too desperate to win just a few more buys usually offer you not much more than self-lauding write-ups riddled with tired clichés. But we are certain that you know better than falling for this kind of cheap ploys.

    Loyal customers from all over the world

    Speaking of our customers, we cannot skip saying how grateful we are to all of you out there who chose us as a guarantor for their health matters. There are more than one million of customers who identify as loyalists of AWC Canadian Pharmacy. And this is a very rewarding figure for us to refer to.

    5 star rating

    Although our drugstore has gathered an enormous clientele base, we fully realize that each and every one of them is unique. Our customer support system is structured and run with this realization, which makes every newcomer and old-timer alike feel like our priority customer.

    We deliver worldwide, and while for our domestic orders this may not sound as a major advantage, it is fully appreciated by overseas buyers on our roster. AWC Canadian Pharmacy managed to gain international attention thanks to the four –ty’s as above. Quality, affordability, availability and reliability have become the clinchers synonymous with the name of our pharmacy.

    Handling your health with care

    We comprehend that health is by far the most valuable asset that is ours to keep. And you can rest assured that we will not fail you.

    Reliability has been the biggest part of Canadian Pharmacy appeal. We offer nothing but the best quality products supplied by sustainable manufacturers. This makes our list of offer essentially perfect. Any drug from the list will create tangible results when used responsibly. And you can depend on its being expertly developed, manufactured and delivered to you by the industry’s best mavens.

    …and your budget, too!

    Apart from being a trend-setter in quality standards, AWC Canadian Pharmacy is an incredible crossroads of price vs. value ratio. It is a true fast-track to wellbeing that will not have you stripped of your last penny.

    The simple secret behind the moderation in our price-making is that our offers are sourced from manufacturers with proven quality and safety, not so much with resonant names. This allows us to attach price-tags to our products that actually reflect the cost of materials used to create them, rather than the grandeur of the pharmaceutical conglomerate that manufactured them.

    We also buy in bulks and hire the best specialists in logistics money can buy. If there is one thing that we are extravagant with, it is the rates of our staff, because this is an indispensable part of staying at the top. And it pays off along the road: expertly managed, our pharmacy performs at the top of its capacity.

    Great variety of products

    You might have noticed that our offer list is enormously long, with the names that are both versatile and range between universal bestsellers and little-known, hard-to-get items. This makes for an essential standby for extremely diversified needs. On Canadian Pharmacy site you can shop for anything from your daily eye drops to bestsellers like Canadian generic Viagra, which is famed for its quality and attainability.

    Among others, you will find much acclaimed products like 100mg Generic Viagra, 20mg Tadalis, 20mg Vardenafil, Caverta, Sildenafil Citrate, Tadapox, Suhagra, Kamagra, Malegra-DXT FXT, and many other generic Viagra and generic Cialis pills here.

    Apart from being (arguably) the most famed Viagra online pharmacy, AWC is a true Mecca for slam-dank pharmaceutical tools with solid science behind them.

    Medical professionals online

    If you are looking for some advice before you place your order, there is no need to make an appointment with your GP and get billed for that. Canadian Pharmacy has professional medical staff on payroll. To really create pro-worthy results in a go-getter way with the help of your meds, mail to with every concern of yours, if any.

    Gifts with every order placed

    AWC Canadian Pharmacy enjoys lavishing its customers with special offers and bonuses. Make an order for any sum, and add 4 tables of your choice to your card. No charge for those!

    Premium discount club

    Unparalleled exclusiveness of services is what sets AWC Canadian Pharmacy apart from competitors. You can join our Premium Discount Club for even more economical shopping experience. This is an offer that no other Viagra online pharmacy can stack up with. Mail to to learn more.

    Ultimate personal data protection

    We have our SSL setups set to 256 bit encryption, so it would take assumedly 1,000,000 years for anyone to break into our code and steal your payment information and personal data. If you don’t know anyone who is too keen on spending that much time on phishing, stop worrying about safety of your credentials. We take good care of your privacy!

    ssl certficate

    Speaking of which, your anonymity is preserved during each stage of shopping with Canadian Pharmacy. Your order will arrive in an unmarked shock-proof envelope. Not even your neighbour’s cat will have a clue about what’s in it.

    You can subscribe to our newsletters, and this is actually the most foolproof way to learn about latest offers and special prices before we are out of stock. It takes a few clicks. What you cannot, however, is wake up one morning with your junk mail being full of our infomercials. Not in this universe. We hate spamming as much as you do.

    Quality Assurance Statement / Disclaimer

    Our source philosophy is compliance with all the norms and standards of quality. Therefore, we only work with licensed pharmacists and approved manufacturers. We insistently recommend that you see your practitioner before starting on any pills at all, and keep all of your follow-ups regular. The content of this website does not substitute medical consultation and should not be taken as direct instructing or call for any actions if not approved by a specialist. Articles published on the pages of this website have informational nature.

    We thank you for dropping by and learning more about AWC Canadian Pharmacy. We hope the above has given you a pretty accurate idea of what we are all about. Stay healthy – and tuned in!

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